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Coleen Makkink


Coleen Makkink Physiotherapy is a practice where we focus on the complete well-being of our clients. Together with the Nuskinnovation Team at Southdowns Office Park, Centurion, we aim to provide an optimal and well-functional lifestyle for all our clients.

Conditions Treated:

Chronic Pain & Tension Headaches

Rehabilitation after Surgery/Injury

Orthopedic Pain For All Joints

Lymph Drainage

Sports Injuries


Back & Neck Pain

Tempero-Mandibular Pain : Jaw

Core Strengthening & Posture Control

Sessions are 45 minutes long & include a full set of tailored exercises for each client

Services Offered

by Coleen Makkink

Muscle Spasm & Trigger Point Relief

Sports Massage


Dry Needling

All Joint Mobilisations

Deep Oscillation Therapy

Restoring Ergonomics & Back Care


Deep Oscillation Therapy (Gentle and Deep Acting)

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Stress And Chronic Pain

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Post Plastic Surgery

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Temporomandibular Pain

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All You Need To Know

How long is my physiotherapy sessions?

The first session may take up to an hour for a thorough evaluation. Follow-up sessions take 45 minutes.

How do I pay for the physiotherapy session?
I claim directly from the medical aid and charge medical aid tariffs. Cash and card services are also available.
Do I need a referral letter?
No, you can make an appointment without a referral.
What do I need to bring along for my session?
Other than your medical aid card, it is important to bring any relevant x-rays or sonars taken of the area in pain.
Is there safe parking available?
Yes, ample safe parking is available within secure office park.

Additional Information On Our Physiotherapy

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Treatment of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia, also known as fibrositis, is a disorder characterised by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatique, lack of proper sleep, memory loss and mood swings.
The term “fibro fog” is widely used to describe the patient’ts inability to focus or concentrate on mental tasks.
Symptoms may also include:

  • Temperomandibular pain or TMJ disorders
  • Irritable bowl syndrome
  • Migraines and/or tension headaches

Treatment include release of the muscles associated with these symptoms via manual techniques, as well as anti-inflammotory modalities and very important, relaxation techniques and proper breathing. I follow a holistic approach to ensure that patients feel in control of their symptoms and condition, so proper advice on how to manage this condition from a physical point of view, will be given.

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