If you’re on the lookout for a reliable laser clinic Cape Town has to offer, then look no further than NuSkinnovation. Our laser clinic in Cape Town is a leading provider of aesthetic services and a great choice if you’re looking for hair removal or skin rejuvenation. We offer a range of different services, all of which are tailored to each individual’s unique needs so we can address your specific skin concerns with ease.


In this article, we’ll break down some of the incredible services offered at NuSkinnovation, give some general cost guidance on different kinds of therapies, and help you figure out how to choose the best laser clinic in Cape Town. Our laser clinic is equipped with all the latest state-of-the-art laser technologies, which help our professional staff ensure that our clients receive the most effective treatments for their needs. From laser treatments and chemical peels to hair removal and so much more, you can trust NuSkinnovation to take care of your skin.


What sets us apart as a top aesthetic laser clinic Cape Town has available is our passion for helping people and our commitment to providing exceptional service. Our team of trained and qualified somatologists, and Nordlys Candela IPL System and Fotona operators is dedicated to giving each and every client personal attention so we can make sure you leave NuSKinnovation with a smile. The team at our laser clinic in Cape Town are passionate about the beauty treatment industry and strives to provide the latest and most effective laser treatments for a gorgeous, healthy complexion.


Whether you’re looking to treat fine lines and wrinkles, improve your skin’s texture and tone, or boost your overall self-confidence, we’re here to help. So, if you’re looking for a leading aesthetic laser clinic Cape Town has to boast about, why not consider NuSkinnovation?




How Much Does A Laser Treatment Cost In South Africa?


If you’re asking about the cost of laser treatments in Cape Town, it really depends on the type of treatment and the aesthetic laser clinic you go to. The prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand Rands, so it’s best to get in touch with an aesthetic laser clinic in Cape Town for a more accurate estimate.


Can Laser Remove Old Stretch Marks?


The good news is that laser – or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy, more specifically, can reduce the appearance of old stretch marks. The way it works is simple – your somatologist will use the Nordlys Candela IPL system or Fotona laser and press it against your skin, sending pulses of light into your skin cells. The energy from the light will then get absorbed by the pigment in your skin, which can help to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks and even out your complexion.


Is It OK To Do Laser Every 3 Weeks?


It’s only alright to get a laser treatment every three weeks if that’s what your qualified somatologist recommends. The frequency of treatment is a delicate balance that depends on a lot of factors like the type of laser treatment, the customer’s specific needs, and their skin condition. So it’s best to listen to the directions of your somatologist.


In general, most laser treatments get done about every 4-6 weeks, but as mentioned, each situation is different. The total number of treatments required also varies significantly. For example, some laser treatments may require more frequent sessions to get the job done, while others may only require a few sessions spaced several weeks apart.


It’s important to follow the recommended schedule provided by your somatologist, as they have years of experience and training under their belts and have seen and done it all. At NuSkinnovation, we recommend that you don’t have multiple treatments in a short period of time to ensure that you don’t get any skin irritation.


It’s always best to trust the professionals when it comes to figuring out the treatment schedule for your specific needs and make sure you stick to it. Only qualified somatologists or dermatologists can evaluate your skin and recommend a safe and effective treatment plan.




How Often Do I Need To Get Laser Hair Removal?


How often you need laser hair removal treatments will completely depend on the type of hair you have, your skin type, and where on the body you’re being treated. Typically, treatments are scheduled every 6 to 8 weeks. But for facial hair, somatologists usually recommend that you get treatment once every couple of weeks. That said, every situation is different.


Is 10 Sessions Enough For Laser Hair Removal?


In ten sessions of laser hair removal, you could stand to lose about 80% of your hair in general. But again, that depends on how thick your hair is, the treatment, and where it is you’re being treated. Generally speaking though, an additional set of sessions may be needed to maintain whatever regrowth occurs and to clean up whatever hair didn’t take in the last round of sessions you had.


What Happens If You Don’t Shave Before Laser?


If you don’t shave before getting laser hair removal, the hair will end up absorbing the light waves that were intended to target the hair follicle. This means the treatment won’t be effective at its job of long-term hair removal. Shaving properly before getting a laser hair removal treatment is essential to make sure you don’t waste your time or money.


Laser Stretch Mark Removal Cape Town


We offer a wide range of IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatments and Fotona Skin Rejuvenation Treatments at our aesthetic laser clinic Cape Town branch, which makes use of our state-of-the-art Nordlys Candela IPL & Fotona Laser Systems. As mentioned, IPL and Laser treatments can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and leave your skin looking rejuvenated.


