Laser treatment for face may not seem like something you are interested in, but if you value smooth, glowing skin and a healthy complexion, you might find lasers to be a useful ally. The way we treat our bodies speaks volumes about us as individuals, and this is of utmost importance for the largest organ in our body, our skin. Our skin acts as our armour, protecting us from the elements outside, but is also a reflection of who we are, and how we take care of ourselves. However, some things are out of our control.


As much as we may take good care of our skin, specifically our faces, applying creams and serums trying to protect our skin from sun damage and reducing the signs of ageing, some things are unavoidable. These include wrinkles and fine lines that come with age, scars from acne breakouts or unfortunate accidents, discoloration and sun spots from exposure to the elements, and large pores and uneven texture that are often simply woven into our genetics.


These things are beyond our control but have a very direct effect on how others perceive us, and more importantly, how we perceive ourselves. Laser skin treatment offers a long-term solution for many imperfections or issues we may have with our skin, and all we need to do is invest a little bit of time and money into the non-invasive treatment to see noticeable, long-term results.


In this article, we’ll be looking at several case studies examining laser treatment for facial imperfections from wrinkles to scars, and the results provided by these studies speak to the long-term effectiveness of laser treatment.




Laser Treatment Options And Benefits


Laser skin treatment is the optimal way to get clear, even and healthy-looking skin. Whether you are suffering from wrinkles, sun damage, uneven texture, acne scars, pigmentation or more, laser skin resurfacing offers a method to significantly reduce these imperfections and give you clearer, more radiant skin.


So why aren’t more people getting laser treatment for their face?


With so many beauty miracle products on the market, different aesthetic treatments and new skincare trends coming out every other day, it’s hard not to lose faith in the process, especially since so many treatments and products promise results that they could never possibly achieve. It seems that many people have this concern when it comes to laser treatment; that it won’t work, that they won’t get the results they are hoping for, that they could cause further damage to their skin, or simply part ways with their hard-earned money for no good reason.


When it comes to laser skin treatment and a variety of other laser treatments, not only are there thousands of client testimonies and unfiltered before and after pictures, but there is also scientific evidence and case studies to back up what clinics like NuSkinnovation are saying about the effectiveness of laser treatment.


Science does not lie, which is why we have looked into some exciting and relevant case studies on the effectiveness of laser treatment for face, and summarised the answers and outcomes for you to get an open and honest look at the studies that have gone into laser treatment. Take a look at the research, take your time, and we hope this assists you in making an informed decision on the treatment you choose to use on your skin.


The Science Behind Laser Treatment For Face


Before we get into the case studies and results, let’s take a brief look at how laser treatment works, to give you a better understanding of how it is so efficient in delivering results and targeting the skin in ways creams and other treatments cannot. This is because laser treatment for the face is designed to penetrate below the skin surface to create lasting effects, and can be customised to each individual’s needs and unique conditions.


Laser treatment is also often referred to as laser skin rejuvenation or laser skin resurfacing and makes use of laser technologies to target specific layers of skin in different areas of the face. The laser emits a strong pulse of light onto the targeted area which is powerful enough to remove the outer layer of skin, known as the epidermis, and heat the underlying layers, known as the dermis. The underlying layers of skin are heated to damage the skin cells which stimulates them to repair themselves and promotes the production of collagen through this process.




The whole point of laser treatment is to encourage this collagen growth, as collagen contributes to the firmness and elasticity of the skin, giving a youthful and glowing appearance afterwards. Laser treatment has little to no downtime and comes with little to no side effects, but the results are incredibly noticeable and long-lasting, making it a worthy investment in your skin.


Laser Treatment For Face: Looking At The Numbers


Laser skin treatment for face is and will continue to grow as a popular method for improving a variety of skin issues and concerns, ranging from scarring to wrinkles to pigmentation. However, many people still question the effectiveness of laser treatment, whether in delivering results or maintaining the changes long term.


