If you’re looking for the best laser hair removal Centurion has to offer, you have come to the right place! Laser hair removal is one of those beauty treatments that we choose to invest in because we know that looking cute (and staying cute) can often be a lot of work. When it comes to hair, regrowth often happens faster than our salon appointments can accommodate. Fortunately, with NuSkinnovation’s laser hair removal, our lives can get a little bit easier — these appointments will slowly but surely dramatically reduce your hair growth, while also ensuring that what little hair does grow back is lighter and finer.


Consequently, you’ll find that you will need to book way fewer waxes and avoid the razor entirely, which is definitely a big win in the Summer months in South Africa, when all you should be worrying about is swimming, sun, and sunscreen! If you’re interested in laser hair removal in Centurion, then read this article to see how and why the beauty treatment will serve you, especially in the Summer months when we want to look our finest.




Beauty Appointments: Is The Work Ever Really Over?


Beauty appointments costs tend to add up, and before you know it you’re spending a good portion of the month’s budget inside of a salon. It’s like going to the grocery store — you think you’re just going to get essentials at first, but by the time you arrive home you’ve got three bags full of additional pantry items, snack reserves, and treats on top of your bread, milk and cheese. Similarly, when you start your beauty regime, it always seems simple; maybe you’ll schedule a monthly eyebrow wax at first, and stick to just that. But then you see your girlfriends getting their nails done, booking pedicures, comparing brazilians, and waxing lyrical about their facialists. The more treatments you see on offer, the more you realise that there are a great many ways to look and feel beautiful.


Most women (and even plenty of men) go to the salon for monthly maintenance. Leg waxes, bikini waxes, facial waxes, manicures, pedicures, facials, etc. — these are just a few of the tools we use to feel beautiful and stay composed. And while some may see it as a vanity project, these regimes are not just about appearance. Taking care of one’s body has an incomparable effect on one’s self-confidence and also one’s reputation. For women and men, many choose to keep up with these appointments because they keep them looking put together.


Routine Beauty Maintenance Has Its Benefits


Here’s Why We Keep Up The Look, Professionally And Personally


In professional environments, the invaluable team members are often the ones with well-pressed suits and refined external appearances. By carrying themselves well on the outside, they can indicate and amplify their good work ethic and strong organisational skills. We all have that one colleague who dresses to impress every single day and resultantly commands respect in the office and in meeting rooms. Taking care of your physical appearance improves likeability, enhances client relations, and signals respect for the workplace. It also demonstrates professional etiquette, aids first impressions, and helps to enhance perceptions of competence.


On a personal level, keeping up with treatments that leave you feeling refreshed can make you feel a sense of control and confidence that drives up self-esteem and prepares you to take on more and more social situations with self-assurance. As the saying goes, when you look good you feel good. During the end of year period, this is an especially important factor. Salons see much bigger influxes of people in the Summer because holiday plans, festivities, and end-of-year events call for a little more glitz and glam. As we wrap up the work year and find some more time to spend with loved ones, it’s natural to want to clean up your look and refresh yourself. That way, you can ensure that you arrive at the good-time vibes with a smile and a photo ready look suitable for the Instagram photographs that are bound to be taken.


Another reason why the end-of-year period and the Summer season calls for more waxes and treatments is hygiene. Hygiene is and always will be a major reason why we continue with beauty appointments. Facials help to detoxify the epidermis, remove bacteria, unclog pores, minimise sun damage and stimulate skin cell regeneration. Pedicures help to exfoliate dead skin from heels, moisturise dry feet, reduce ingrown toenails, and prevent fungal infections. They improve blood circulation in the feet and encourage overall foot health that’s necessary all year round, but especially during sandal season. Similarly, waxes help to remove dead skin cells, prevent ingrown hairs, smooth out skin, minimise hair follicles and decrease the risk of cuts and nicks caused by shaving. This is a major win when you want to don a bikini on the beachfront with confidence.


Is There A Way to Make Beauty Treatments More Affordable and Manageable?


There are endless reasons why such appointments and beauty treatments are important. In the Summer in South Africa, high temperatures and longer days can make it difficult to navigate our busier social calendars with grace. Investing in good beauty treatments, however, ensures that your physical foundation is looked after so that you can worry about more important things. That being said, we do still understand that after a certain point, one too many scheduled appointments can become costly and overwhelming.


