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SunSkin Products

Sunskin UV-derm R478.00

Sunskin UV-derm Baby SPF50R210.00

After Sun – Tube 75mlR150.00



Gentle Gel Face Wash – 150ml (Turqoise)R90.00

Gentle Milk Face Wash – 150ml (Turqoise)R95.00

Body Wash – 250ml (Peach)R129.00

Conditioning Shampoo – 250ml (Watermelon)R121.00

Face Moisturiser – 100ml (Green)R90.00

Body Moisturiser – 150ml (Blue)R95.00

Lips SPF 30R45.00

Skin Kidz SPF 50 Spray – 150ml (Yellow)R275.00

Skin Kidz SPF 50 – 500ml Pack (Orange)R450.00

Skin Kidz SPF 50 – 50ml (Orange)R95.00

Hair Free Products

Hair Free All-Over – 75mlR907.00

Hair Free Intimate – 75mlR907.00

Hair Free Male Body – 75mlR958.00

Hair Free Inhibitor Gel – 75mlR958.00

Hair Free Male Beard – 75mlR989.00

Hair Free Facial – 75mlR958.00

Dr Grandel Products

PCO Beauty FlashR70.00

PCO Contour LiftR70.00

PCO Cell RepairR70.00

PCO HyaluronR70.00

PCO CollagranR70.00

PCO RetinolR70.00

PCO Beauty SleepR70.00

PCO Ferever 39R70.00

PCO Instant SmootherR70.00

PCO Hyaluron at NightR70.00

PCO Hyaluron Moisture FlashR70.00

PCO Beauty DateR70.00

BG Renew Pearls – 50mlR990.00

Thoclor Products

Thoclor AftercareR570.00

Pure Gold Collagan

Pure Gold CollagenR990.00

Skinni Tan Products

Skinny Tan Gradual TannerR250.00

Skinny Tan Tan and Tone OilR400.00

Lamelle Products

Clarity Active Cleanse – 125mlR240.00

Clarity Corrective AM – 50mlR580.00

Clarity Corrective PM Plus – 50mlR680.00

Clarity Active Control – 9mlR130.00

Clarity Body Spray – 100mlR410.00

Acnevelle – 60 CapsR290.00

Dermaheal Foaming Cleanser – 125mlR260.00

Dermaheal Eye Regeneration PLUS – 20ml R760.00

Dermaheal Aging Neck Serum – 30mlR815.00

Dermaheal Cellular Repair Cream – 50mlR870.00

Dermaheal Renewal Cream – 50mlR1 095.00

Luminesce Brightening Cleanse – 125mlR240.00

Luminesce Brighter Day – 50mlR840.00

Luminesce Evening Glow – 50mlR995.00

Nourish Daily Cleanse – 150mlR270.00

Nourish Revitalise Cream – 50mlR635.00

Nourish Revitalise Lite – 50mlR525.00

Nourish Revitalise Eye – 20mlR635.00

Nourish Rescue Repair Gel – 100mlR445.00

Serra Cleansing Gel  – 125mlR210.00

Serra Restore Cream – 50mlR515.00

Serra Soothing Cream – 50mlR695.00

Corrective Brighter Concentrate – 30mlR1 100.00

Ovelle D3R695.00

Lady PreloxR499.00

Prelox Male Enhancement – 60sR635.00

Flordis Products

EyeQ Capsules – 60 CapsulesR290.00

MumOmega – 30 CapsulesR293.00

KeenMind – 30 CapsulesR177.00

ReDormin – 20 CapsulesR140.00

Remotiv – 60 CapsulesR345.00

Premular – 30 CapsulesR190.00

Femular – 30 CapsulesR190.00

Gisana –  60 CapsulesR315.00

Gincosan – 60 CapsulesR320.00

Fix – 10mlR210.00

Ellure – 15 CapsulesR250.00

Cardiozen – 30 CapsulesR295.00

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