Anybody can benefit from the reviving effect of laser treatment for face, but how do you know which treatment is best for your skin and personal needs? This article will cover some of the most popular laser treatments available at skin clinics today, giving you a closer look at your options.


We’ll take you through the best ways to find a personalised treatment for your skin condition to get the results you’re looking for. We’ll also give you some post-laser tips to properly care for your skin and protect it from any potential side effects.




What Is Laser Treatment For Face?


There are many types of laser treatment for face, with different laser treatments targeting different issues. Laser technology uses special beams of light that pulsate on the treatment area, removing the very thin outer layers of skin.


During this process the underlayer of skin is heated, and the laser stimulates regrowth and the regeneration of skin cells. The new cells that take the place of the old ones are healthier, leaving your skin with a firmer and smoother appearance. Usually laser treatment for face is broken down into three categories which include:


CO2 laser treatment for face: This type of laser treatment has been around for many years and uses continuous light beams in the process of removing the fine outer layer of skin. This treatment focuses on a very precise area of skin and ensures minimal heat on the areas of skin that aren’t being treated.


Fractional laser treatment: This type of treatment releases laser beams onto your skin in a narrow column. This laser is also able to penetrate more deeply into your skin tissue, making it the chosen method for certain skin conditions, although the healing process sometimes takes longer than other laser options.


Erbium laser treatment for face: Erbium laser treatments are beneficial for those who want to remove the appearance of wrinkles and lines on your face or body. It is often used on other areas prone to wrinkles such as your neck, chest and hands. Sometimes a local anaesthetic is used with this laser treatment, but it often has less side effects than other laser treatments and you can expect a faster recovery time.




Laser Treatment For Face: Personalise Your Treatment


It is always best to find a trusted and professional skin clinic that can give you a personalised consultation before you begin the process of laser treatment. It’s always best to do lot’s of research beforehand and welcome the advice of the experts. Your skin clinic will take a look at your skin condition, medical history and learn about your desired results to create the perfect treatment plan for you.


The following are a few things you should consider before going in for a skin consultation:


What is your biggest skin concern: The first thing you need to do is identify your skin concerns and the reason you are turning to laser treatment for face. Do you need to improve redness, reduce wrinkles, diminish birthmarks or warts, or fix the effects of sun damage? Whatever your reason, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what your main skin issues are, whether you have one or many flaws. This will help you and your skin consultant choose the best laser for all your concerns.


Carefully consider your desired results: Knowing your skin goals and desired results will help you and your skin clinic find a treatment plan with the best intensity. Some treatments are more intense than others, but you may not need such drastic changes. You might consider a more deeply penetrating laser if you want to see drastic changes, or a treatment that is more gentle for minor flaws and improvements.


Consider how much time you have: Time plays an important role in the treatment you choose, as you need to consider the amount of recovery time needed for your skin to properly heal itself, and the new skin cells to grow back. Laser treatment has minimal discomfort, but the recovery time can take much longer than you might expect. Some people need to take time off work after certain treatments as their skin may show signs of redness and flaking. Other treatments such as an IPL treatment have shorter healing periods and you can go back to work straight away.


Popular Laser Treatments For Face


These are some laser treatments for face you can consider if you find yourself suffering from one of these skin conditions, and aim for an improved appearance. There are many more options available for your unique skin type and scenario, but here are a few popular options that have helped many boost their confidence and feel the radiance that comes with beautiful skin.


Skin Rejuvenation With Nordlys Candela IPL


Skin rejuvenation treatment uses a laser to reach the deeper layers of your skin, heating and stimulating your skin cells. This increases the production of collagen, improving the elasticity and smoothness of your skin. The IPL laser destroys the dead and damaged skin cells on your face and your body naturally replaces it with a smoother and even skin layer. This type of laser treatment is best for people who want improved radiance and reduce signs of ageing by improving your wrinkles. It can also help eradicate spots caused by sun damage, or visible veins and scars on the face.


Scarring caused by Acne


There are special laser treatments for acne scarring and they usually make use of an ablative laser. This laser treatment for face targets the scarred areas to stimulate the skin’s ability to heal itself. The laser treatment destroys the old skin cells and reduces the appearance of scars by smoothing out your skin texture. The number of treatment sessions you need depend on the severity of your scarring, and your treatment clinic will advise you on a treatment plan.


Reduce the appearance of freckles with the Fotona Laser


Freckles are usually not harmful to your skin, but some people want to reduce the appearance of freckles on their face. Anybody can get freckles, they are caused by an overproduction of melanin in the skin after sun exposure. The Fotona laser can be used to remove the pigmentation in your skin that makes freckles visible. This type of laser treatment uses a powerful and effective light beam that quickly breaks down the pigments. This treatment is very accurate and you can expect results quickly, but it could have side effects such as redness and swelling. It is also commonly used in the process to remove tattoos and other skin concerns.


Laser treatment for port wine stains


Some people are born with port wine stains on their face, they are a type of reddish birthmark that is caused by visible blood vessels on the surface of your skin. When you are young they may not appear so intense, but as you age and the birthmark is exposed to the sun they can become more prominent and darker in appearance. It is possible to reduce the roughness and pigmentation of this skin condition laser treatment for face.


The laser is used on the pigmented area to target these visible blood vessels. The skin cells break down and many of the blood vessels disappear after your treatment. This treatment is not painful but sometimes a local anaesthetic is used to prevent any possible discomfort. Your skin may take up to a few weeks to heal completely between treatments, but any redness or swelling should be reduced within a few days.


To Post-Laser Care Tips To Nurture And Protect Your Skin


It’s normal to experience some side effects after your laser treatment, and usually they are nothing to worry about. Your skincare clinic should prepare you for any possible side effects and advise on the proper aftercare methods for your skin type and laser treatment. No matter which laser treatment you receive, your skin will be left sensitive and vulnerable while it is healing. Taking extra care to protect your skin after your laser treatment is extremely important in order to receive the best results of your treatment, prevent side effects, and nurture your skin effectively.


Side effects after laser could include:


  • Swelling and redness: The skin becomes very sensitive to the external environment and you could feel itching or burning sensations.
  • Hyperpigmentation: If you neglect your skincare after laser treatment you could be at risk of hyperpigmentation and your skin will be left visibly darker than before.
  • Temporary Acne: Using the wrong products on the treated area could cause a temporary acne outbreak on your skin.

Luckily, most side effects can be avoided with proper skincare and the guidance of your skin clinic. To prevent any side effects you should generally follow the following steps post-treatment.


  • Stay away from harsh cleansers and exfoliants. Your skin will be very sensitive after treatment and many exfoliating products can irritate the area.
  • Keep out of the sun and prevent as much UV exposure as possible for the first week after your treatment.
  • Reduce swelling with the help of a cold compress. This will help ease any irritation and discomfort by soothing the treated area.
  • Keep your skin moisturised. It’s important to keep the treated area moisturised, but make sure to get suitable product recommendations from your skin care professional.




NuSkinnovation Laser Treatments For Face: Your Luxury Skin Clinic


At NuSkinnovation we offer an extensive range of laser treatment for face. Our expert practitioners offer personalised treatments that are tailored to your individual skin needs so you can enjoy the best treatment with effective results. All our laser treatments make use of cutting-edge technology that is safe and effective on your face and body.


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