Looking for the best laser hair removal Cape Town has to offer? NuSkinnovation is the one-stop aesthetic clinic for all your laser hair removal needs. When it comes to finding the most effective way to have smooth, hairless skin, laser hair removal is the way to go. Want to know more? This short read unpacks everything you can expect before your first laser hair removal session and answers some frequently asked questions.




Laser Hair Removal Cape Town: Everything You Can Expect


Over the last few years, laser hair removal offers has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in South Africa. Considering that it is the modern substitute for shaving and waxing, it’s no surprise that these laser treatments have become so sought after. The laser hair removal Cape Town has available is recommended for anyone looking for exceptional prices, results, and quality. There is much to learn and understand about the laser hair removal process, so here’s a brief breakdown of what you can expect before you arrive at your first session.


You Can Get Laser Anywhere On Your Body:


One of the greatest perks about getting laser hair removal is that you can get it on almost any part of your body. Whether you’re hoping to remove hair on your stomach, legs or chest, laser can be used on virtually any area of the body that has hair on it. When it comes to undergoing laser hair removal, it matters less about which part of the body you’re treating and more about background skin and hair colour.


Laser Removal May Work Faster On Other Areas Of The Body:


Whilst it is true that laser hair removal can be used to treat most parts of the body, the lasering process may work faster compared to other areas of skin. Lower legs, underarms, bikini area and the face are typically the most popular areas for laser treatment, some of which respond faster. Studies have shown that the underarms usually react the fastest to laser treatment as it receives the least amount of sun exposure, is the fairest area of the body and often has darker hair. This of course is dependent on the pigment of the skin or hair as these factors may prolong the visibility of results.


Results Are Not Immediate:


To truly achieve smooth, hairless skin through laser means attending multiple laser sessions. If you’re hoping to get rid of hair on your skin for good, one visit will not produce any desired results. Depending on which area of the body you’re treating, however, you may need to attend fewer sessions than area parts of the skin. If you’re using laser on hair that is especially fine or closer in shade to that of your skin colour, it may be harder for the laser target resulting in more sessions. Additionally, hair regrowth looks different throughout the body. For example, body hair takes about four to eight weeks to grow back while facial hair takes three to four weeks.


Laser Treatment Works On Sensitive Skin:


If you have especially sensitive skin, you can rest assured that laser treatment works and is safe to use on your body – as long as you’ve tested the laser. It is crucial to do a spot test on an area of the skin before undergoing treatment. Testing the skin helps to gauge whether the laser will irritate skin and informs your laser specialist about whether your skin is suited for treatment. Lasers can also be modified by reducing their energy to better accommodate those with sensitive skin.


The Treatment Is Not Too Painful:


Pain is subjective, but laser specialists can guarantee that laser treatment is typically bearable no matter what your pain threshold is. This is because the specialist performing the treatment can gauge what’s too painful for you and adjust the intensity of the lasers accordingly. Whilst you may feel a mild burning sensation on the treated skin that is like sunburn, you can rest assured that this is normal and will not be too sore.




Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal Cape Town


Whilst there are many benefits to using laser treatment for hair removal, there are often misconceptions about the procedure and how it works. Here are a few questions that we’ve answered for you that are often asked surrounding the laser removal process.


How Much Does Laser Treatment Cost In South Africa?


Depending on the type of treatment you’re getting, prices will vary according to which area of the body as well as the procedure you choose. Typically, these treatments can cost anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of rands. To get an accurate quote for treatment in the Western Cape, we recommend reaching out to laser hair removal Cape Town clinics, like NuSkinnovation. We’ll provide you with a proper assessment based on your desired treatment so you can get an accurate price estimate.


How Long Do The Results Of The Treatment Last?


One of the key benefits of laser hair removal is that results are semi or fully permanent. However, determining the longevity of your laser treatment depends on several factors. These factors include which part of the body you’re treating, the specific type of treatment and the thickness of your hair. While hair removal treatment is effective, a solo session will not result in permanent hairless skin. To try and achieve this, you’ll need to receive multiple rounds of laser to target hair that didn’t take in the first laser session as well as to maintain any regrowth.


How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?


Removing hair through laser treatment involves the use of hand-held IPL’s and laser systems that emit focused beams of light energy onto the target area of the skin. Once the device is placed on the skin that is being treated, short pulses of light are emitted through the IPL. These pulses target several hair follicles at the same time, which typically results in shorter sessions for the client. The blood supply of the hair, referred to as the derma papilla, receives the heat and light energy from the lasers that travel through the pigment of the hair follicles. The blood supply within these hair follicles is then destroyed, allowing for permanent hair removal.


How Many Sessions Do I Need To Attend For The Best Results?


Patience is a virtue when it comes to investing in beauty treatments – over time, you will achieve your dream results. After attending your first laser session, you may only begin to see a difference in hair growth in the 2 to 3 weeks following the treatment. The effectiveness of laser hair removal is made possible by targeting the hair follicles during the growing cycle. Not all hair is at the same phase of the growing cycle, however, meaning that you’ll need to attend several sessions. Only hair follicles that are in their active growth phase can be targeted by the lasers, which is why six to twelve treatments are recommended to achieve optimal results.


Are Laser Hair Removal Procedures Worth It?


Put simply, yes! At NuSkinnovation, we believe that investing in high-quality laser procedures that are performed by our trained somatologists will not only garner beautiful results, but also leave you feeling more comfortable in your own skin. With lasers that work on nearly any part of the body and leave you with smooth, hairless skin, choosing the best laser hair removal Cape Town has to offer is a worthy investment.


Are There Any Side Effects?


Undergoing laser hair removal may leave you with a few side effects throughout the course of your treatment, but these are usually minor and only last 1 to 3 days. Potential side effects include swelling, redness, and slight discomfort, but these are normal to feel during or after your session. Unless you are experiencing severe discomfort and pain, these side effects are of little to no concern.


What Do I Do After Getting Laser Hair Treatment?


Whilst side effects are normal to experience after receiving laser treatment, it is also possible to avoid them by protecting your skin from the sun. Avoid any forms of tanning, including sun lamps, tanning beds or any other tanning equipment. After the procedure, our laser specialist will provide you with some aftercare instructions that will help to both alleviate any discomfort on the skin as well as ensure better results. Most importantly, it is crucial that you avoid your treated skin from being exposed to any direct sunlight. Any mild swelling or redness incurred after treatment can also be reduced by applying a cold compress.




About NuSkinnovation: The Best Laser Hair Removal Cape Town Has Available


As a high-quality aesthetic clinic, we provide the best prices and highest quality laser hair removal Cape Town has to offer. We are driven by a passion for the beauty industry as well as building personable relationships with all our clients. Excellence and passion flow through our staff, so you can rest assured that we’ll look after all you and all your needs.


At NuSkinnovation, we are devoted to offering the newest and most effective laser and skin treatments for healthy and gorgeous skin. As an owner of First World Technology systems, we guarantee that our top-of-the-line laser systems and IPL will leave your skin rejuvenated, smooth and hairless. Not only do we work with high-quality laser equipment, but our team is composed of internationally and locally trained laser specialists and somatholagists.


If our affordable prices haven’t already grabbed your attention, we have created multiple special combo deals that will make your laser hair removal treatment more cost effective in the long term. Look at our website or visit our laser hair removal Cape Town branch to find out about all that we have to offer.


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