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Plasma Pen

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Plasma Pen Treatments

The Plasma Pen treatment is the infliction of a controlled, superficial burn to the epidermis, by a plasma plume which is emitted by a handheld device, called Plasma Pen.
A plasma plume is a very small electrical arc which is formed through ionisation of atmospheric gasses to stimulate instant contraction and tightening of the skin, the plume evaporates and leaves a very small brown mark.
Each of these spots sublimates the superficial corneocytes without affecting the basal laminae and without causing bleeding and more importantly without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue and the ones beneath.
The controlled damage process stimulates the fibroblasts to produce collagen as well as other fibers (elastin) which determine the laxity of the skin.
The process makes the skin “heal” itself resulting in A FIRMER MORE YOUTHFUL APPEARANCE .

Skin Firming and Tightening Treatments
  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Crows Feet
  • Forehead
  • Marionette Lines
  • Frown Lines
  • Neck
  • Upper Lip
  • Lower Lip
  • Nasolabia Folds / Laugh Lines
  • Hooded Eye / Upper Eye Lift
  • Under Eye Lift
  • Neck (floppy turkey neck)
  • Ageing Hands / Knees
  • Droopy Skin
Scar Improvement
  • Atrophic Scars
Removals Of:
  • Skin Tags
  • Moles
  • Cherry Anglioma
  • Permanent Make-up
  • Xanthelasma (benign growths)
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