Corrective Brighter Concentrate – 30ml


Correctives Brighter Concentrate is the safest and most effective serum for the treatment of hyper pigmented skin.

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Corrective Brighter Concentrate – 30ml specifications:
Correctives Brighter Concentrate contains four pigment inhibiting peptides with a highly advanced unique form of arbutin called Deca-butin. All these ingredients have been tested for their effect on skin cells and have been found to inhibit (calm) the production of melanin in over active cells without injuring or damaging the cells. This product does not de-pigment or bleach pigmentation.

*Deca-butin was found to be more effective than Arbuten, Kojic acid and even medical pigment inhibiting ingredients without any concerns for the safety of skin. Even when these skins are regularly exposed to the sun.

Because of how our bodies make melanin (pigment) it is exceptionally important that you use the product twice a day. With other ingredients it might be a challenge as your skin will not be happy when you are in the sun. Brighter Concentrate has none of these dangerous side effects. You can, with confidence, use it even when you know you might be exposed to some sun during the day and still know it will be effective.

It is very important to apply sunscreen during the day, not only when using Correctives Brighter Concentrate, but especially when you are being treated for hyper pigmentation.

Main Ingredients:

  • Four pigment inhibiting peptides, Deca-butin in a clear gel like serum;

Instructions for use:

  • After cleansing apply a small drop of the product to the pigmented area;
  • Then apply your moisturiser;
  • Apply a Lamelle broad spectrum sunscreen every day;

Note: In some cases the product might be used as a preparation treatment for more aggressive in office treatments. This will be to lower the potential for inflammation and also the skins response in making pigmentation. Your skin care therapist will give you specific instructions. Generally you will use Brighter Concentrate on your full face for 14 days prior to the treatment date, you will have the treatment and then use it as part of your after care routine for 10 to 14 days.

Special Precautions:

  • There are no skin irritating ingredients in the Correctives Brighter Concentrate, so the product does not need to be stopped prior to treatments and can be used directly after treatments even in the healing phase;
  • Do not expose the product to extremes of heat or light.