Our Nordlys Candela IPL and Fotona Laser treatments also have many other uses besides removing stretch marks, including hair removal, acne scar removal, anti-ageing, photo rejuvenation, freckle removal and treatment of leg vessels. If you’re looking for exceptional service and great results, you can rely on our licensed trained aestheticians at our laser clinic Cape Town branch.




Skin Laser Treatment Price


As mentioned, the price of different laser treatments is influenced by a myriad of factors. We can, however, give you some estimates for different treatments. Below we’ve outlined how much different IPL and laser hair removal treatments cost at our laser clinic in Cape Town.


For one IPL and laser therapy session on your entire face, you can expect to pay just under R1000. You can also get IPL and laser treatment on your cheeks and forehead separately from your lip and chin, which cost around R450 and R350 per session, respectively. Getting just your upper lip treated is probably the least expensive individual treatment we have at just under R300.


For IPL and laser therapy on your arms, you’re looking at spending roughly R2000 if you get both forearms done. For forearms and upper arms, expect to pay an extra R500 per arm. Legs are more expensive at around R3000 per full leg, or you can just have your leg and knee lasered for R2000. Finally, you can have both of your feet lasered for around R300 per session.


Then, of course, we have our IPL and Laser Photo Rejuvenation treatments, which are equally varied in price. Treating sunspots costs around R200 per session for just a few and around R500 per session if you have quite a few sunspots (5-10). IPL and Laser Photo Rejuvenation on your full face costs around R1700; R2300 for the face and neck; and R3500 for the face, neck and chest.


The full-back area can be done for the cost of around R3000, or just get your upper back done for R1500 per treatment. You can also get your chest lasered for less than R900 or do the neck and chest for R1300. For just the neck, expect to pay just R500 per session. Treatment on the hands costs around R600 per session, whereas a full arm goes for around R1500. Half the arm only costs about R1100, or you can get individual scars dealt with for just R80 a session.


Laser Clinic Near Me: How To Choose


When choosing an aesthetic laser clinic, it is important to consider all your options and weigh up which factors are most important to your ultimate decision. To help you find the right laser clinic Cape Town branch that fits your needs, we’ve outlined some things you should keep in mind when making your choice.


1. Qualifications And Experience Of Staff


You want to make sure that your laser clinic Cape Town branch has qualified and experienced somatologists. Somatologists should be able and certified to operate the technological systems and equipment they use.


2. Technology


Do some research on the best technology available for the problem you want to treat. Only the best laser clinics in Cape Town have the kind of equipment necessary to get the job done right. Make sure the clinic has the latest and most advanced laser technology that is appropriate for your treatment.


3. Reputation


Make sure you do some research on the clinic’s reputation, read reviews from past customers online, and ask for recommendations from your close friends or family.


4. Cost


Compare the prices of different clinics and make sure you understand what is included in the cost of the treatment. You want to go with a clinic that offers the absolute best services within your budget.


5. Consultation


It’s always a good idea to schedule a consultation with a few of your laser clinic options to discuss your concerns, go over your treatment options, and hear what the staff there have to say about your skin concerns.


6. Location


Consider the location of the clinic and whether it is easily accessible. You will need to attend more than a couple of sessions to achieve the desired results, so make sure it’s relatively close by and not inconvenient to get to.




Laser Hair Removal Cape Town


Backed by an exceptional team and the best laser technology out there, NuSkinnovation can help enhance your look, boost your confidence and give you a new lease on life. Not only do we offer IPL and Laser treatments to rejuvenate your skin and reduce unwanted wrinkles or scars, but we also provide facial exfoliating treatments like Lamelle Chemical Peels, Dr Schrammek Green Peels and Meline Medical Peels. If you’re interested in getting rid of some stubborn cellulite, we have a service for that too. Furthermore, our Fotona Starformer and Cavitation treatment modifies skin dimpling by increasing blood circulation in your skin.


Trust NuSKinnovation if you’re looking for a laser clinic in Cape Town. Our Waterfront franchise will take excellent care of you to help you meet your specific set of needs. All of our somatologists are highly trained and experienced, not to mention highly adept with our state–of–the–art technologies. Whatever your needs are for your skin, we can help you meet them. Book your appointment today and discover the beauty and confidence that only superior aesthetic services can bring!


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