When it comes to laser hair removal (Cape Town) many people ask the same question, does it work? In short, the answer is yes! We would shout it louder if we could. Laser hair removal is exceptional for slowing down hair growth and keeping skin smooth and glowing for longer.


NuSkinnovation is a laser treatment clinic in Cape Town, and we help all our clients achieve their hair growth goals as best we can. Our services are done by professionally trained somatologists. You will be in the best hands during each of your treatments.


Does Laser Hair Removal (Cape Town) Work?


Laser hair removal does work, and it is safe. If people go to a registered clinic with somatologists that have been well-trained, they will see amazing results. Somatologists practice laser hair removal and treat as well as prevent certain skin and body disorders.


Like any treatment, there can be side effects, but this will normally depend on the client. The side effects that some people may experience include red skin and some discomfort during and after treatments.


However, these treatments may not be the best idea for everyone. Pregnant women and people with specific skin types should avoid laser hair removal.


What Is The Difference Between A Somatologists And A Beauty Therapist?


Somatology focuses on the science behind the body and properties thereof. This science is divided into physiology and anatomy. These professionals help people with their general well-being and aesthetic appearance.


This is done by providing clients with information and practicing healthy lifestyle habits, clinic treatments and product use. On the other hand, a beauty therapist can be found working in a beauty salon, cruise ship or a health spa.


What Are The Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal?


There are many hair removal options to choose from. This is why choosing one that works best for you is important. Laser hair removal (Cape Town) is an exceptional way to remove hair for long periods and it requires minimal maintenance.


Hair Removal That Lasts


Laser hair removal is a long-term solution to frustrating hair growth. This form of treatment lasts a lot longer than typical waxing or shaving methods. These methods quickly remove hair, but the hair grows back almost just as quickly.


Laser hair removal (Cape Town) reduces hair growth, and many people don’t have hair regrowth for months or sometimes years. When the hair does grow back it’s lighter and thinner.


Our somatologists will recommend a laser schedule matching your hair-growing phase for the best results.


Once you have had all your treatments, minimal maintenance will be needed. These treatments will literally save you time in the long run. Book your appointment with NuSkinnovation today.


Various Areas Can Be Treated


Laser hair removal (Cape Town) is not only limited to certain areas of the body. These treatments can be done on the face, legs, underarms, back and bikini line to even more sensitive areas like the cheeks, upper lip and chin.


It can be extremely challenging to keep up with unwanted hair growth and this can bring down your self-confidence.


These treatments are particularly helpful for women with conditions like PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).


PCOS affects hormone levels, and this can cause excessive hair growth. This makes maintenance a hassle and stressful. Long-term reduced hair growth in targeted areas is a huge benefit for women with these conditions.




Reduces Ingrown Hairs


As we all know, ingrown hairs are a huge pain to deal with. Ingrown hairs occur when hair curls back and continues to grow into the skin. This causes redness and, in some cases, painful bumps. Ingrown hairs are frustrating because they don’t look nice.


Ingrown hairs usually start forming after shaving, waxing or threading. If you are like many of us and struggle with ingrown hair, you will love laser hair removal. These treatments will directly target hair follicles.


Laser hair removal (Cape Town) stops follicles from producing hair and another bonus is that your skin will be smoother and brighter.




Laser hair removal is extremely safe, there is no possibility of cutting yourself or removing skin. NuSkinnovation gives all our clients the best results with advanced treatment technologies. This guarantees that your treatments are effective and safe.


Time Saver


Each treatment session is quick. The time used to shave or pluck takes up a lot of time, even if you might not have thought of this before.


Laser hair removal is quick, and it will take out the hassle of traditional hair removal methods from your schedule.




We are sure you know just how expensive razors are and the even more frustrating part is that they go blunt very quickly. Continuously replacing them can cost a lot of money. Whether you shave or wax, moving over to laser hair removal will save you money in the long term.


After you have had all your sessions, you will only need maintenance sessions, but these sessions will be months or even years apart.


Smoother Skin


Laser hair removal works by killing hair follicles in treated areas. This will make sure your skin is smoother than before. Reduced hair growth and smoother skin are both two amazing benefits to get from one type of treatment. It is a good two-for-one deal.


