Are you interested in making an appointment at our laser hair removal Cape Town branches, but are unsure of whether this procedure is right for you or not? This is a common thought process that many people undergo. Undergoing laser treatment can seem frivolous to some, but for others it is a procedure that can help with confidence and manageable maintenance — either way, you’re allowed to make a choice based on your own preferences and needs.


Fortunately, with changing trends in hair removal and hair care, treatments like these have moved from being a ‘must’ to an option. If you’d feel more comfortable rocking long hair, then go for it! But if you’re looking into laser hair removal for practical or personal reasons, then NuSkinnovation is the best way to undergo the process in as easy and accommodating a way as possible, ensuring that you get the bodily hair care that you think is right.




The Hair Growth Cycle


One thing that the hair care trends have taught us is that hair is a natural occurrence throughout the body. If you look closely, you’ll notice that there’s hair all over your skin. Whether it’s on your face or your toes, fine hairs are growing everywhere. This is because hair growth is sparked by biological processes such as hormone production, which work continuously over time without us even noticing.


The hair growth cycle is a fascinating process that unfolds in 4 major phases. These phases are known as the Anagen Phase (growth phase), the catagen Phase (transition phase), the telogen phase (resting phase), or the exogen phase (shedding phase).


The Anagen Phase:


During the active hair growth phase, the hair follicle’s cells will divide speedily, to a point where about 1 centimetre of length is added to each hair strand every month for some time. For some, this phase will last quite a while and hair will gain length and volume very fast. For others, this process could be a timeous and slow-moving period that doesn’t occur so often. The length and intensity of the anagen phase are fully dependent on your genetic makeup and the hair growth tendencies of your parents and your parent’s parents.


The Catagen Phase:


During the brief transitional phase that draws the anagen phase to a conclusion, hair follicle cells will stop dividing and the follicles themselves will shrink. The purpose of this part of the cycle is to renew the hair follicle. This also helps to pause hair production and growth so that the body can save energy and resources. By temporarily halting growth, the body can rest and prepare for the shedding phase, helping to keep a balance between hair growth and hair loss.


The Telogen Phase:


Also known as the resting phase, the telogen phase is the point at which the hair follicles rest. Growth is paused at this time and the body will take a needed pause. This phase will generally last for a few months. This is a phase during which you will notice your hair growth stabilise.


The Exogen Phase:


The shedding phase is an extension of the telogen phase. During this part of the hair growth cycle, old hair strands will start to shed. In their place, new hair will start to grow. This phase prepares the body for the anagen phase all over again. The thickness and length of the new hair that grows are conditional on the person’s androgen levels.


Depending on your genetic makeup, you may experience fast or slow hair growth. While some are likely to have long, thick, curly hair, others will have thinner, shorter, straighter hair. Genetic predispositions are passed down from generation to generation, so most of us have absolutely no say in how much hair we will have to manage throughout our lives.


However, we can try to control or influence our hair growth so that it meets our specific needs. If you’re somebody with very thick hair, you might want to opt for a laser hair removal Cape Town appointment so that you can ensure things are neatly trimmed for better manageability; if you’re someone with thinner hair, perhaps you prefer to avoid hair removal treatments safe for minor landscaping every season or two.


Environmental factors and personal lifestyle choices also have a major impact on hair growth besides your genetic makeup. Environmental factors include things such as climate, pollution, water quality, and chemical exposure. Weather conditions and humidity levels could damage hair or help keep it hydrated, depending on the region.


Exposure to pollution or toxic chemicals could have an impact on the health of your hair follicles and the extent to which your hair grows. Besides that, lifestyle factors such as diet, sleep, hair care practices, and medical treatments or medications can also influence the amount of damage or maintenance you must deal with.


Laser Hair Removal Cape Town: Making Informed Decisions


With a better understanding of the role that hair plays in your life, not only as a physically functional process but also as a political statement and personal choice, you will be better prepared to decide for yourself whether you want to invest in laser hair removal in Cape Town. Naturally, you can make the rules for yourself — if you want to grow out your lip hair but get rid of your armpit hair, then by all means you can do so.


