Skin laser treatment price will depend on the treatment area and the clinic where you have your treatments done. Continue reading to learn more about skin laser treatments as well as why NuSkinnovation prices are the ones to beat! Whether you would like tattoo removal, hair removal, or skin resurfacing, we have got you covered.


What Should I Know Before Skin Laser Treatment?


Can Skin Laser Treatment Help With Acne?


It is important to be aware that lasers can only be used to improve the appearance of acne scars. However, these lasers can’t be used on active acne. If you would like to treat active acne, go for a treatment that uses blue or blue-red light.


Don’t Assume The Person Operating The Laser Is Qualified


The line between pampering and medical procedures sometimes has a habit of being blurred. At some beauty spas, laser treatments can be done. This doesn’t mean that the person performing the treatment knows what they are doing.


Before having any laser treatment done, make sure that the clinic has qualified somatologists. At NuSkinnovation, all of our somatologists are qualified and have experience.


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What Are The Basic Categories Of Resurfacing Lasers?


There are a few different basic categories of resurfacing lasers that people undergoing these treatments should know. There are ablative, nonablative, CO2, light therapies, erbium, fractionated, and a few others.


Approach Laser Skin Treatments With Caution If You Have Darker Skin


Different skin tones react to laser treatments very differently. Certain lasers can be used on all skin tones, but caution must be kept in mind. This is why it is important to have a trained and experienced somatologist performing your treatment.




The Results Are In Your Hands


Your results depend on you. After your treatments are done, your somatologist will explain to you how to look after your skin. If you follow these instructions, you will get the best possible results after every treatment.


Skin Laser Treatment Price


The price of your treatment will depend on the type of laser being used, the type of treatment, and where the treatment is being done. If you would like to have laser hair removal done on your face, you can expect to pay about R1000 per treatment.


If you would like to have laser hair removal done on just your upper lip, you can expect to pay about R300.


Furthermore, your skin laser treatment price will also vary depending on the duration of the treatment. The longer the session, the more you’ll generally expect to pay. The size of the treatment area also affects the price of the treatment.


What Are The Different Types Of Skin Laser Treatment?


There are many different skin lasers treatment options available which means there are also various types of lasers that are used. Different lasers are also used for different skin conditions. Not all clients and skin conditions are the same so, therefore, various lasers are needed. These are the laser treatment options we offer at NuSkinnovation:


  • Intense pulsed light (IPL) is not actually a laser but can be used to treat some of the same things. IPL systems are often used to treat rosacea, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, acne, and vascular lesions
  • Fractional lasers are used to treat specific areas of the skin. These lasers reduce recovery time. These lasers can either be non-ablative or ablative and treat many age-related conditions.
  • Erbium lasers are either non-ablative or ablative. These lasers are used to promote collagen production. Therefore, these lasers are commonly used for treating wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, and skin laxity.


If you are interested in any of these treatments, contact NuSkinnovation. We will book your consultation as soon as possible.


What Areas Of The Body Can Have Skin Laser Treatment?


The amazing thing about skin laser treatment is that there are not many limitations regarding where treatments can be done. Areas of the body that are the most common treatment spots include the legs, face, underarms, arms, back, chest, and bikini area.


For anyone interested in skin laser treatment (price), contact NuSkinnovation to book your consultation appointment. Our experienced staff will ensure that the best lasers are used for your needs and desired results.


When Does Healing Begin After Treatments?


After about two weeks new skin will cover the treatment area and a full recovery can be expected after about a month. Before your skin is completely healed avoid using products that can potentially irritate the treated skin. Also, avoid soaking your skin for long periods of time.




What Can I Expect After Skin Laser Treatment?


Before your treatment begins, your somatologist will explain what you may notice after the treatment has been completed. Many people experience red and sensitive skin. Your skin may look and feel as though it has been sunburned.


Among other things, you may also experience stinging and itching sensations and swelling over a couple of days. Depending on the type of treatment you had and the treatment area, you may notice blisters and your skin may look and feel raw.


It is important that during this time, you don’t irritate your skin any further. So, avoid scratching or picking at your skin – this can lead to scarring or infections. Between five to seven days after a treatment like laser resurfacing, you will notice your skin will peel and feel dry.


After a treatment like this, your skin will have a pink appearance and after a period of two to three months, your skin will slowly lighten up. The treatment area will need to be cleaned at least two to five times a day – this also depends on the instructions given by your doctor.


What Is The Difference Between Skin Laser Treatment And Plastic Surgery?


The choice to change one’s appearance is a personal one. Plastic surgery can provide drastic changes as well as improvements. After plastic surgery, a lot of recovery time will be needed, depending on the procedure.


However, a skin laser treatment (price) is a lot faster, and it doesn’t need as much recovery time. These treatments are less invasive and a lot more affordable than plastic surgery procedures.


Laser procedures are perfect for people who would like to see improvements in their appearance but don’t want to spend days or weeks recovering.


After laser treatments, clients can go about their day. There is no need for someone else to drive them home and they can continue taking showers. Unlike plastic surgery, where many people need two to eight weeks to recover and need people to help them during that time.


How Does Skin Laser Treatment Affect Darker Skin?


When skin laser treatments first started emerging, it may not have been the best idea for people with darker skin. Many people with dark skin were told to avoid these treatments due to the possibility of discolouration.


Luckily, technology has developed, and modern lasers are precise. These lasers can be used on various skin tones. Clients with dark skin tones can have various treatments done such as laser tattoo removal, hair removal, facial rejuvenation, and more – with low possibilities of discolouration.


NuSkinnovation uses only the best laser technology on our clients to ensure that every person has the best experience and results at our clinic. Our somatologists use proper equipment, and they all have excellent training and experience.


Furthermore, for a better understanding of how some laser treatments affect some skin tones, familiarise yourself with the Fitzpatrick Scale. Dr Thomas B. Fitzpatrick created a scale with six categories.


This scale was originally used to give the correct dosage of ultralight therapy, but it can also be used in other ways. This is how the scale works:


  • Type I: Very fair skin. Burns easily and doesn’t tan.
  • Type II: Light-skinned, only slightly darker than type I skin tone.
  • Type III: Tan uniformly but can burn mildly. Olive skin falls under this type.
  • Type IV: Hardly burns but tans really well. Moderate brown tone skin falls into this category.
  • Type V: Darker skin tones that don’t burn much and tan easily are in this category.
  • Type VI: This category is made up of the darkest skin tone that doesn’t burn and that has a lot of pigmentation.


Dark skin tones attract light in what is known as the visible light spectrum. Dark skin tones usually get hotter quickly when a laser is being used. The faster the laser gets hot on the treatment area, the faster the desired results occur.


This means that using a laser on light and dark skin for the same amount of time will either result in not enough exposure for light skin or overexposure for darker skin tones. Therefore, completely different wavelengths are needed for different skin tones.




Skin Laser Treatment Price: About NuSkinnovation


At NuSkinnovation, we offer various treatments anywhere from hair removal to hair restart treatments. At our laser clinic, we will ensure that all your needs are met and that you get the best results possible. We are trained and equipped to help you maintain your beauty.


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