“Aesthetics For Dummies”

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Intro to “Aesthetics for Dummies”

Episode 1: IPL vs. BBL

Episode 2: Fraxel vs. Microneedling

Episode 3: Fibroblast Explained

Episode 4: Is our IPL Safe?

Episode 5: Epidermal and Dermal skin layers explained.

Episode 6: Why do we use gel during IPL?

Episode 7: SPF protection explained.

Episode 8: Why we don’t treat melasma on IPL.

Episode 9: Our Hair Reduction Explained.

Episode 10: Tattoo Removal Explained

Episode 11: The difference between Fotona Starwalker and Timewalker.

Episode 12: Why 4D Facelift?

Episode 13: 4D LipLase Explained

Episode 14: Our hair reduction wavelength compared to “home kits”

Episode 15: Solar Lentigos Explained

Episode 16: CO2 vs. Skin Resurfacing

Episode 17: Hand Rejuvenation Explained.

Episode 18: HairRestart Explained

Episode 19: NightLase Explained

Episode 20: Scar Removal Explained

Episode 21: Wrinkles?

Episode 22: Rosacea Explained

Episode 23: Warts?

Episode 24: Lamelle Skin Essence Range Explained

Episode 25: IPL vs. Laser

Episode 26: Doing Injectables in Combination with Laser


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