Prelox Male Enhancement – 60s


A solution that allows men to spontaneously respond to their partners stimulation. Prelox Male Enhancement 60’s is a patented, all natural product from Lamelle Research Laboratories that is proven to be effective over the long term.

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Prelox Male Enhancement – 60s specifications:
Prelox Male Enhancement is an all natural product aimed to inhibit erectile dysfunction and is proven to be effective over the long term. The most recent over the counter to launch locally is Prelox® from Lamelle Research Laboratories. The patented complex formulation has demonstrated encouraging results when taking – a daily dose of two capsules before breakfast. The trials have also shown that the longer the product is used the more effective it is against erectile dysfunction. Evidently not a product that is taken impulsively for an immediate reaction, this supplement is a more long-term commitment. Men taking Prelox have greater confidence in their ability to regain normal function of their penis and inhibit erectile dysfunction.

Performance anxiety is a big issue and should be managed carefully and an inability to perform is not a fate men should have to live with. Studies show that men taking Prelox more frequently enjoy satisfying intimate encounters with their partners, which in itself, has been shown to be a protective measure against future possible problems.

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