For some of the best laser hair removal Cape Town has to offer, NuSkinnovation has got your back! Unwanted body hair can make us feel self-conscious, affecting our self-image and confidence during social or professional interactions. While there are several methods of removing unwanted body hair available, shaving, waxing or epilating on a regular basis can be tedious and time-consuming. Laser hair removal in Cape Town is a reliable long-term solution that reaps many benefits.


What Is Laser Hair Removal Cape Town?


While laser hair removal Cape Town requires several sessions to achieve optimal results, each session is fairly short – typically the average appointment lasts between 10 to 15 minutes.


Laser hair removal works by using concentrated beams of light which target the hair follicles in the selected treatment areas and vaporise them; this can be anything from legs to armpits, sideburns, chest hair or facial hair.


This laser beam specifically targets the melanin pigment found in hair follicles. Melanin is responsible for the colour of our hair. The darker the hair, the more melanistic it is. Darker hair absorbs the laser beam more effectively, which is why clients with dark hair and pale skin are ideal candidates for laser hair removal.


This is not to say that clients with darker skin and hair cannot receive laser hair removal in Cape Town. A different laser is used that specifically detects and differentiates darker skin and hair.


Those with naturally light hair, however, typically fetch the least effective results from laser hair removal Cape Town treatments. Laser hair removal has the least drastic results on hair that is white, grey or blond.


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The Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal


The primary appeal of laser hair removal Cape Town is that it is a fairly fuss-free manner of reducing the growth of unwanted body or facial hair. This completely diminishes the need for alternative hair removal methods such as threading, waxing, shaving or threading.


Laser hair removal Cape Town typically requires a minimum of six sessions to achieve the best and most satisfactory results.


While laser hair removal Cape Town is not considered a permanent solution, but rather a long-term solution. When the treatment area is targeted by the laser’s beam, it retards the hair growth and significantly impacts the hair’s ability to grow back. When the hair does grow back, it is usually finer and lighter than before.


The benefits of laser hair removal include:


– Less upkeep: If you are using methods such as shaving, waxing, etc., you can expect to repeat the process every three to four weeks. Laser hair removal requires approximately six sessions to achieve long-lasting results, and thereafter occasional maintenance sessions can be booked as “upkeep”.


– Zero downtime: Your skin may be slightly sensitive, red, or sensitive immediately after your session has been completed, but you will still be able to continue your day as usual. As the treatment is non-invasive, it does not cause any injury or wounding to the skin in the treatment area.


It is, however, advised that the freshly-lasered area be protected from UV exposure such as tanning or sunbathing.


– Improves overall skin health: Laser hair removal Cape Town can help reduce the occurrence of issues such as ingrown hairs and inflamed shaving bumps.


As you will no longer be shaving, there will also no longer be issues such as healing shaving cuts or razor burn.


– It saves money, and time: While the initial cost of laser hair removal Cape Town may be higher, it saves money over the long term. Since the treatment reduces the prevalence and density of hair, it means there is less money spent on maintenance measures.


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How Laser Hair Removal Cape Town Works


Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a focused beam of light, also referred to as a laser, to remove unwanted hair.


During a laser hair removal Cape Town session, the light emitted by the laser is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. Melanin is the pigment in skin and hair that is responsible for its colouring. The light energy from the laser is then converted to heat, which is targeted to heat and causes damage to the skin’s hair follicles, also called tubular sacs. This damage then inhibits the follicles from growing hair in future, but the process is gradual.


Laser hair removal slows hair growth for a long time, but it usually does not result in permanent hair removal. Multiple laser hair removal Cape Town treatments are required for the first hair removal, and maintenance treatments may be required. Laser hair removal works best for people with fair skin and dark body hair, but it works well for all skin types.


Dispelling Laser Hair Removal Myths


If you’ve never undergone laser hair removal in our Cape Town clinic before, the prospect may seem daunting. There are many myths about the treatment out there, and we will dispel the most proliferated ones:


Laser hair removal is painful


You may assume laser hair removal is a painful procedure. After all, hair removal methods such as waxing or epilating usually cause pain, especially to sensitive areas.


