Laser Clinic Centurion: Every Man Should Try It


Here at our NuSkinnovation laser clinic Centurion we see people from all walks of life come into our salon to consult with our beauty therapists. Regardless of age, race, and gender, people from all over the country come to us for help with hair reduction and removal. In the past, there was a stigma about which kinds of people should spend money on beauty treatments. Yet, in the modern age, we see more and more people becoming comfortable with the idea that beauty and good grooming habits are for everyone — not just women.


If you’re somebody who would like to come to our laser clinic in Centurion, but you’re still a little nervous about the space, and slightly unsure about what to expect, then this article may be for you. Here we want to highlight why our laser clinic is not just for women by looking at the many beneficial treatments our specialist team at NuSkinnovation can offer men as well.




Laser Clinic Centurion: Beauty Isn’t Just For Women


It’s the 21st century and times have societal norms have seen drastic shifts. Everything we once conceived to be characteristically and distinctly male or female has been put into question. Consequently, we’ve revealed that most of the gendered hobbies and habits that society has delineated over the past century are more often than not universally applicable and enjoyable. Gone are the days when women would be confined to the home and men would be sent off to work.


More women than ever are becoming business moguls, you just need to follow our own founder’s story – Nicolene Pelster to see how women are making their dreams a reality. At the same time men are becoming more comfortable as stay-at-home parents. Women are wearing their hair shorter, and men are investing in monthly manicures. The stereotypes are being eradicated, along with all of the troublesome prejudices we have about beauty.


Beauty standards have historically been the burden of women. From a young age, girls are told to keep their skin pristine, minimise body hair and maintain perfect nails — we certainly can’t say that this doesn’t happen anymore, but now there is more likelihood that young boys are expected to do the same. Since the birth of the ‘metrosexual’ in the Y2k era, we’ve seen more and more young men embrace beauty treatments. They care about their cologne, spend time fixing up their nails, and oil their hair. Finally, men are embracing routine maintenance in the form of facials, waxes, manicures, and pedicures.


NuSkinnovation’s laser clinic Centurion has certainly been witness to a hoard of new male clients who are just as concerned about keeping up appearances as their female counterparts. Beauty treatments aren’t just about keeping a certain standard to please the outside world, they’re also about doing something to make you feel good in your skin. Men and women alike deserve to feel empowered and confident — and sometimes this can only happen once we smooth out any issues we may have with our external appearances.


There is absolutely nothing shameful about a man or male-identifying person investing time and money into a beauty regime. Men, just like women, have to deal with body hair — if anything, they’re more likely to struggle with an unruly amount of hair in awkward places like their backs, faces, brows, legs, armpits, and chests.


Unlike women (who can book quick and simple waxes for a small selection of targeted areas without too much hassle), most men are faced with the terrifying reality of hours spent on a salon bed, only to know that they may never get all of their unwanted hair removed with just wax strips alone. Unfortunately, most men have thicker and faster growing hair and if they want that hair removed, they’re going to have to get comfortable with a fair deal of pain.


However, since the dawn of modern laser treatments and the accompanying machinery, more and more men have been afforded an easier way to maintain their body hair, conveniently and comfortably. Instead of submitting themselves to painful waxes that are developed for small areas of finer hair, men can undergo laser hair removal treatment to drastically reduce and remove hair in the long term. Laser hair removal is a beauty solution that can serve both men and women equally.


So, the next time your brother, husband, or boyfriend complains that they can’t get hair removal done because waxing is too painful, simply direct them to the laser clinic Centurion for a speedy, efficient, and sustainable solution to their grooming dilemmas.




What Sort of Grooming Issues Do Men Need To Pay Attention To?


Men, more than most women, suffer from a variety of discomforts and irritations as a result of minimal education and understanding of grooming habits. While women grow up knowing exactly how to care for themselves, most men only learn later in life what it takes to look good. Some of the common issues for men are nail care, body odour, dry skin, and unkempt facial and body hair. Naturally, grooming is always a personal choice, and we should all be able to decide how much grooming is right for us. Not everybody is going to feel the same way about hair removal, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t still implore some universally applicable rules about physical care.


