Laser Clinic: Frequently Asked Questions


Finding a good laser clinic has never been easier. If you’re in the Cape Town area and need some reliable beauty services, then keep reading to learn more about what NuSkinnovation can do for you. We offer a range of aesthetic treatments and make use of state-of-the-art equipment to suit our customers’ every need.


As a popular laser clinic in the beauty treatment industry, NuSkinnovation is committed to providing the highest quality laser treatment for maximum results and skin you can feel secure in. In this quick guide, we’ll be covering some frequently asked questions regarding laser skin treatment as well as filling you in on how NuSkinnovation can help you out. We’re a professional laser clinic passionate about providing reliable aesthetic treatment and aim to help our customers both look and feel their best.




How Much Is Laser Treatment In South Africa?


The price of laser treatment in South Africa ranges depending on the type of laser used on the skin, the area being treated, the number of sessions required to achieve the desired results, and the company performing the service. In general, the price of laser treatment can range from between a few hundred to several thousand Rands.


How Many Laser Treatments Are Required To See Results?


Most people see results after an average of 4-10 sessions, but the number of sessions needed varies depending on the person and their desired outcome. Laser treatment can take anywhere from 4 up to 12 sessions to get the full result. It’s best to have a chat with your chosen somatologist at NuSkinnovation aesthetic laser clinic and work out a treatment plan that is best for you.


What Does A Laser Clinic Do?


A laser clinic makes use of medical systems to provide a variety of beauty and skin treatments. The capacity of the clinic to provide certain services can vary greatly. Here, at NuSkinnovation, we offer a broad range of aesthetic and laser skin treatments that cover everything from tattoo and stretch mark removal to hair removal and much, much more.


Is Laser Good For Private Parts?


Laser treatment is safe to perform on most parts of the body; this includes the more sensitive private areas. At a laser clinic, lasers can be used safely and effectively on private parts. However, if a patient is unsure, they can have a small test patch done to observe the results beforehand.


Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?


The majority of patients who receive laser hair removal at a laser clinic do not experience any pain, but this can be different for everyone depending on the area being treated and the patient’s pain threshold. The feeling of the laser has been described as a rubber band snapping against one’s skin, so those who are sensitive may experience some mild discomfort.


How Many Sessions Would I Require?


For most clients, we recommend treatments at 4-6 week intervals. Again, this can vary depending on your skin, hair type, and body area being treated and it is not uncommon for patients to experience hair regrowth in between. Your somatologist will advise you on how often you should come in for treatment to achieve optimum results.




Laser Clinic Cape Town: NuSkinnovation


If you’re looking for a laser clinic in the Cape Town area, then NuSkinnovation has you covered. Our aesthetic clinic is located at Cape Town’s stunning V&A Waterfront and offers a variety of beauty and aesthetic treatments. Our highly skilled team of local and internationally qualified somatologists are ready to assist you.


At NuSkinnovation Laser Clinic we use renowned laser technology to give our customers the best possible results. The world-leading systems we make use of include; Nordlys Candela IPL, Fotona Starwalker MAQX, Fotona TimeWalker 4D, Fotona StarFormer, and more. Our systems deliver optimal results and we make sure that our services have our customers smiling.


Laser Clinic Near Me: Cape Town


NuSkinnovation has laser clinic franchises all over South Africa, with multiple locations across Gauteng, franchises in Cape Town and George, as well as Mpumalanga and Port Elizabeth. Visit our website to find which of our franchises is nearest to you and make a booking.


Once you’ve located the closest laser clinic franchise, get in contact and book your first laser treatment today! In preparation for your first appointment, here are a few more frequently-ask questions and subsequent answers about laser treatment to consider:


Which Skin Types Can Be Treated For Hair Removal?


Here at NuSkinnovation, we make use of pristine systems and aim to accommodate everyone from skin types 1 to 6.


Does The Patient Need To Shave Prior To Treatment?


Yes, this is a must. Hair must be shaved in order for laser treatment to be administered – this is done in order to focus the laser’s energy on the roots of the hair. By having long hairs, the laser’s energy is unnecessarily absorbed and has less impact in reducing hair growth. Additionally, lasers cannot be used to remove red, white, or grey hair.


Why Is Gel Used on the Nordlys Candela IPL System?


Gel is applied to the skin in preparation for the laser treatment to ensure the best possible transmission of light from the laser to the skin. The use of a gel applicator is essential in producing effective results in the desired area.


Are There Any Side Effects?


A common side effect that most people will observe after their treatment is erythema, which is a skin rash that appears in response to injured or inflamed blood capillaries. The pigmented areas of the skin will become darker following treatment. This, however, is no cause for concern as it usually only lasts for a few days and can be easily covered up with makeup.


Which Patients Can Be Treated?


Laser treatment works best on thick, black hair. This is because of the large concentration of melanin in these hairs, which allows the most effective absorption of light. This light is then converted to heat. In short, dark hair follicles are the easiest to destroy. When it comes to grey, white, and red hair, laser treatment is ineffective.


The lack of melanin means no light is absorbed and no heat is produced, thus, the hair follicles cannot be destroyed. Melanin levels in the skin may also affect the way treatment is administered. Individuals with darker or more tanned skin need to be treated with less intense energy to avoid burns or rashes caused by the generation of too much heat. The ideal candidate for laser has light skin and black hair. However, here at NuSkinnovation we have world-leading systems including Nordlys Candela IPL, Fotona Starwalker MAQX, Fotona TimeWalker 4D that can treat all skin types.




How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Laser Hair Removal?


There is no specific age requirement to receive treatment at a laser clinic, but it is strongly recommended that younger patients only undergo treatment after puberty. For females, it is recommended that treatment only starts after beginning menstruation. This is due to hormone levels in the body which affect the production of hair. Generally, the earliest safe age to start is fourteen years old.


How Many Treatments Are Needed For Permanent Hair Removal?


It is impossible to guarantee the permanent removal of all hair for many reasons. Hair follicles grow at different cycles, so it takes time and regular treatments to achieve a full and effective result. It is often recommended to think of the laser hair removal process as hair reduction rather than hair removal. Everyone is different, and the effectiveness of treatment may vary depending on a patient’s hormone levels, ethnicity, age, hair density, as well as thickness.


Is It Safe To Get Treatment While Pregnant?


Yes, it is safe on some treatments. We recommend the patient first consult with their doctor before considering laser treatments.


Is Permanent Hair Removal Possible?


Over time, the laser does destroy the targeted hair follicles. Following the first treatment, most patients observe a significant reduction in hair density, and over time the hairs that regrow will come back lighter and thinner, that is why we recommend yearly maintenance on hair removal.


Does Laser Hair Removal Save Patients Money?


A recent study compared the cost of laser hair removal to the cost of 35 years of waxing, and the study concluded that the cost of 3 laser sessions was less than a third of the cost of a lifetime of waxing. Not only would laser treatment save patients money, but it would also save them lots of time and spare them a significant amount of pain and discomfort.


Is Any Post-Treatment Care Necessary?


No, it is not generally necessary. Although patients can expect to experience some redness and swelling in the treated area, they are able to immediately resume their daily activities.


Is It Possible To Remove Dark Male Hair?


Yes, it is possible to remove dark male hair, but patients should be aware that hair often grows back due to men having high testosterone levels well into their thirties. This means that new hair may still appear post-treatment, but this can be controlled through regular hair maintenance treatments.




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