While the prospect of having your hair zapped with a concentrated beam of light may sound scary, the reality is that only mild discomfort is typically reported by those who have completed the treatment. Laser hair removal machines all have built-in cooling systems, and the cooling takes place as soon as the laser has finished its work.


If your skin is particularly sensitive, chat about it with your NuSkinnovation treatment specialist, as there are topical anaesthetics available to help ease any discomfort.


Laser hair removal is permanent


As previously mentioned, laser hair removal offers a long-term hair removal solution, but it is not permanent. Optimal results can be reached between four to six treatment sessions, and while the hair will grow back slower, lighter and less dense, it will still return. This is especially true for those who have hormonal imbalances that cause excessive hair growth.


Shaving is easier


Studies have found that the average person spends 39 hours per year shaving. That’s a lot of time!


While the process of shaving can feel quick, it is one that needs to be repeated regularly to achieve satisfactory levels of grooming. It can also result in skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and dry skin – all issues that no longer persist with laser hair removal.


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What To Expect During Laser Hair Removal


You may be nervous during the consultation process before receiving laser hair removal. This is nothing to be ashamed of, and it is part of your treatment specialist’s duties to explain the process.


If you still need some reassurance, we will break down exactly what to expect during a laser hair removal session.


Shortly before your laser hair removal Cape Town, the hair in the treatment area will be cut or shorn to a few millimetres in length.


Your laser hair removal Pretoria treatment specialist will adjust the laser to accommodate your specific hair colour, thickness, and the colour of your skin. Depending on the sort of laser used, both you and the treatment specialist may wear protective eyewear.


In addition, the outer layer of the skin should be protected with cold gels or special cooling devices. This makes it easier for the laser light to penetrate the skin. The laser hair removal Pretoria treatment specialist will shine a light on the treatment area every so often to ensure everything is proceeding as normal.


Once the procedure is complete, you may be given an ice pack, anti-inflammatory cream or lotion, or cold water to help ease any discomfort. Typically, your next session will be booked four to six weeks after the last.


How To Prepare For A Laser Hair Removal Cape Town


This is a medical procedure that requires training and has potential risks. Before deciding to undergo laser hair removal, you should thoroughly check the qualifications of the doctor or technician performing the procedure.


If you plan to have laser hair removal, you should avoid plucking, waxing, and electro-epilation for six weeks prior to treatment. Since the laser targets the hair root, it is temporarily removed by waxing or plucking. Also, avoid sun exposure for about six weeks before and after treatment. Sun exposure makes laser hair removal less effective and increases the chances of post-treatment complications.


Your laser hair removal Cape Town treatment specialist should give you detailed preparation instructions before your appointment. Following these instructions will improve the effectiveness of the procedure and reduce the risk of side effects. Here are some general recommendations.


  • Avoid the sun until a few days before the procedure.
  • Do not perform laser hair removal on recently tanned skin.
  • Avoid skin irritation, such as waxing and tweezing the targeted area.
  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, which can increase bleeding.
  • Do not perform this procedure if you have an active infection such as cold sores or a bacterial skin infection.


What To Expect After Laser Hair Removal


Recovery time after the procedure is minimal, and most patients can return to normal life immediately after. Just as important as applying sunscreen before your treatment is applying sunscreen after your treatment. This will help prevent further inflammation.


Immediately after the treatment, you can expect a reduction in hair in the treatment area. Two to eight weeks after laser hair removal Pretoria treatment, you may notice increased hair growth in the treated area. The reason is that not all hair follicles respond to lasers the same way. Most patients experience 10-25% hair loss after the first treatment.


Who Should Not Get Laser Hair Removal?


Please consult your doctor before undergoing laser hair removal. You may not be suitable for this treatment if:


  • You are pregnant.
  • If you are currently on acne medications, such as Accutane. These medications can thin the skin, increasing the chances of complication in an otherwise standard laser hair removal treatment session.
  • You are prone to cold sores or have been diagnosed with herpes HSV-2.
  • You have keloid scarring in the area you wish to have lasered.
  • You are currently battling skin cancer, or have been diagnosed with it in the past.


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