NuSkinnovation’s laser clinic in Centurion is a leading aesthetic clinic with locally and internationally trained laser specialists and somatholagists. Although aesthetic clinics are known for their enhancement of beauty, they are a lot more versatile, and health centred. Aesthetic clinics do more than just change our outward appearance, they can aid in bettering health, skin conditions, confidence, and accessibility. At NuSkinnovation we are committed to the latest and most effective skin and laser treatments for a healthier and more assured version of yourself.


One of the groups that can greatly benefit from our laser clinic treatments is athletes. There are multiple treatments that can be greatly advantageous to athletes, these include laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation and body transformation treatments. In this article, we will look at the benefits, the services that best suit the sport and how these services work. We cover three athletic sports – namely cycling, running and figure skating – that can benefit from our laser clinics. So, if you’re an athlete looking for a laser clinic in Centurion, look no further than NuSkinnovation.




About NuSkinnovation


NuSkinnovation is an innovative and experienced laser clinic with branches across South Africa. We have qualified Nordlys Candela and Fotona operators, as well as local and internationally trained specialists. Our somatologists focus on wellness and aesthetic appearance through the practice of healthy lifestyle habits. These habits include product use and clinic treatments. They are experienced and trained somatologists who give their personal best to each and every customer. We aspire to make our laser clinic in Centurion attentive and personalised, where we offer the best of the best so you can heal and maintain your health and beauty.


Our Centurion Laser Clinic


Our laser clinic offers our best First World Technology systems, these include the following services:


1.Fotona StarWalker System:


  • Fotona StarWalker Skin Rejuvenation And Dermal Pigmentation
  • Fotona StarWalker Tattoo Removal


2.Fotona TimeWalker System


  • Fotona 4d Woman Hair Removal
  • Nightlase (Snoring)
  • Hair Restart
  • Fotona 4d Men Hair Removal
  • Fotona TimeWalker 4D Treatments
  • Fotona TimeWalker 2d Treatments


3. Nordlys Candela IPL (Intense Pulsing Light) System


  • IPL Epidermal Pigmentation Removal
  • Frax1550 Intensive Collagen Production
  • IPL Vascular Lesions Treatments
  • Candela Nordlys IPL Men Hair Removal
  • Candela Nordlys IPL Woman Hair Removal


4. Cavitation System


  • Cavitation Radio Frequency – Wrinkle Reduction & Skin Tightening Treatment
  • Cavitation Centimetre Loss & Cellulite Treatment


5. Velashape iii System


  • Velashape iii Cellulite & Contouring Body Treatments


6. Plasma Pen System


  • Plasma Pen Wrinkle Reduction & Eye Lift


7. Facial Exfoliating Treatments


  • Lamelle Facials
  • Meline Medical Peel
  • Dr Schrammek Green Peel
  • Lamelle Chemical Peels
  • Dermexcel Chemical Peels


Our systems are non-surgical which boosts skin health, while offering treatments for a variety of preventable skin conditions. We achieve these aims through using advanced technology like intense pulsed light to ease dermatological chronic conditions that include but are not limited to acne, Nevus of Ota, Poikiloderma of Civatte and Rosacea. Other systems in our laser clinic in Centurion are non-surgical ways to enhance your natural beauty. This includes technology like combining IR (infrared), bi-polar RF (radiofrequency) and vacuums to get an accurate and efficient result. Holistically our laser clinic Centurion is equipped with the latest systems to meet your needs.


No matter your gender, profession, or desires – we have the skillset, specialists, and equipment for you. Especially if you are an athlete looking for an edge or protection in your sport. Our laser clinic has all the services and technological systems mentioned above.




Athletes That Benefit From Our Services


There are many athletes that can benefit from our treatments, for the purposes of this article we will go into three different athletic sports, the services that benefit them and how those services work.




Cyclists are known for shaving and waxing their legs, with altering answers. The general consensus lies in a few reasons. Namely that there is an aerodynamic benefit and that it is a part of cycling culture. The aerodynamic benefit is primarily only beneficial at the proficient level, competing in cycling races like the world or commonwealth events and even at the Olympics. The milliseconds to seconds you save without the drag of body hair make the difference in your placement and performance.


There have also recently been quantifiable studies by established bike manufacturers who tested the aerodynamics of wind tunnels. A group of six cyclists at various levels of hair consistencies contested. The results prove that shaven leg hair can save you an average of 70 seconds over 40km, and shaven arms save an average of 11 seconds. For pro racers, the question of being clean-shaven has been substantiated ever since.


