Laser hair removal Cape Town is the best kept secret to silky smooth skin all year round, with almost zero maintenance. In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the biggest benefits of laser hair removal treatment, and why the final result is so worth your time.


Laser hair removal uses a concentrated beam of laser light to target the hair down to the follicle, essentially destroying it. Just like pulling a weed up from the root, laser hair removal ensures that growing back is not an option. The focused beam of light is absorbed by the dark hairs, and turned into heat, which is how the follicle is so easily and painlessly targeted and destroyed.


Now, laser hair removal Cape Town promises long-term results, but this is not achieved after just one session. For the most effective results, most people attend around 6 laser sessions, spaced six to eight weeks apart to target all phases of hair growth, and to avoid any kind of damage or sensitivity to your skin.


You’ll see results throughout this process, but once your sessions are completed, you get to enjoy the lasting results, with a touch up session here and there in the future to maintain your effortlessly smooth and hairless skin. If this sounds appealing to you, then read on to find out more about the laser hair removal journey, and how NuSkinnovation can help you achieve the best results.




Laser Hair Removal Cape Town: The Basic Benefits


First and foremost, as mentioned above, the results of laser hair removal are long lasting, meaning less effort and maintenance on your side, and less of the unappealing side effects of other hair removal methods like flaky skin, razor bumps, small knicks that turn into small scars – not to mention constantly missing small patches of hair!


One of the most annoying and painful part of shaving is the ingrown hairs that often follow your most recent shave. Some people are far more prone to ingrowns than others, but it can also depend on the way you shave and the quality of the razor you use. Laser hair removal means virtually zero ingrown hair, or a dramatic reduction in the appearance of ingrowns, which means there will be no more annoying, itchy bumps or popping pesky pimples in your future.


At a glance, it’s easy to understand why people think laser hair removal is expensive, but when you compare the cost of your laser hair removal journey to the amount of money you spend on new razors, new blades, or waxing appointments over time, then laser hair removal is actually the most effective and affordable hair removal method.


Are You A Candidate For Laser Hair Removal: Cape Town


The most suitable skin type and hair type for laser treatment is fair skin with dark hair, as this is the optimal surface for laser treatment. This is because lighter skin and darker hair offer a strong contrast, allowing the laser to effectively target the dark hair against the skin and eliminate them. However, this certainly does not mean that light skin and dark hair is the only type that can receive laser treatment.


Laser technology becomes more and more advanced every year, and can be customised to all different skin and hair types. Furthermore, a consultation with a qualified professional will allow you to express your concerns, and allow you treatment specialist to examine the area that you wish to have your hair removed from, and customise your treatment to suit your skin and hair type.


Blonde, grey and red hair are often more challenging to work with as the laser may battle to target the lighter hair, and lighter hair does not absorb the laser as effectively as dark brown or black hairs. NuSkinnovation does not recommend undergoing treatment for laser hair removal if your hair is blonde, grey or red.


However, don’t despair, one of NuSkinnovation’s qualified laser technicians will be able to assess you and determine the best course of treatment for you.


Laser Hair Removal Cape Town: Leave It To The Professionals


Laser treatment is completely safe and medically approved, but the safety and effectiveness of the treatment depends heavily on those performing the treatment. When seeking out a clinic for laser treatment, it is important to look for a place that is licensed to perform the laser treatment procedure as well as a place that has tried and tested methods and proven results. A clinic like NuSkinnovation has experienced and qualified somatologists, who deliver the laser hair removal treatment, and have testimonials from satisfied clients.


Laser treatment is semi-permanent, which means that the good results are long lasting, but so are the bad results. Going to an unlicensed or unqualified laser technician could result in skin burns, irritation, pigmentation, scarring and more, and these results stay with you.


One of the biggest trends currently are at-home laser hair removal kits, which are affordable and advertised as effective, but do not truly have the power to deliver long lasting or effective results, and in no way compete with professional laser hair removal equipment.


If you’re planning to get laser hair removal in Cape Town, then it is important to take your time in doing your research. Check for licensing and accreditation, read reviews and customer testimonies, and choose a clinic that you can be sure will deliver the best results – hint, hint, NuSkinnovation is here to save the day!




