When it comes to cosmetic procedures, laser treatment for face care is one of the most sought-after treatments for those wanting clear, rejuvenated skin. However, there are a range of other cosmetic treatments that have grown in popularity, especially when it comes to toning, sculpting, and eradicating fat cells on the body. In this article, we’ll be breaking down laser treatment, body sculpting and popular cosmetic devices that are considered especially effective.


The Purpose Of Cosmetic Procedures


Today cosmetic procedures have grown in popularity and the reasons for undergoing any sort of procedure is as varied as the clients themselves. Whether you are simply looking for a boost to your own self-confidence or simply want to alter your appearance, we at NuSkinnovation are excited to help meet your every need.


Although the way we conduct cosmetic treatments have changed drastically over the years with the introduction of more advanced laser technologies and a better understanding of how the skin and skin conditions work, there are still a few classic treatments that remain firm favourites. These include laser treatment for face care, face lifts and even Botox procedures. Whether you are looking to tend to your skin or rather looking for a procedure that can help tone and re-shape your body, we at NuSkinnovation, as South Africa’s leading cosmetic treatment center, are able to cater to all of these needs and more.


Whatever your reason for attending a session with us, it is important to also understand that our cosmetic procedures have a range of added benefits that many people may overlook. Some of our favorite advantages we like to highlight include:


Semi/Permanent Results: The results of all cosmetic procedures differ depending on which treatment you chose, but many of them leave you with permanent results. For example, if you have a certain hair type and skin tone and you attend multiple sessions, laser treatment for face may permanently smooth out and remove hair on your skin. Some procedures require you to follow a routine post-treatment to ensure the permanence of your results.


Psychological Benefits: Because cosmetic procedures can help to boost your confidence and overall appearance, they can also improve your state of mind. For those struggling with self-image issues and mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, undergoing a cosmetic treatment may help to alleviate some of the symptoms that come with feeling unsatisfied with your physical appearance. While some procedures may be costly, they can also be considered an investment in achieving positive psychological outcomes.


Easily Accessible: Treatments such as body contouring, laser resurfacing and Botox injections have all grown in popularity exponentially over the last few days. Because of this, clinics for undergoing these kinds of procedures are easier to find and are constantly developing with the latest technology to advance existing cosmetic treatments.


Pain Is Minimal: Contrary to popular misconception, the pain and discomfort associated with undergoing cosmetic procedures is often far less painful than believed to be. Laser treatment for face, for example, as well as other laser procedures have been regarded as leaving patients with little to no pain during and after their laser sessions. Because the world of cosmetology is constantly making technological advancements, treatments are able to produce far less painful and uncomfortable symptoms throughout the course of cosmetic treatments.


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Using Laser Treatment For Face


Put simply, laser treatment for face, also referred to as laser resurfacing, is a procedure done to restore and rejuvenate the skin on the face. This treatment is helpful for those wanting to get rid of their sun damage, acne, age lines or wrinkles. If you’re looking to give your face a healthier and younger feel, you might want to consider getting laser treatment for face. Additionally, undergoing this procedure can help to tighten the skin, eliminate imperfections, make the skin smoother and even out pigmentation.


The two main forms of laser resurfacing can be broken up into two main categories: Ablative laser and non-ablative laser or light source.


Ablative Laser: For this form of laser treatment, the underlying layer of the skin, known as the dermis, is heated up after the outer layer of the skin, known as the epidermis, is removed by the laser. When the dermis is heated up, it stimulates collagen growth, which is a protein known for improving skin texture and firmness. The area of the face undergoing laser treatment begins to appear tighter and smoother as the epidermis heals and enters its regrowth phase. Erbium lasers, combination systems and carbon dioxide are all types of ablative laser used during the procedure.


Non-Ablative Laser Or Light Source: While this treatment also stimulates the growth of collagen in the face, it is known for having a far less aggressive and shorter healing time than ablative laser procedures. Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, pulsed-dye laser and erbium (Er:YAG) are the various forms of non-ablative laser treatment.


What Is Body Sculpting?


Another cosmetic procedure that has picked up steam over the last few years is body sculpting. Also known as body contouring, body sculpting involves a process whereby fat cells in the body are destroyed through a variety of different methods. These methods include acid injections, extreme temperatures, and sonic vibrations. By undergoing this procedure, fat cells are flushed out of the body in areas that are especially difficult to target. Generally, these treatments have little to no side effects on patients and can be performed through non-invasive procedures.


Body contouring can be grouped into five main categories, including deoxycholic acid injections, laser fat reduction, muscle stimulation, ultrasound fat reduction and cryolipolysis. Depending on which treatment you choose to get, the procedure may feel completely different compared to other methods despite the results being very similar.


The main purpose of body sculpting is to tighten and tone specific areas of the body. While diet and exercise help immensely with weight loss and muscle toning, many people struggle with toning stubborn parts of the body that remain untoned regardless of the person’s fitness levels.


What Is Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMS)?


EMS is a device used for body sculpting that is widely known for its impressive abilities to burn fat and tone muscles on areas of the body. Muscles in the treated area contract by using electromagnetic energy. While the body naturally contracts muscles in the body, EMS’s electromagnetic energy replicates this process to a much stronger extent which causes the muscles to do super maximal contractions. This tool is helpful for improving abdominal muscle definition as well as toning the buttocks but can be used on many other areas of the body. Because the magnetic stimulation of the device is so strong, sessions can be as short as 30-minutes creating thousands of muscle contractions. The most common areas of the body to use EMS on are the hamstring, arms, glutes, and abdomen.


Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMS) vs. Tesla Former


Much like EMS, the Tesla Former is a stimulation device that also uses electromagnets to tone areas of the body. While both tools are effective in their muscle toning abilities, EMS was created after Tesla Former and was based on the FMS sculpting technology. By comparison, the Tesla Former is a more effective tool than EMS for a variety of reasons. Here is a breakdown of why the Tesla Former is considered a better device for body sculpting:


Price Point: While body sculpting may be popular for its optimal results, sessions can be charged at hefty prices. One of the primary reasons as to why the Tesla Former is considered a superior tool is its cost. Unlike EMS, this device offers treatments at lower costs, making the expense of body toning a more worth-it experience.


Power: Both EMS and the Tesla Former use electromagnetic fields to create super maximal contractions in the body. The Tesla Former, however, can achieve far greater and stronger results in a thirty-minute session compared to EMS. This is because the Tesla Former can produce about 50000 contractions in a single session and 3 Tesla of energy, while the EMS only produces 20000 contractions and 2 Tesla of output.


Versatility: EMS can only be applied for aesthetic and visual results as it is categorized as a purely aesthetic device. Tesla Former, however, can be used for aesthetic and medical applications as it was first used in physiotherapy before it was developed for muscle toning specifically. In this way, the Tesla Former is more versatile in its application as it can be applied for more than just muscle toning.




NuSkinnovation: The Home Of Beauty


As has been shown throughout this article we at NuSkinnovation can help you feel more beautiful in your own skin in a multitude of ways. Whether you simply need some help with skin blemishes or looking for some serious sculpting help, our team of highly trained professionals are willing to work with you to achieve your goals. So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with us today either through our website or by phone and let us set up your consultation session.


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