At our laser hair removal Cape Town branch, we will provide services according to your unique needs and choices. By booking an appointment for laser hair removal in Cape Town, you are deciding to enact and enforce your own personal decision to remove body hair. Whatever your reasons, all we can do as beauty therapists is provide the best possible service and ample consultation.


By undergoing treatment at our laser hair removal Cape Town branch, you will be embracing a cosmetic procedure that uses concentrated beams of light to inhibit hair growth in the existing hair follicles. The beams of light are absorbed by the pigment that exists in the hair follicles, and this energy becomes converted into heat, which ultimately damages the follicles and stops growth. Although this process is far more long-term than waxing and shaving, it is not absolutely permanent. Depending on the colour and thickness of your hair, as well as your genetic makeup, it might be necessary to come in for check-ins and treatments over the coming years.


Laser hair removal Cape Town requires clients to come in for multiple sessions during your anagen phase (growth phase). The procedure is most effective during this phase, as this is when hair follicles are dividing and multiplying, causing hair growth. After enough sessions, you will notice far less hair in the targeted area, whether that’s your face, underarms, legs, back, chest, or bikini line.


Some of the side effects include redness and swelling, but also a lovely smooth feeling and reduced hair growth. For those who only wish to reduce their hair to a more manageable level, not remove it entirely, NuSkinnovation can recommend a particular number of laser hair removal Cape Town treatments so that you can maintain some hair growth, but at a reduced rate. This way, you can still enjoy body hair but under more manageable circumstances.




Trends In Hair Care


The last few generations have placed an immense amount of attention on physical appearances. Since the dawn of television and social media, we have been forced to pay attention to aesthetics and beauty standards as reflected and enforced by Hollywood’s most glamorous celebrities. For ages, shaving and waxing have been a norm that most of us practice to look and feel more beautiful. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But a new trend, which supports organic and natural appearances, has resurfaced. This trend advocates for seeing hair growth as a normal aspect of the human body.


For some, letting your body hair grow out can be an incredibly liberating experience. In fact, more and more women are starting to embrace bushy underarms and overgrown bikini lines, not to mention wild brows and even natural lip hair. Likewise, plenty of men out there are comfortable with beards and hairy chests, allowing themselves to enjoy their natural appearance. This is definitely not a bad thing. Today, all people have more options available to them when it comes to hair care.


In some places around the world, women celebrate Januhairy. This movement encourages women to stop using hair removal products and undergo treatments to make a statement against the many physical beauty expectations placed on women. In another interesting initiative, during November every year, men all over the world partake in Movember. This is a campaign that calls on men to grow out their facial hair to raise awareness about men’s health, particularly prostate health and testicular cancer. Clearly, hair growth has become both a physical choice and a real statement.


Trends In Bodily Autonomy Make Hair Treatments More Personalisable


Hair growth can easily become a kind of virtue-signalling that allows us to demonstrate our value systems as they relate to bodily autonomy and beauty. What is perhaps most exciting about these movements is that they force us to consider what options work best for us. At the end of the day, everybody gets to choose how best to care for themselves — if letting your armpit hair grow out makes you feel emancipated and sexy, then go for it! But otherwise, if you’d feel more comfortable getting your hair removed or lasered, that works too. Whatever you do, make sure you choose it, and it doesn’t choose you.


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Considering Laser Hair Removal


A lot of the women who come into our laser hair removal Cape Town branch often express a sentiment of wariness around making more permanent hair removal choices. Many men and women say that they love their natural hair, and that wearing a bush now and then makes them feel more in touch with their natural bodies and bodily processes. These people often choose to come to the laser hair removal Cape Town branch for more practical than aesthetic reasons.


They decide to remove their hair because, besides trends and expectations, they have legitimate concerns about body odour, hygiene, personal comfort, sports and athletics, or even medical reasons. But the great thing about recent hair care trends is that they allow people to embrace their physicality and come to better understand exactly what they want for themselves, according to their everyday lifestyle.


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