There are many reasons why using laser for hair removal is picking up steam. Whether it be the precise results or the convenience of saving time, laser hair removal has many benefits. At NuSkinnovation, we offer safe and effective laser services for your skin. If you want to know all the bases of laser hair removal and how to start your journey, keep reading this article and let us fill you in!


Laser Hair Removal: Where To Begin?


To begin your journey with laser for hair removal, it is important to know what the first steps are and how you should prepare. Finding a trusted aesthetic clinic that is accessible to you is essential. You want to make sure that the specialist performing the procedure is trained and can inform you of the risks, advantages, and expectations of laser hair removal. At NuSkinnovation, we pride ourselves in having locally and internationally trained laser specialists to provide professional and personable sessions with our clients.


Before you decide to start laser hair removal, you also need to make sure that your skin is prepared for the treatment. Waxing and hair plucking is best to be avoided for up to four to six weeks prior to your first appointment. This is because the process of plucking or waxing hair removes hair follicles and roots, which are the focus areas of laser for hair removal treatments. If you would like to arrive at your laser appointment with less hair on your skin, you may shave the skin beforehand as this keeps the hair follicles intact.


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The 10 Benefits Of Using Laser Treatment


Choosing to use laser for hair removal can offer a range of benefits for people looking to have smooth skin. While other hair removal techniques can often be time consuming and have temporary results, laser hair removal is an efficient, precise and long-lasting alternative. Here are 10 major benefits to using laser hair removal:


It’s safe: Say goodbye to razor cuts and shaving scars for good. Using laser hair removal is not only effective, but also safe in the hands of a trained laser specialist. With the constant advancements in laser hair removal technology, you can trust that NuSkinnovation will provide top of the line treatments using professional equipment.


Short sessions: Laser hair removal sessions can be as short as 15 minutes depending on factors such as the skin type, hair colour and the area on the body that is being treated. A session for laser hair removal on the upper lip, for example, would be much quicker than a full-face hair removal. Your laser technician will calculate the time needed to achieve the best results for your skin.


Long-term effects: One of the key differences between using laser for hair removal instead of waxing or shaving is the removal of hair follicles. When the hair follicles are damaged or destroyed, the hair takes significantly longer to grow back or not at all. Laser hair removal offers a long-lasting solution to waxing and shaving.


It hurts less: Laser hair removal is considered a less painful alternative to plucking, threading or waxing. Whilst there may be some feelings of discomfort or tingling on the skin, these sensations are normal and can be aided with adjustments to the laser settings or with a numbing cream – just ask your technician.


Low maintenance: Whilst it is recommended to have annual touch-ups after the initial laser sessions, using laser treatment is a permanent solution to maintaining smooth skin in the long run. Once your hair follicles are destroyed, there is far less maintenance required to keep your skin hairless.


Cost effective: If you care about keeping your skin smooth, investing in laser hair removal is a cost-effective solution. At NuSkinnovation, we offer affordable, high-quality laser treatment from as little as R250 a session.


Precision: Because of the constant developments in laser hair removal technology, you can trust that laser treatment will give you optimal results. Because laser removal focuses on specific areas of the body, clients can expect precise laser hair removal on their skin.


Few side effects: If you follow the recommended schedule of sessions from your technician during your treatment (and do aftercare properly), you should experience few side effects. The most common side effect that clients experience after beginning their treatment is redness on the targeted area of skin.


Destroys ingrown hairs: A common side-effect from shaving is ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs can lead to itching, inflammation and bumps on the skin. Laser hair removal prevents ingrown hairs from appearing as the treatment destroys hair follicles.


Smooth skin: In addition to removing hair on areas of the body, laser hair removal can lessen the effects of acne breakouts on the skin. Laser has also been known to aid with skin texture and tone as well as prevent dark marks.




Laser Hair Removal Q&A


How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?


The treatment of laser hair removal is done using light-based hair removal techniques. During the treatment, the pigment in the hair is targeted on the skin using heat. This area of the skin is heated up through a single, focused wavelength of light until the hair follicles are damaged. By damaging the hair follicles, hair growth is inhibited.


During this process, you may experience slight discomfort from the pulses of light, but this can be aided with a numbing cream provided by the technician. The length of your treatment and the number of sessions recommended by the technician are dependent on the size of the area being treated on the skin. Once you have attended the recommended number of sessions, you should experience little to no hair growth on the treated area.


Where Can I Get Laser Hair Removal?


Laser treatment can be used on various parts of the body, ranging from the upper lip to the bikini area. This is because the treatment, whilst effective, is also mild enough to be used on more sensitive areas of the body. Areas on the face that are commonly targeted for laser hair removal include the upper lip, chin and sideburns. Other areas of the body that can undergo laser treatment are the back, legs, underarms, Brazilian and bikini areas. You can speak to your technician about getting laser treatment on less common parts of the body, such as the stomach, toes or buttocks.


What Happens After the Treatment?


After your session, it is common to experience some itchiness, warmth and redness on the area of skin that has undergone treatment. These symptoms are normal and not permanent – you can expect these reactions to settle after a few hours or days. Aftercare post-treatment is especially important to achieve optimal results.


It is recommended that the affected area of skin gets minimal exposure to the sun for up to 24 hours after using laser for hair removal. This includes avoiding saunas, swimming pools, and taking hot showers. To further protect your skin, a gentle moisturizer and sunblock cream should be used regularly. After your treatment, you may also experience hair shedding on the affected area – this is a typical part of the hair removal process.


Depending on the thickness of hair, area of the body and density, hair can take days or weeks to begin shedding and on the skin. Plucking, waxing or hair bleaching should be avoided during the course of your sessions as it could interfere with the results of your treatment. Speak to your laser technician about the right schedule of sessions for you to ensure the best results for your skin.


When Can I Go to My Next Hair Removal Session?


Attending multiple sessions for laser hair removal is recommended for minimal to no hair growth on the skin, but this can differ from person to person. It is common for most people to attend laser hair removal sessions once every 8 weeks. Your technician will inform you when you can attend your next appointment and how many sessions you would need for optimal results.


It is impossible to laser off all your hair at once as hair grows in cycles. This means that multiple sessions are essential to achieve hairless skin from the treatment. The most effective time to undergo treatment is during the new-growth stage of hair follicles.


Will My Hair Grow Back After Treatment?


Typically, minor regrowth is normal during the first few sessions of laser hair removal. The treatment focuses on destroying or damaging hair follicles, so it is possible to permanently stop hair growth after the recommended schedule of sessions by your technician. If your hair does grow back over the course of your treatment, it will most likely grow back lighter and thinner than before starting laser hair removal.


Hair does not shed immediately after the initial sessions. During the shedding process, you may experience continued hair growth before the hair is fully shed from the skin. The frequency of hair growth depends on several factors differing from client to client. These factors include location on the skin, hair density and the thickness of your hair.




About NuSkinnovation


We strive to provide professional and personable services to our clients at NuSkinnovation. As an aesthetic clinic, we pride ourselves in having certified laser specialists and somatologists trained both locally and internationally.


Our clinic owns First World Technology systems as we are dedicated to giving you the newest and most optimal laser treatments. We also offer a cooling system for laser hair removal that can assist with the skin before, during and after the treatment. Our cooling system not only helps with lessening the pain or discomfort felt from using laser for hair removal, but also keeps the skin safe from inflammation and thermal damage.


Looking to start your laser hair removal journey? At NuSkinnovation, we have got you covered.


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