Laser for hair removal is becoming a popular method for both men and women to achieve silky soft skin. Instead of shaving, waxing, or using hair-removing cream, people are leaning towards the modern choice of hair removal utilising lasers. At NuSkinnovation, we offer a variety of laser treatments that can benefit the skin, minimise skin blemishes and of course, we also offer treatments for our clients wishing to find a more permanent and non-damaging solution for unwanted hair.


If you are interested in finding out more about laser treatment for removing hair, continue reading. Here we explore the basics of laser treatments and discuss the benefits of the contemporary option in contrast to more traditional methods of removing unwanted hair. We also explore how the treatment works and everything you need to know about it.


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What Is A Laser For Hair Removal And How Does It Work?


So how exactly does it work when a profession uses a laser to remove hair? Laser for hair removal is a method to remove unwanted body hair with the use of a targeted and concentrated lasers. The laser projects light towards the targeted hair follicle, and the pigmentation in the hair then absorbs the light. Essentially, the laser removes the colour in the hair follicle which stunts the regrowth of hair. After multiple sessions, the growth of hair will slow down significantly. A growing number of people have been looking for ways to remove hair efficiently and with minimal damage to the skin. The use of laser treatment has been found to be by far the most effective method to get rid of unwanted hair.


It is important that professional laser technicians administer the procedure. Lasers can be harmful if used incorrectly and if the technician does not have a good understanding of the procedure and your skin type. The laser can target the hair follicles coming out of the skin, but the technician needs to ensure they are using the device properly and have consulted you about your skin and its needs.


Alternative Hair Removal Methods:


Laser for hair removal is the optimal choice for the removal of dark hair, as the laser can easily identify the contrast of hair against skin. If the hair has minimal contrast from the skin tone, it may not be as effective, and more sessions might be needed. However, it is still possible to receive treatments if there is a low contrast between your skin and hair; the amount of sessions and strength of the laser will have to be adjusted after consultations with one of our professional NuSkinnovation technicians.


When a laser for hair removal is used by a professional, it can result in smooth silky skin. The traditional method of shaving to remove hair is effective in some ways, but hair grows back quickly and sometimes results in in-grown hairs, razor burn and itchiness. This can cause scarring to the skin which might take years to get rid of. Shaving can damage your skin and cause an array of issues.


The use of hair removal cream can be a laborious task. There is also the risk of chemical burns in sensitive areas as well as the growth of ingrown hairs. Additionally, the cream can have an unpleasant smell and damage items of clothing. Waxing and threading are effective methods of removing hair, but it can rack up an expensive bill if you are getting it done on a regular basis. Waxing and threading can be painful and there is the risk of ingrown hairs. The issue of hair growing back as an ingrown hair can be avoided with the use of a laser for hair removal.


An In Depth Look At Laser Hair Removal


Let us explain the process of using a laser for hair removal in further detail:


  1. The laser device is operated by a technician who directs the laser towards the targeted hairy area.
  2. The laser emits concentrated light beams which are drawn to the melanin in hair follicles as they absorb the heat of the laser. In this way, the laser removes the pigmentation in the hair follicle.
  3. Light energy from the laser turns into heat energy, the absorption of heat energy by the hair results in damaged hair follicles which inhibits the growth of hair.
  4. The laser is drawn to darker pigmentation, which is why it is important for there to be a contrast between the skin and hair follicles when using a laser for hair removal.
  5. The laser is drawn to penetrate and damage the hair but not the skin. This is called “selective photothermolysis”, which is the process of the laser targeting the hair follicles and not the skin tissue. This means that skin tissue receives minimal damage from the heat and light energy of the laser.


It is important that you follow the advice of your somatologist with regard to the frequency of sessions that you need for your hair and skin type.


As noted, the laser targets the pigmentation in hair to damage the hair follicles to prevent the regrowth of hair. There needs to be a significant contrast between the hair and skin. If you wish to get rid of finer or lighter hair, it might require more sessions as the laser will be as powerful as the technician will need to adjust the settings of the laser.


Our somatologists will set out clear expectations for you in relation to the aesthetic goals you wish to achieve. If you stop going to treatments and don’t follow the advice of the technician, you may not achieve the goals that you wish to achieve. It is vital to trust your somatologist and trust the process.




The Benefits of Laser For Hair Removal


Laser for hair removal is efficient and safe. It is important to go to a registered clinic with well-trained laser technicians. A laser technician is called a somatologists, they are qualified and trained to do procedures that can benefit the skin. There are many different ways to remove unwanted hair, but laser certainly have the most benefits and the least amount of maintenance after treatments.


Key Benefits:


  • When a laser is used to remove hair, it lasts significantly longer for hair to grow back in comparison to waxing and shaving. With laser treatments, hair growth is reduced and when hair does grow back, it grows back lighter and thinner. Our trained somatologists will recommend the number of sessions you need and will match your sessions to your hair regrowth phases. Once all your sessions have been completed, you won’t have to pick up a razor or wax strip again!
  • Laser hair removal leaves your skin silky and smooth. Laser for hair removal is a long-term solution to unwanted hair growth.
  • The treatment can be done in various areas on the body; this includes your legs, back, chest and even more sensitive areas such as your underarms, bikini area, cheeks, upper lip, and chin. It can be challenging and time consuming to keep up with the regrowth of hair after traditional hair removal methods, with laser the results will last extremely long.
  • Another benefit of laser hair removal is that if hair does grow back after the treatment, it will grow back in a far finer texture. This means that the hair won’t curl back under skin resulting in ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs can cause redness, itchiness, and painful bumps. They can also cause scarring in the skin tissue. It can be frustrating and tricky to get rid of. Ingrown hairs can occur after shaving and sometimes after waxing, but not after laser hair removal treatment.
  • This is because the treatment targets the hair follicles directly resulting in smoother and brighter skin. Smooth skin is a major perk of laser hair removal. Because laser hair removal works by targeting hair follicles, your skin will be left feeling smoother than ever before.
  • Another note is that because laser hair removal is semi-permanent, that smooth feeling will last for a while after treatment.
  • The treatment itself is a quick process. Each session saves you massive amounts of time and maintenance is low after the treatment, which saves you even more time in the long run. In comparison with waxing where you’ll have to see your beautician every two to three weeks, you need to do laser treatment less frequently. You may need to have an additional session a few months after your treatment, but it certainly won’t be after 3 weeks.
  • Given that you won’t need to have treatment often, laser hair removal is a cost-effective method of removing hair in the long run. The costs of razors can be expensive, and they don’t last very long. Having to continuously buy new razors racks up a significant bill. Additionally, having to pay for beauty treatments such as waxing and threading also adds to your monthly costs. Once you’ve completed your laser hair removal sessions, you won’t have to pay anything else because the treatment lasts so long.
  • Laser for hair removal is extremely safe. With the skilled somatologists at NuSkinnovation, you are in good capable hands. The advanced technology we use means there will be no possibility of cuts from razors, chemical burns from hair removing creams and the pain of waxing and threading. We ensure maximum comfort and care for our clients to achieve the best possible results.


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