This case study, published by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, consisted of 27 patients who had undergone laser treatment for face, and were surveyed post-procedure at any time ranging from the day after treatment to 30 months, 2 and a half years, after treatment to observe their results. These were the responses obtained from the patients:


1 day after: The day after the procedure, the patients were checked up, and 37% of them expressed being concerned about the outcome. This is pretty normal, as the procedure is followed with some skin sensitivity as well as redness and swelling, which is concerning for many, who expect to see immediate results.


3 month check-in: After 3 months, all 27 patients reported seeing noticeable improvements in the appearance of their skin, and were satisfied with the results, feeling that the procedure produced worthwhile results. With all 27 patients satisfied, the 3-month mark saw a 100% satisfaction rate.


30 month check-in: After 30 months, or 2 and a half years, the patients were asked questions once more about their experience and the results were as follows: 21 patients (88%) felt that their appearance had improved and those improvements had not been lost or lessened over time, and 17 patients (71%) said that they would have laser treatment for face again. These are excellent results and a testament to the successful outcome of the laser treatment.


It is important to note too that the patients were treated for a variety of different skin imperfections and ailments, and were satisfied across the board. The patients treated for acne scars were just as satisfied with their results as the patients who were treated for photodamage, which indicates that laser treatment for face is successful in a variety of circumstances and conditions, as the treatment can be tailored to a patient’s specific needs and desired outcomes.




Laser Treatment For Face: Case Study On Scars


This next study, published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, took a look specifically at the effectiveness of laser treatment on scars, specifically acne scars and burn scars.


Nowadays, this case study is extremely relevant, as so many patients who opt for laser do so because of scarring, with many of them having suffered from acne growing up and being left with unsightly or irritating scars. For many, acne is a part of growing up and hormonal changes, and cannot be completely prevented, but luckily, the aftereffects can be treated.


Laser face treatment is an excellent way to treat and remove these scars to achieve a smooth and even complexion, and this study proved just that by treating 25 patients with a variety of scars and burn marks.


The 25 patients all received 4 treatments of laser skin resurfacing over some time, with 6-week intervals in between each to allow for the skin to heal. After 3 months, the patients were brought back in to have their final results assessed. A photograph has been taken before treatment, and another was taken at this time, to allow for the two to be placed side by side for an unbiased comparison. The results were as follows:


84% of the patients made up the portion whose results were labelled as good or excellent, with only 16% having responded poorly to the treatment for a variety of reasons, and did not have as significant results following the laser treatment.


The skin tone and texture of all the patients had shown improvement, and 76% of the patients were extremely satisfied with the outcome. The study also aimed to assess the safety of using laser treatment for facial scars and burns, and the results revealed that the patients experienced no to minimal discomfort during the procedure and no long-term adverse effects following the 3 months after the procedure.


This study not only demonstrated that laser treatment for face is a highly effective method to remove scars and burns, with a high patient satisfaction rate, but also that it is safe during the procedure and in the long term.


Laser Treatment for Face: New Innovations In Laser Treatment


Laser treatment is a highly advanced and effective aesthetic treatment as it is, but it is continuously changing and evolving with advancements in technology and medicine, to improve the results and efficiency of the technology, as well as minimise the already almost non-existent side effects.


The latest innovations in laser technology have seen the design and improvement of lasers that specifically give the face a tighter appearance to reduce age, as well as lasers that can target and burn areas of fat in the skin, slimming down the face and neck area by reducing the fat content within. Lasers are also being tested alongside ultrasound technology to become even more precise in the locations they are targeting, providing even higher levels of results with even less possibility of side effects.


Laser treatment will continue to evolve, the technology will continue to become more advanced and more methods and treatments will be tested. This means that we can continue to see better and better results from laser treatment, even though the results being produced by current laser technology are already exceptional.


Laser Treatment From NuSkinnovation


NuSkinnovation is committed to using the best lasers on the market and continues to invest in training staff on new methods and using the latest approved technology to deliver the best possible results for all of our clients.


The results from the above case studies use science and accredited research to prove that laser treatment is effective in delivering results and that patients who undergo laser treatment were satisfied with the results they received, from a variety of treatments targeting everything from pigmentation to wrinkles and scarring.


Now that you know without a doubt that laser is effective, let NuSkinnovation join you on your journey to smooth and radiant skin.


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