Laser clinic Cape Town skin treatments are all the rage these days, and rightfully so. When administered by trained professionals, these laser treatments can improve our confidence by helping to diminish facial redness, varicose veins, unwanted hair, or even tattoos we may regret.


No matter what aesthetic help you require, there is likely a laser clinic Cape Town skin treatment available to you. Contact our wonder-team at NuSkinnovation and let us know what kind of laser treatment you’re looking for. We will channel all of our experience and expertise into matching you with the perfect skin treatment.


With that being said, every skin laser treatment requires preparation even before your appointment is booked. This quick guide is here to help you prepare for your consultation. It’s always important to collaborate with your laser clinic Cape Town treatment specialist to ensure the best results.


NuSkinnovation is ready and waiting to assist you, so don’t hesitate to book a consultation today!




Consider Where You Want To Be Treated


Modern medical technology has provided access to a number of aesthetic procedures that can help us improve our appearances, whatever the motivations may be. Laser clinic Cape Town skin treatments have made it possible for us to reverse skin damage caused by a variety of different factors. Laser treatment can also be used to reduce the pain caused by severe varicose veins, or to help improve the appearance of a scar that makes you feel a little self-conscious.


It is important to consider the ways in which a aesthetic laser skin treatment procedure will benefit you, and your self-confidence. The laser clinic Cape Town procedures you choose are a deeply personal choice. It is NuSkinnovation’s objective to make you feel beautiful, both inside and out. Check out our available laser clinic Cape Town treatments to help you get started.


Do Your Research


There are an overwhelming number of skin laser treatments available in South Africa. A reputable skin clinic will list their laser treatments via their website, and will also provide a detailed list of aesthetic problems said lasers can treat.


It is important to remember that there are some lasers that can be used to treat multiple issues. For example, the Fotona StarWalker MAQX laser system is able to complete a number of aesthetic procedures, including tattoo removals, reducing pores, reducing the appearance of rosacea, and reversing photodamage to skin.


Firstly, it is important to determine the treatments available with NuSkinnovation, and how the different lasers affect the skin:


Nordlys Candela


Nordlys Candela is a treatment that makes use of something known as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). This is used to perform a variety of skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes, including hair removal, photo rejuvenation (skin pigmentation, sun damage, vein treatments, etc.), and relief of skin conditions such as acne.


This technology uses a computer-controlled, high-power handheld flash unit to emit an intense, broad-spectrum visible pulse of light, typically in the visible spectral range of 400-1000 nm. It selectively blocks and eliminates lower wavelengths, especially potentially harmful UV rays.


The resulting light has a spectral range that targets specific structures and chromophores (such as melanin in hair and oxyhemoglobin in blood vessels), which are heated until they are destroyed and reabsorbed by the body.


IPL has some similarities to laser treatment in that both use light to heat and destroy targets. However, unlike lasers, which typically use a single chromophore, or single wavelength of light (colour) that addresses only one disease, IPL uses a broad spectrum. This means that different ailments can be targeted by IPL using different colour spectrum filters.


Fotona Timewalker 4D Pro


As we age, our skin loses its firmness and elasticity and can appear more saggy, uneven and dull. Collagen and elastin loss, combined with sun exposure and other environmental factors, can lead to fine lines and wrinkles, loss of facial volume, sunburn and age spots, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and enlarged pores.


The Fotona 4D laser treatment aims to address all these issues and restore radiance to the skin.


Fotona 4D is a revolutionary laser treatment that uses a unique combination of two complementary laser wavelengths to treat her four different “dimensions” of skin, rejuvenating and tightening from the inside out. It can be used on all skin types regardless of skin type.


The Fotona 4D is a 30 to 45-minute non-invasive laser treatment with minimal downtime and discomfort. You can feel the firmness of your face immediately after the treatment, but the effect will gradually appear over two to three months. Sustained improvement can be expected for about six months following the treatment.


As you are doing research, it is important to make notes. Jot down any questions you may want to ask during a consultation and highlight information that you need more clarification on.


More detailed information on each treatment can be found under the “Services” tab on our website. If there is anything you need clarity on while reading about our available laser clinic Cape Town treatments at our various branches, don’t hesitate to reach out to chat with one of our friendly staff members.


Reach Out For A Consultation Or Online Skin Analysis


Once you have decided on what your treatment area or areas will be, reach out to your laser clinic in Cape Town to book a consultation. At NuSkinnovation, we also offer an online skin analysis option.


All you are required to do is fill out an online form and complete a virtual skin scan. This will help your laser clinic Cape Town specialist determine your treatment options.