There are also practical and safety reasons some cyclists choose to be clean-shaven, which is to avoid infection in case of road rashes or crashes. You can lose a lot of skin when falling off your bike, shaving your legs traps less dirt and you are less likely to suffer from a follicular infection. It also makes the wound easier to clean and significantly less painful to dress and redress any wound.


However, there is a consensus that clean-shaven legs are a part of cycling culture. Many cyclists believe the muscles they gain and the training they do are most and best visible in their legs. The aesthetic of being able to see the muscle gain and be admired by other cyclists encourages a sense of confidence and comradery in the community. Simply, they are a sign of intimidation and also attractive to look at. It has become a tradition in the community.


So, why not make that tradition easier with laser hair removal? You can make your life considerably more convenient by not having to shave consistently before cycling or partaking in races with a more permanent hair removal option. NuSkinnovation laser clinic Centurion offers both laser and IPL hair removal options that offer long-lasting results. Both these treatments target the melanin in the hair with heat until it affects the follicle. The difference is in the light, with lasers being a single wavelength and IPL using a broader spectrum of light.


As a cyclist permanent hair removal requires between three to eight sessions. It is a long-term and low-maintenance solution to any road rash, aerodynamic or aesthetic concerns. It also greatly saves you money over time on razors, waxing or hair removal cream. Investing with our laser clinic centurion is ultimately to your maximum benefit.


Marathon Runners


Long distance cross country running is amongst the highest competitive endurance sports out there today. Developing and improving muscle and toning for long-distance endurance sports helps you to perform at the highest level. Running requires lower body strength as your muscles contract against the force of your weight as you run. The longer you run, the higher the muscle endurance. Strength training is crucial in this, as it increases muscle strength and fatigue resistance. Long-distance runners can benefit from a laser clinic as an addition to strength training and can also aid in any weight loss to lessen the impact on your knees as a runner.


Similar to the way that hair removal improves your ability to perform in cycling, body treatments that help to make a performance and aesthetic impact. At NuSkinnovation Laser Clinic Centurion, we offer two body treatments (Velashape III and Cavitation) that can aid in your journey.


Velashape III is a non-invasive system that aims to reduce fat and cellulite with a combination of suction, massage, infrared light and radio frequency energy. It also has many other benefits that stimulate synthesis and harmony in your body. These include collagen lymphatic system and synthesis – which results in improved skin tone and elasticity. This treatment at our laser clinic in Centurion can help you achieve that toned and contoured goal of a runner.


The Cavitation Body System uses a combination of ultrasound and radiofrequency energy. It is an FDA-cleared skin treatment for all skin types. It has the ability to target different depths of fat tissue and skin, making this treatment personalised to your desired result. With this treatment at our laser clinic in Centurion, you can optimise cellulite reduction, body contouring and cellular metabolism amongst many other benefits.


Holistically, both treatments can aid your training, making your journey more rewarding.


Figure Skaters


Figure skaters are known for starting young and retiring from their careers equally as young. The current national champions from Japan: Rika Kihira, Korea: Young You and America: Alysa Liu – are 17, 15 and 14 years old respectively. However, if you want to get into the sport or start competing at an older age, nothing should stop you. It can be daunting to start though, when everyone is so young and has had years or decades worth of muscle training that also aids in why figure skaters look so youthful. This is where NuSkinnovation’s laser clinic centurion steps in.


We offer chemical peels and facials that can help improve the appearance and health of your skin. If you want to build your confidence as a skater without being intimidated by your peers, this is a safe and affordable option to aid in skin rejuvenation. If you are even older and looking to get into figure skating, our wrinkle and fine-line treatment can benefit you as well.


Beyond ageing, sun damage, smoking and poor skin care can result in fine lines and wrinkles. Our laser treatment targets layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production – which is responsible for your skin’s elasticity. Additionally, another concern may be redness. Redness can be caused by many skin conditions; our diffused redness laser therapies target these dilated blood vessels to reduce any blemishes that might make you uncomfortable or self-conscious.


Overall, if what’s stopping you from pursuing a passion or interest is something that makes you insecure, why not invest in building up your confidence? Everyone has the right to feel gorgeous and take up space, and at NuSkinnovation, we are committed to helping you on that journey.




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Laser clinics offer more than just aesthetic beauty solutions, we offer services that can greatly impact your health, growth, and confidence. Let us get you started on your wellness and beauty journey to feel like a more gorgeous and healthier version of yourself! With services you can trust and the latest First World Technological systems, we are equipped and passionate to get you started with personalised services. If you are an athlete looking to book any of the services mentioned above or would like a consultation you can complete this form for an online skin analysis. We also offer free face-to-face consultations for 30 minutes. Take a look at our Centurion laser clinic branch page for any more information or to book online today!


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