The laser hair removal Cape Town branches of NuSkinnovation offer some of the most effective and efficient ways to reduce hair growth in problem areas. At NuSkinnovation we are committed to bringing the best techniques and technologies in relation to beauty laser treatments to South African shores. We believe that our unique combination of professional trained skin and beauty specialists and next generation laser technology has allowed us to help multiple clients feel more beautiful in their own skin.


At NuSkinnovation we aim to help all South Africans, no matter their gender. Our laser hair removal Cape Town branches are not specifically designed to help only women, but men too. Unfortunately there still exists a large negative stigma around men having hair removed using laser treatments. For many it is regarded as a feminine beauty routine, and many men today are scared of the ridicule and teasing they may undergo if they decide to try out a laser treatment.


This is an unfortunate circumstance facilitated by a lack of education. Although it should be noted that overall gender based stereotypes are quickly diminishing in our modern society, some are still heavily ingrained, like the one discussed in this article. The laser hair removal Cape Town branches of NuSkinnovation offers are more advantageous, cheaper in the long run and overall a better experience than many of the traditional hair removal methods. Therefore, we believe that as the South African industry leader, when it comes to commercial beauty laser treatments, it is our duty to educate the wider populations about our treatments, and squash negative stigmas.




This article will aim to do that by showing why men should feel comfortable to attend laser hair removal sessions at NuSkinnovation. We will begin by reviewing the evolution of male hair removal treatments in the past, examine some of the common misconceptions with regards to laser hair removal for men, and then also look at some of the key benefits for men in undertaking a laser hair removal session.


Traditional To Modern Grooming: The Evolution Of Male Grooming


It may be weird to many today to consider that some men are scared to still take on laser hair removal Cape Town NuSkinnovation branches offer due to being worried about what others may think. But this is a reality that many South African men have to live with. However, laser hair removal treatments are not an isolated incident as throughout history male grooming techniques have always been influenced by society’s notions of what masculinity ought to be. In this section let us review some of these historical cases of male grooming techniques and how they have evolved over time.


What is interesting to note is that certain male grooming techniques that were used in one period may have been considered more feminine in another historical period. As we review this historical evolution, we will highlight some of these cases as well:


Ancient Period:


Male grooming is indeed a very ancient practice and was highly sought after and expected of men in many ancient cultures, from the Egyptians to the Greeks and Romans.


Egyptian men of higher status were recorded using fragrant oils and natural cosmetic products like honey and mud to keep their skin smooth and without blemish. Famously Roman men were known to have communal baths with each other as part of their grooming routines. These methods of grooming in the highly restrictive mediaeval and Victorian era would not have been considered masculine.


Mediaeval And Renaissance Period


One of the most common stereotypes of this historical period was the emphasis on male facial hair. For many groups of European culture at the time, robust facial hair was considered to be a definitive sign of male masculinity.


It was such an important factor that many men would spend time grooming their elaborate facial hair features. During this period and well into the Victorian era, wigs and other hair pieces were also considered to be highly fashionable for both men and women.


However, elaborate facial hair and wigs were not considered as masculine by the start of the twentieth century and fell out of fashion quickly.


The Twentieth Century


This century is a complex time for male beauty standards and grooming techniques as many cultures became less isolated and began to intermingle, which led to the transfer of beauty and grooming techniques across borders, differing from beauty standards of the past which were dictated by isolated cultural norms.


However, in Europe and North America, during the early twentieth century the clean shaven face was considered the standard for many men. This was partially impacted by military standards of the time during both World Wars. However, by the 1960s and 1970s the counterculture movement led to trends of long hair and facial hair once again.


As is clear from this section male beauty grooming techniques were highly based on what was considered masculine during that historical epoch. Today there is still some truth to this, however the rise of individuality has led many to break free from masculine stereotypes. In this way more and more men have begun to experiment with laser hair removal Cape Town branches of NuSkinnovation offer.