This is why NuSkinnovation recommends opting for longer-term, sustainable treatments such as laser hair removal to reduce the number of times you have to book for a wax this Summer. Because, let’s face it, sometimes one wax a month is not enough to keep your hair at bay while you frolic in your skimpier outfits and swimsuits. Of course, in the beginning, there will naturally be a few recurring appointments to attend, but after the first few sessions, you’ll be able to cast aside monthly appointments almost entirely. In general, most people can have 6 to 8 initial laser hair removal appointments, spaced several weeks apart, before they start seeing optimal, smooth results. Thereafter, only maintenance sessions would be needed every few months.


Naturally, the results and number of sessions needed will vary from person to person depending on the thickness of your hair, your skin colour, and your hormones. The reason why multiple treatments are necessary is because the removal has to happen during the anagen phase — that is, the active growth phase of your hair follicles, which happens at different times in your hair growth cycle. Fortunately, though, your treatment for laser hair removal in Centurion will be customised according to your body and needs, so with enough consultation from your beauty therapist you can rest easy knowing that you’re receiving the best possible results. Permanent hair removal is obviously not guaranteed, but you will absolutely notice your hair growth reduced by more than half. There will consequently be little to no need for expensive monthly waxes after that.




Laser Hair Removal Centurion: How Does It Work?


Laser hair removal in our Centurion clinic gradually reduces the number of actively growing hairs in a treated area by using concentrated light beams from a laser. The laser’s beams are absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles, ultimately converting that light into a heat that damages the hair follicle without impacting the surrounding skin. Consequently, those hair follicles’ hair production capacity is disrupted, causing hair to fall and growth to halt. In each session, different target areas will be approached so that the treatment can focus on only the follicles in the active growth anagen phase. Since the anagen phase does not occur simultaneously on all areas of the body, multiple sessions will be needed.


It’s important to note that laser hair removal does not guarantee an absolute end to hair growth in your lifetime. While some people do experience permanent hair loss in their desired target areas, others may only experience long-term hair reduction. This is entirely dependent on your own physicality, melanin levels, and hair type. But this, however, should not discourage you from taking the first step and booking a consultation with a professional. Despite the slightly costly initial investment and the high number of initial sessions, laser hair removal is one of those things that will eventually start paying for itself.


Shaving can cause major irritation, and stubble and even induce thicker hair regrowth, not to mention the constant threat it poses in the form of cuts, nicks, and ingrown hairs. Waxing has always proved a better alternative (especially for sensitive areas like the bikini and the underarm), but unfortunately that too is a temporary treatment that, although manageable, still does not reduce hair growth long-term. When waxing, there is always the need to book return appointments, and although the regrowth is better than when shaving, the hair regrowth is essentially the same volume. Contrastingly, laser hair removal allows for fewer appointments in the long term and genuinely promises reduced hair growth, bringing you one step closer to smoother, finer, neater hair.


Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal: Centurion


While we’ve spoken generally about the procedure and purpose of laser hair removal, it’s important to lay out the benefits. This may help to soothe any concerns you have about spending money on the process this Summer. So we’ve compiled a list of benefits that you’ll gain from laser hair removal below. Among the chief advantages are long-term hair reduction, and sustainable costing.


Speed and Efficiency


While waxing can sometimes take a lot of time, especially when you’re doing multiple areas such as leg, armpit, and face at once, laser hair removal promises shorter sessions. Small areas like the upper lip can take mere moments, and many people note that the pain is somewhat more manageable than the harsh pull of a wax strip. Seeing as the process targets specific hair follicles with a laser built for close precision, you can also be sure that despite shorter session time, coarse hair will be removed efficiently.


Long-term Hair Reduction and Loss


If you’re tired of constantly paying for waxes, and only ever seeing temporary hair loss results, then laser hair removal in Centurion might be the best option for you. It drastically reduces hair growth while also thinning out any residual hair. Many clients have reported long periods of absolutely smooth, hair-free skin. This means that follow-up maintenance appointments can sometimes happen months apart, and in the meantime what little regrowth does happen is fine and minimal, not stubbly and unruly.


Convenience and Reduced Irritation


Many individuals choose laser hair removal in Centurion because it means that they can spend less time grooming and waxing. Truly, the shorter sessions are convenient and more sustainable than monthly waxes. Similarly, they are actually better for your skin. Irritations like ingrown hairs and bleeding are highly unlikely with a laser. In fact, treatment sessions are often more comfortable thanks to modern laser machines being made with built-in cooling mechanisms that soothe the skin around the follicle.


Clearly, there are many benefits to laser hair removal in Centurion. If this article has made you reconsider just how you approach your grooming regime in these busier Summer months, then talk to a beauty therapist today about booking a consultation with NuSkinnovation. We’ll figure out how to customise your treatments according to your exact needs so that you can begin to create a more affordable, comfortable, and convenient treatment this festive season.


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