If you so choose, you may also come in for an in-person consultation. Our treatment specialist will chat with you about what you seek to improve, where your treatment area is, and which treatment will work best to meet your needs.


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Set Realistic Expectations


Most of us had our first interaction with the wonders of laser clinic Cape Town treatments via social media. Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Meagan Fox and Kim Kardashian swear by the positive impact laser skincare treatments have had on the appearance of their skin.


Very often, only positive aspects of laser clinic Cape Town treatments are shown, but not the actual reality of the procedure. The reality is that while there are some treatments with barely any downtime, there are some treatments that will make your skin look worse before it looks better.


It is a generally accepted rule that most treatments need multiple sessions to achieve optimal results. Downtime is factored into the spacing between session bookings, as well as how much time the skin needs to repair without causing any damage during another session.


Some treatments may leave your skin slightly swollen or red, but following your laser clinic Cape Town specialist’s after-care instructions will ensure there are no lasting bruises, swollen patches or scabs.


Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions


Consultations are not only there for your laser treatment specialist to examine your skin and provide feedback on applicable treatments, but also to set your mind at ease, as the patient contemplating undergoing the procedure. In other words, don’t be afraid to ask questions!


Your treatment specialist will explain everything in simple terms, dispelling any myths and fears as they do. If you were not born with the gift of the gab, we have compiled some hints to help you get started.


Here are some questions you can ask your laser treatment specialist:


  • What do you recommend as the best treatment option to suit my needs?
  • Can you explain how the treatment works?
  • Will this treatment require multiple sessions?
  • Will this procedure cause any pain and discomfort? (If so, will an anaesthetic be required for the treatment?)
  • How long will recovery take after the treatment?
  • What should I avoid in the lead-up to my first appointment?
  • How do I clean and protect the treatment area during the healing period?
  • Will I need to come in for check-ups while healing?
  • What is the success rate of this treatment?


Your laser clinic treatment specialist will show you “before” and “after” pictures from previous treatments, but you can also ask to see more if you would like to spend some time studying the comparison images. NuSkinnovation is passionate about providing our clients with the very best care and impeccable services, so make sure you make the most of your consultations and ask away!


Answer Truthfully To Any Questions Asked During The Consultation


While laser skin treatments are generally safe, it is important to disclose the following information to your laser clinic Cape Town treatment specialist during the consultation:


  • If you are a smoker or vaper
  • If you use skincare products with retinoids, glycolic acid or vitamin E oil
  • If you are prone to cold sores
  • If you are diabetic
  • If you regularly use blood-thinning medications or natural supplements such as Paracetamol or Ginkgo Bilboa
  • If you have active acne, or are on an acne medication such as Accutane


The terms listed above can cause complications to an otherwise routine laser treatment session. Smoking, for example, causes the body to heal more slowly, extending a procedure’s downtime. Skincare products containing retinoids, on the other hand, can cause the skin to become more irritated and sensitive during a laser skincare treatment.




Prep Work: Helpful Suggestions


Equally important is the preparation of the skin before treatment. The skin should not accumulate dry, dead skin cells. This is especially important if you are considering laser treatment. For this reason, we often advise our clients to do a chemical peel a few weeks before laser treatments to leave their skin clear and smooth, like a clean canvas.


In addition, dry and sensitive skin can cause more discomfort, allergic reactions and longer healing times after treatment, so it is important that the skin’s barrier function is healthy and functioning properly. One of the factors that contribute to healthy skin barrier function is hydration. Healthy, moisturised skin tolerates skin treatments much better.


In preparation for IPL treatment, here are some helpful suggestions to prepare your skin prior to treatment:


  • No collagen injection
  • No solarium or solarium
  • No chemical peel
  • No wax (depending on the area to be treated)


We recommend avoiding the use of perfumes and deodorants in the treatment area. Medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements such as ginkgo balboa should also be avoided for several weeks before surgery. Because these drugs have anticoagulant properties, they thin the blood and increase the risk of bleeding during and after surgery.


Laser clinic Cape Town specialists at NuSkinnovation are cautious about treating areas that have undergone fat injections or some fillers because of isolated reports of complications from dermal filler treatments. Be sure to tell your specialist if you have previously had fat injections or fillers in the treatment area.


We strive to help our clients feel beautiful, inside and out. Our passion is uplifting all those who walk through our doors, to help them feel as confident as possible.


At NuSkinnovation, we pride ourselves on our professionally trained and necessarily accredited staff, and always ensure our clients are happy when they walk out of our doors.


If you are curious about any laser skin treatments, reach out to us via our contact form on our official website.


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