Common Misconceptions About Laser Hair Removal For Men


Now that we have a better understanding of how men have been influenced by cultural masculine stereotypes historically, we can begin to understand why men may be hesitant to try laser hair removal Cape Town offers, due to their culturally perceived notions of masculinity. But this is only a common misconception, of which there are many. We at NuSkinnovation believe that through education and addressing these many misconceptions we can help encourage more men to try out laser hair removal Cape Town branches offer, and discover the many benefits that come with our treatments.


We believe that not only is laser hair removal treatments for everyone who is struggling with excessive hair growth, but men and women alike should be allowed to choose whether they want the laser hair removal Cape Town offers. Therefore in this section what we want to do is highlight some of these misconceptions and explain why they are false.


Common Misconceptions:


Laser hair removal is only for women:


The most prevalent misconception and the primary purpose for this article, is that laser hair removal treatments are meant only for women. As we have already investigated historically, the root cause of this is cultural stereotypes built around what is considered masculine.


This is simply not true, men can choose whether they want to be hairy, or have smooth skin, without this being tied to their sexual or gender based preferences. For many men, especially athletes like swimmers or runners, the lack of hair and smooth skin can actually benefit them, and hair removal through lasers or other more traditional methods is considered common practise.


Laser treatments can cause infertility in men:


A major misconception that is rooted in a misunderstanding of the lasers used during the hair removal treatment, is that long term exposure (considered necessary for a full length treatment – another falsehood in fact) of the laser to the male reproductive organs that are situated outside of the body can lead to infertility in men.


However, this is not the case, our laser hair removal is extremely advanced and can target tiny hair follicles specifically. On top of this, the lasers used by our skilled NuSkinnovation technicians will not penetrate further than the outer layers of skin, meaning that all your organs including reproductive ones are protected.


We do encourage you that if you are worried about any of the misconceptions listed above, or others like the perceived pain that may come with laser treatments, it is important to speak to one of our consultants who can put your mind at ease and explain the laser hair removal process in greater detail to you.


Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal For Men


In this final section, we now want to turn to the benefits hinted to throughout this article. So far we have addressed many of the negatives but it is now time to turn our attention to the many positives that accompany laser hair removal Cape Town branches of NuSkinnovation can offer you. In this way we hope to convince you, as men, to join the ever growing male community in learning and participating in modern laser hair removal techniques.




Key Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal


You may note that the benefits listed in this subsection are not gender specific, that is because the benefits that women and men may gain from laser hair removal are similar. We at NuSkinnovation wish to share the universal benefits of laser hair removal with everyone in South Africa, both men and women.


Less expensive in the long run:


One of the major obstacles for many men and women in taking on laser hair removal Cape Town offers is the perceived cost of the treatments. Especially when considering the prices up front. However, this is actually not the case in the long run.


Although it may be true that a single razor or wax cream may be cheaper when related to the price of our treatments, you must remember that those traditional hair removal methods are not permanent. Time and time again you will have to purchase new razors or cream.


This is not the case with laser hair removal, which is more sustainable, meaning that after your treatments, you will not have to worry about excessive hair growth in the treated areas again. Making laser hair removal cheaper in the long run.


Softer on the skin:


Although some clients who have sensitive skin may experience a little swelling or redness after a laser treatment, it should be noted that some symptoms of traditional hair removal can be considered worse. Both the ingrown hairs and razor burns are common side effects of shaving, especially for the same people with sensitive skin. You can avoid these nasty symptoms with laser hair removal.




Laser hair removal is also more customisable than other forms of hair removal which will remove all the hair in a specific area right down to the follicle. Like we mentioned above these treatments are more aptly described as hair reduction treatments, and depending on the strength of the lasers we use we can adjust this reduction rate to something you are comfortable with.




NuSkinnovation Laser Hair Removal: For Men And Women


In this article we hoped to convince more men to try out laser treatments. From a historical perspective beauty standards and male grooming techniques are constantly changing. We believe you should be able to express individuality through grooming techniques of your own choice. This combined with both the benefits and correct misconceptions provides a valuable argument for why more men should join up and try laser hair removal.


If this article has interested you and you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to visit our website and book a session of laser hair removal or one of our many other wonderful treatments available today. Don’t miss out just because you don’t think it’s manly, discover what we at NuSkinnovation can do for you.


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