Furthermore, laser hair removal (Cape Town) is semi-permanent which means your skin will stay smooth for most of the year if not the whole year. You may need to have a maintenance session after a few months but this will be far less often than shaving or waxing.


Run to the phone to make your appointment, this type of hair removal is something that should not be slept on.




What Will Happen If I Do Not Have All The Necessary Sessions?


If you stop going to your sessions early, you probably won’t get the results you want. You will be left with the growth speed that it’s at when you stopped. If hair follicles have died, there will be no regrowth, but hormonal changes can trigger new hair follicles.


At NuSkinnovation, our somatologists will set clear expectations and goals with you. However, it is impossible to predict the exact results of the treatments.


But if you are following the advice and instructions given to you by your somatologist as well as going to all your sessions then you will be on your way to long-term reduced hair growth. Don’t give up on the process and trust your somatologist.


Do I Have To Shave Before Each Treatment?


It does sound strange when you find out that you have to shave before laser hair removal. Especially since many people believe that shaving makes hair grow back quickly. However, it is important to shave the evening before your laser hair removal (Cape Town).


The reason this must be done is to remove as much hair as possible to prevent the hair from absorbing too much energy from the laser.


All the energy should be going to the hair follicles and not the hair itself. Don’t shave just before your treatment session as this may cause swelling or inflammation.


Must I Shave Before Every Treatment?


Yes, shaving before each session is important. If you were not able to or maybe forgot to shave, your somatologist can remove the hair for you before starting the session.


What Happens During The Treatment Session?


Before the treatment starts, your somatologist will cleanse the treatment area. If you would like, you can also speak to your somatologist about a numbing gel. Numbing gel can be beneficial for sensitive areas. If numbing gel is used, keep in mind that it can take 30 to 60 minutes for it to kick in.


Your treatment will take place in a cleansed room and everyone in the room will be given protective eyewear once the session starts.


During the treatment, your skin will be pulled to stay taut. You may experience some discomfort, but many clients have described the feeling of the treatment as a rubber band being snapped or warm pinpricks.


Your hair follicles will be vaporised during the session. Therefore, you’ll see a small amount of smoke. The duration of each treatment depends on the size of the treatment area. The upper lip takes only a few minutes, while areas like the back or legs can take longer than an hour.




How Long Should The Gaps Be Between Sessions?


This is something that your somatologist will discuss with you. Some clients can have sessions every four to six weeks while others may need longer gaps. The duration varies between clients. To achieve your hair removal goals you will need to have a few sessions.


What Are Some Questions To Ask My Somatologist?


When going for laser hair removal (Cape Town) treatments it is important to be well-informed. Having all the necessary information will help you get the best outcome. Here are a few questions you should ask the practitioner:


How many treatments should I have?


  • What are the side effects?
  • What laser are you using?
  • Is there any medication I should avoid?
  • What training have you received?
  • When should I start seeing results?
  • Will this treatment work for me?


These are all good questions to ask your practitioner and they are all things that you should know before your treatment starts. Keep yourself well-informed to make sure you get the best results from your treatments. Having all the information will only benefit you.


Which Hair Removal Option Is Best For You?


If you are deciding between laser hair removal (Cape Town), shaving, waxing or threading you need to keep in mind one thing. Would you prefer to reduce your overall hair growth, or would you be content with frequently removing hair yourself?


The more convenient the option, the better. This is why at NuSkinnovation we believe that laser hair removal is the obvious choice. With all of this in mind, there are still a few other things to consider.


There are many people who genuinely don’t have any issues with shaving. If you are one of those people and don’t mind the side effects like razor burn or ingrown hairs, then maybe you will continue being happy with shaving.


But, if you’re like the rest of us who do struggle with razor burns and ingrown hairs, then the best option would be to change over to laser hair removal (Cape Town). Shaving is extremely frustrating, and it is not fun accidentally cutting yourself.


Cuts, razor burns and ingrown hairs are also not the best and it can negatively affect self-confidence. Laser hair removal is an exceptional way to remove hair long-term. And we can guarantee that you will not have any of the same side effects as shaving.


NuSkinnovation will make your transition from traditional hair removal methods to laser hair removal easy. Contact us to book your consultation today!


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