Common Grooming Issues For Men:


Dry Skin and Irritations


A lot of men maintain very minimalist skin care regimes when it comes to their faces and bodies. Most will simply opt for a splash of cold water and some moisturiser once a day. But the act of shaving, both facial hair and body hair, can often cause the skin to dry out and create a grey, flaky texture. Shaving strips, the face and body’s surface of its natural oils, thereby exacerbating dryness. This is why many men are now rather choosing to go to the NuSkinnovation laser clinic Centurion houses for a more professional hair removal experience that does not leave the skin feeling dry and irritated.


Ingrown Hairs and Razor Burn


Men tend to have thicker skin than women, with fewer oil glands. Consequently, they produce fewer oils and have larger hair follicles that generally produce thicker, often drier hair, which makes hair removal more complicated. Razors can certainly assist with hair removal, but they can also enhance the chance of ingrown hairs developing alongside razor burn. With such a high volume of hair growth on more parts of the body, shaving can also be a time-consuming and arduous process that risks lots of cuts, nicks, and irritations. To avoid long-term scarring from razor burns and rough skin texture caused by ingrown hairs, many men come to the laser hair clinic for a more convenient and comfortable hair removal process.


Unruly Hair and Body Odour


When hair growth happens at such a high volume, men will struggle to keep all of their hair looking neat and tidy. Managing the hair on our heads is already a struggle in itself, to deal with body hair on top of that can be a major headache. From the chest to the big toes, some men have to deal with seemingly endless hair growth all over their bodies. Unfortunately, this can sometimes generate a messy appearance and even enhance body odour, since hair tends to trap sweat and oils that produce scent. To keep a tender-looking appearance and improve smell, many men choose to remove their hair at a place like a laser clinic Centurion.




Hair Removal Options Available For Men: Laser Clinic Centurion


Men can enjoy all of the same laser hair removal options as women. Males struggling with maintaining unruly body hair can easily consult with a beauty practitioner about hair removal options for almost any part of their body. The back, chest, face, legs, arms, armpits, pubic area, necks, and even shoulders are all areas that can easily be lasered at the clinic. And despite some remaining stigmas about the dichotomy between masculinity and beauty regimes, many people would be surprised to find that at the laser hair clinic there are plenty of men who choose to invest in hair removal sessions for long-lasting smoothness.


Our male clients often report that after undergoing laser hair removal at the laser clinic Centurion, they felt tidier, more confident, and less bothered by skin irritations, razor burns, ingrown hairs, and dryness.




Laser Clinic Centurion: Why Should Men Invest In Beauty Treatments?


Besides wanting to look and feel smoother, tidier, and more well-kempt, there are also a huge variety of other practical reasons why men should invest in laser hair removal. Besides the sustainability of picking laser over waxing, there are also aesthetic benefits and lifestyle improvements that can come from these beauty treatments. Many men choose to invest in laser hair removal for active reasons, chief among them being sports, hygiene, and professionalism.


Have you ever noticed how most of the top athletes, bodybuilders, and sports stars have super smooth, nearly hairless skin? That’s because too much body hair can actually impact sports performance for a variety of reasons.


Massaging becomes much easier when the skin is smooth and clean too. Another important reason why athletes avoid body hair is because it can create major friction when combined with sports clothing. Think of cyclists, surfers, and soccer players — each of these athletes must wear specific athletic wear that can oftentimes be tight and hot. Bicycle shorts, wetsuits, and second skins are more comfortable on smooth skin, and hairlessness helps to further reduce sweat and odour from sticking to this already tight clothing.


On the other hand, hairlessness often just helps to add to a sense of professionalism. Among athletes and bodybuilders, businessmen and models. Many choose to invest in hair removal so that they can appear tidier and more put together. The image plays a major role in how people perceive us and respond to us. For those of us who are often in the public eye and need to work with a variety of high-profile clients and coworkers, it makes a difference when we look and feel good.


This is yet another reason why many opt to invest in six to eight laser hair removal sessions. This procedure helps men rest easy knowing that they will enjoy dramatically reduced hair growth while enjoying a cleaner appearance. What’s more, laser hair removal allows people to reduce the amount of time they spend grooming themselves, as after the initial sessions, men can simply come back for maintenance checks every few months.


Overall, these treatments can make our lives easier and keep us looking fresh. If you’re interested in attending a laser treatment at the laser clinic Centurion, then feel free to give us a call and arrange a booking with one of our friendly consultations today — you won’t be disappointed.


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