Preparing For Laser Hair Removal Cape Town


Doing your research is not the only preparation you will be doing on your laser hair removal journey. Once you have found the place you wish to receive your treatment from, your laser treatment specialist will give you instructions on how to prepare before your first laser treatment session, and all the sessions that will follow. Some of our top prepping recommendations include the following:


Shaving: That’s right. You’ll need to shave for your laser treatment, but luckily once your laser treatment is complete, you will likely never need to shave that often again. Patients are asked to shave prior to their treatments to eliminate the length of the hair, arriving with a small amount of regrowth as well as the hair follicle intact. This is so that the laser can target the hair follicle, without wasting its energy on being absorbed by the length of the hair.


The hair needs to be short, but intact for effective laser absorption. Whilst patients need to shave, waxing is out of the question. This is because waxing removes the hair follicle completely, and waxing prior to a laser treatment session would result in there being no hair follicle for the laser to target, rendering the laser treatment session ineffective.


Avoiding sun exposure: Laser treatment is extremely gentle and non-invasive, and many patients report feeling nothing besides a warm sensation in the treatment area, with others likening laser treatment to the feeling of an elastic being snapped against the skin. Laser targets the hair follicles, not the skin, but the skin needs to be in good condition when undergoing laser, or risk redness, burning and irritation post treatment.


Patients are advised to wear sun protection and try to avoid the sun and its harmful UV rays leading up to laser treatment, as if your skin is sunburnt or sensitive, the laser is likely to irritate it further. Let’s also not forget, that laser works best on fair skin, so if you are tanning before your laser treatment, you are making your skin darker, which makes it more difficult for the laser to target your hair follicles.


When we talk about tan and darkening of the skin, this also means patients need to avoid tanning beds or tanning sprays, including bronzing cream and fake tan, as this too darkens the skin and makes laser treatment more difficult.


Laser Treatment Alternatives


For those who want to have silky smooth skin all year round, but do not utilise laser hair removal Cape Town, there are two main alternatives: shaving and waxing.


Shaving: Is shaving an enjoyable experience? No, not really. Shaving is a chore, a routine activity that simply must be done to combat the ever-growing hair on our bodies, presenting itself in all its spiky glory just days after the last shave. Besides being tiresome, the results of shaving are almost never perfect, we all know the struggle of finding a prickly patch of missed hair just hours after shaving. Besides seemingly never being able to achieve truly smooth skin, shaving also can cause cuts and skin sensitivity, and result in painful and swollen ingrown hairs.


Most people shave every 2-3 days, whether it be the legs, the face or any other body area. Hair growth is natural and inevitable, and if you don’t want hair, you’re most likely shaving it off. Most disposable razors last an average of 6 to 9 uses, before they become blunt and begin nicking the skin or simply do not do the job they were intended for. When you do the math, that’s a staggering 2,000 plus razors in your lifetime. Not only is shaving expensive and wasteful, it is unsustainable.


Waxing: If you’re not shaving or using laser hair removal or hair removal cream, then you’re most likely waxing. Whilst waxing is certainly more effective and long lasting, it is painful and in most cases more expensive than shaving. Waxing works by applying hot wax or sticky strips to the area of hair, which needs to be a certain length for the wax to grip it, and then the wax strip is swiftly pulled off the skin, removing the hair along with its root from the skin.


Waxing gives smoother, hairfree skin for longer because it takes the hair out from the root, but is a painful experience that often leaves the skin red and hot, and is best done by professionals, which means booking and paying for an appointment every time one needs to manage their hair growth.


Waxing and shaving are certainly effective alternatives to laser hair removal Cape Town, and whilst many people opt to shave and wax, there is no denying that the most comfortable, lasting and satisfying smooth skin is achieved by undergoing laser hair removal treatment in Cape Town.




Laser Hair Removal Cape Town: Come To NuSkinnovation


NuSkinnovation has been in the beauty and aesthetics industry for 7 years, and our branches all over South Africa are trusted by clients to achieve the best possible results, from laser hair removal to beauty and aesthetic treatments, slimming treatments, laser tattoo removal and everything in between.


If you are looking for a reputable provider for Laser Hair Removal Cape Town, or if you are seeking any other treatment in any other part of South Africa, then NuSkinnovation Beauty and aesthetics clinic has what you need, and is ready to begin your journey with you to your best, more confident self.


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