We are of the belief that NuSkinnovation is the best laser clinic Cape Town has to offer. Laser is one of the most effective ways to treat a variety of skin imperfections and ailments including scars, wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, pigmentation, veins, texture issues, large pores, sun spots, hair removal and so much more.


Laser treatment uses a highly focused beam to target and treat affected areas and is a long-lasting and minimally invasive solution that works better than many other treatments. So why are people reluctant to undergo laser treatment and achieve the best results they possibly can? One of the most common answers is fear and uncertainty.


Despite having conditions or imperfections that can be treated with laser, people choose to avoid it and we have determined that it comes down to a lack of in-depth knowledge about how laser treatment works, as well as many many myths and misconceptions about laser treatment which ultimately dissuades potential patients from pursuing the laser treatment option.


In this quick read, we aim to bust some common myths and misconceptions that people may have about laser treatment, as well as fill you in on the benefits of booking an appointment at our laser clinic Cape Town branch!




Looking For A Laser Clinic In Cape Town?


NuSkinnovation has been in the beauty and aesthetics game for a long time, and our trained and experienced professionals are happy to address any concerns our patients have to make the treatment feel as comfortable as possible for them. In most cases involving laser treatment, patients come for a consultation beforehand to analyse their skin and condition before administering the treatment to determine which course of action will be the most effective. We tailor our treatments to fit our clients’ needs and provide them with their desired results.


Below are some of the most common myths surrounding laser treatment, and the truth behind these myths.


Myth 1: Laser treatment is painful


One of the biggest reasons people do not consider laser treatment is because they believe it is painful. This is easily the most common misconception about laser treatment, and one of the questions professionals get asked the most by their patients. The majority of laser treatments are relatively painless, and the ones that are not painless are not gruellingly painful either, they simply cause the patient mild discomfort. Those who have experienced discomfort have described the feeling as being similar to being snapped with a rubber band.


The after-effects of the procedure are also painless or relatively mild, requiring no anaesthesia for the treatment and very little downtime after the treatment. Some patients may experience a slight itching, stinging, or burning sensation post-treatment, but this can be treated with over-the-counter pain medications and has been described as feeling like a mild sunburn.


Myth 2: Laser treatment is dangerous


Some people believe that laser treatment can be harmful and regard it as unsafe, having a high probability of complications. Laser treatment is considered safe and carries little risk of complications, provided the treatment is performed by a professional. Some risks include scarring and infection, but these are minimal and considered rare in cases where the right laser technology is used and administered by a professional.


Myth 3: Laser treatment is expensive


Laser treatments are designed to be permanent or long-lasting, which makes people believe that the treatment is expensive. More people can afford laser treatment than they may think, and whilst some laser treatments may be costly, the majority lie within a decent and affordable price range.


The cost of laser treatment varies depending on the type of treatment being administered, the location of the provider, and other factors. By looking around and doing relevant research, those looking for laser treatment can assess their various options and choose a qualified and affordable service to suit their needs.




Myth 4: Laser treatment is a one-time solution


Laser treatment is a highly effective solution, but it is not a once-off. A multitude of conditions are treated with laser but require more than one session to achieve the desired results, as well as follow-up treatments over time to maintain those results.


Laser hair removal, for example, takes multiple sessions and takes a while because these sessions have to be spaced out over several weeks to allow healing between each laser application. The same applies to laser treatment for acne scars and wrinkles, but patients can rest assured that the results will be worth the multiple treatments.


Myth 5: Laser treatment is only for certain skin types


The majority of laser treatments are safe and effective for all skin types, however, there are some skin types that may not be appropriate for treatment. These are darker skin types that are listed as number 3 to 6 on the Fitzpatrick scale, as darker skin absorbs more heat and light from the laser which may cause damage. However, with advancements in laser technology today, almost all skin types can undergo laser treatment with a tailored treatment suited to their needs and skin colour.


Myth 6: Laser treatment is a quick fix


As much as people may wish that laser treatment is a quick fix for their medical or cosmetic concerns, it is not. Whilst laser treatment is highly effective, it cannot magically cure any conditions. Depending on the condition being treated, it may take several weeks or even months to see the full results of laser treatment with some conditions requiring ongoing maintenance treatments to maintain the results achieved with laser treatment. It is important to consult professionals to discuss treatment plans and manage expectations to avoid disappointment in the future.


Myth 7: Laser treatment is only for cosmetic purposes


A common misconception about laser treatment is that it is only used for cosmetic or aesthetic purposes, like hair removal and skin rejuvenation to remove wrinkles, acne, etc.


Many people are not aware that laser treatment goes beyond aesthetics, and is commonly used to treat a wide range of medical conditions, including the treatment of cancer, eye diseases, and dental problems. While these laser services are best left to doctors, it’s worth mentioning to highlight just how useful, safe, and effective lasers are for dealing with conditions of the body.


Laser Clinic Cape Town: Hair Removal


Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments used to remove unwanted hair in a variety of areas including the face, legs, underarms, and bikini area. A focused beam of light is used to destroy hair follicles which eventually prevents them from growing back. It works most effectively on darker, thicker hair that absorbs the light from the laser.


Laser Clinic Cape Town: Skin Resurfacing


This is another cosmetic procedure and works to improve imperfections in the face like wrinkles, scars, and fine lines. The laser targets and destroys the top layer of skin, which in turn promotes the growth of new skin cells and collagen giving the skin a tighter, smoother appearance.


Laser Clinic Cape Town: Scar Removal


Laser scar removal is a cosmetic treatment that uses a laser to break down scar tissue and promote the growth of new, healthy tissue. It can be an effective treatment for scars caused by acne, injury, or surgery.


Laser Clinic Cape Town: Tattoo Removal


For people that have regrettable tattoos or need to get them removed for work or other reasons, laser treatment is the perfect solution. The procedure uses a high-energy laser to break up the ink particles in a tattoo, which are reabsorbed and eliminated by the body.




Laser Clinic Cape Town: Acne Treatment


Laser acne treatment uses a specialised blue light laser to eliminate the bacteria that cause acne. It can be an effective treatment for moderate to severe acne and is often what patients resort to when other treatments have failed and they need a strong solution.


Laser Clinic Cape Town: Vein Treatment


Laser vein treatment is a procedure that uses a laser to heat and destroy varicose veins and spider veins. It is minimally invasive and delivers effective results for people who have uncomfortable or unsightly veins.


Laser Clinic: Cape Town


If you are looking for the best laser clinic Cape Town has to offer, then look no further than NuSkinnovation. NuSkinnovation has branches all over South Africa, and offers a wide range of aesthetic treatments. Our professional team uses only the best and latest technology to deliver safe and optimum results.


NuSkinnovation uses award-winning technology like The Fotona Starwalker MaQX, the Fotona TimeWalker 4D PRO lasers and Nordlys Candela IPL System for the most effective results in treating fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, age spots, sun spots, scarring, and more. One of NuSkinnovation’s most sought-after treatments is the laser hair removal procedure that leaves skin feeling silky smooth and hair free.


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