Laser Clinic Pretoria: NuSkinnovation’s Innovation With Fotona Systems 


The Nuskinnovation Laser Clinic Pretoria is so proud to house is a model of what cosmetic science has become today. In the past, if you brought up laser clinics, people would assume that you were visiting to either get rid of regretted tattoos or maybe looking to remove hair from unwanted areas. But in this day and age, with the way cosmetic technology has developed, the Nuskinnovation Laser Clinic Pretoria is famous for shows us that there are a host of other beauty treatments that can now be offered.


At Nuskinnovation, we are proud to be a leader in this field, constantly seeking to extend our services. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients feel beautiful in their bodies, and with our range of beauty and laser treatments, we believe that we are achieving that goal on a daily basis. In recent years, we have invested in the incredible Fotona systems, some of the best cosmetic and laser systems on the market today. Their ability to service a wide range of beauty needs has made Fotona a firm favourite, not only with us at Nuskinnovation but with many other cosmetic brands.


This article aims to show you why we, at Nuskinnovation, can proudly call ourselves leaders in the South African market when it comes to innovation in the cosmetic and beauty industry. To achieve this goal, we will not only tell you a bit more about our own business. But we will also use our range of Fotona systems as a case study, highlighting our selection of premium beauty services while showing our readers how far the Nuskinnovation laser clinic Pretoria is famous for has advanced in recent years.




About NuSkinnovation: A South African Leader In Cosmetic Science


Before we begin highlighting just how great our range of beauty services is by discussing our popular Fotona systems. We should first start by introducing ourselves to you, the reader. In order to do that, let us focus on a few aspects.


First, we will begin with a little bit of a history lesson on how we started and our founders, after which we will look at some of our more popular treatments outside of what Fotona Systems can offer. Treatments that are used not only at the laser clinic Pretoria houses but at all our branches around the country


The Formation Of NuSkinnovation


NuSkinnovation started in 2016 as the brainchild of its founder, Nicolene Pelster. She had the idea to start the business at forty-two when she was referred to a dermatology clinic to help remove freckles, which she had been self-conscious about her whole life. Their ability to help her drove her to pursue the industry, although the financial obstacle to first entering the business was over R800 000, combined with the need for education and qualification in a new field.


After Nicolene passed her somatology exam in 2016, she began offering essential skin care services like laser treatments and freckle removal. By the end of January 2017, her services had grown popular enough to open her first offices, organised entirely by March of the same year at the Southdown Office Park in Irene, Pretoria. Through hard work and a great team behind her, Nicolene grew the business into one of the top beauty and cosmetic franchises in South Africa in just five years.


Services Offered


Part of what has made NuSkinnovation such a success across South Africa, and not only at the laser clinic Pretoria is famous for, is the continual drive to develop our products and services. Although Nicolene may have initially only offered basic laser skin treatment and freckle removal today, our business provides some of the most advanced cosmetic services. For a complete list of all our services, please visit our website to learn more, but here, let us focus on a few of our most popular:


Skin Consultation: We recommend This service to all our new customers or those curious to learn more. Here, we take the time to study your skin, as everybody’s skin is as unique as they are. Our trusted team of professional consultants will then be able to accurately discuss what treatments we believe will best suit you, after which we can tailor a program that works for you.


Skin Rejuvenation: This service, in essence, is trying to reduce the signs of ageing by combating wrinkles, sagging skin and sun damage. At the same time, our skin rejuvenation procedures also look to improve skin texture, tone and elasticity. We have several ways to perform this service, from our Fotona systems, which we will discuss later, to our professional chemical peels, IPL (intense pulsing light) treatments or facials, to name a few.


Hair Restart: For many who come to our beauty clinic, the goal is to remove hair, but we also offer hair restart programmes focused on promoting hair growth in all the places you want it. Our therapeutic sessions use laser techniques to help stimulate the follicles on the scalp, reactivating them and leading to new hair growth.


All these treatments and more are not only offered at the laser clinic Pretoria is so famous for. All our branches provide them, from Pretoria to Nelspruit, Cape Town and even George.




The Fotona StarWalker System


Now that we have looked more in-depth at our history at NuSkinnovation and explored some of our more popular treatments and services, we can move on to the Fotona system. Again, the goal is to highlight just how amazing cosmetic technology has gotten in the previous years and the wide range of services we can now offer you at the laser clinic Pretoria houses and our other branches all around the country utilising the Fotona Systems. Let us begin here with the StarWalker System.


The Fotona StarWalker System is also commonly known as the Fotona StarWalker MAQX machine and offers a wide range of laser treatments, all within one device, which in the past would need to have been handled by several different systems and pieces of equipment. The StarWalker system we use is part of Fotona’s third generation of ASP (adaptive structured pulse) technology and offers the highest levels of precision and effectiveness.


Key Features:


Some of the key features of the advanced StarWalker system include:


  • Fourteen different modes and four different wavelengths, make it one of the most customisable laser treatment machines on the market today.
  • The Optoflex arm, which contains the laser head, also has a patented vacuum cell technology. This allows the light to be delivered directly to the treatment site without worrying about distortion.
  • The machine has four unique procedural modes: the MaQX, VERDE, FRAC3 and VERSA3. These optimal modes allow technicians to treat a wide array of skin pigment types. While efficiently performing both vascular and collagen treatments.


A Wide Array Of Laser Treatments:


At the beginning of this section, we mentioned how the StarWalker system is brilliant as it can perform a whole host of different skin rejuvenation treatments efficiently and all within one machine. Now that we have looked at some of the critical features of the system, let us turn our attention to some of the treatments it can perform.


Here, we are only looking at three, but NuSkinnovation’s laser clinic Pretoria houses uses the Fotona system for over sixteen different skin treatments. For a complete list, be sure to visit our website and discover the variety of cosmetic treatments offered:


Tattoo Removal: One of the most popular treatments any beauty or dermatology clinic performs. The StarWalker system efficiently utilises a high-energy concentrated beam to target the tattooed area, breaking down the large ink particles and allowing the body to flush out the broken-down particles more easily. The system is also impressive, as it minimises the impact on the skin surrounding the targeted zone.


Melasma Treatments: You may have never heard of melasma but may have seen it before. It is a skin condition in which patches of the skin appear brown and sometimes even grey. They can be found all around the body, from your cheeks to your chin. The contraceptive pill taken by women can usually cause this condition.


The StarWalker can combat this skin condition by switching to an acoustic shockwave that effectively breaks up the melasma particles. The lymph system can then remove these tiny particles from the body.


Wrinkles: Another treatment the Fotona system at the laser clinic Pretoria houses can use is reducing wrinkles. This is done using another type of laser from the above mentioned ones, which looks to vaporise the moisture around the targeted area containing wrinkles. In reaction to this damage, the skin will produce more collagen (a type of protein), reducing wrinkles.


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NuSkinnovation And Fotona: The Future Of The Cosmetic Industry


In this article, we have reviewed a variety of different treatments that are all offered by our NuSkinnovation laser clinic Pretoria can be proud to host. From skin consultations and hair restart programs to various skin treatments like wrinkle reduction, tattoo removal, and even body sculpting. In this way, we have proven how we at NuSkinnovation use technologically advanced systems like the Fotona technology to improve and increase our cosmetic services.


Although the laser clinic Pretoria houses is our flagship franchise spot, we have a fantastic reach all around our country. So, if you want to improve anything about yourself, why not visit one of our many branches, have a consultation and see how we can help transform you into the best version of yourself today? As leaders in the industry, you can rest assured that when you book with us, you are getting the best service in South Africa.


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