Laser treatment for face care is a trending procedure that many women and men are enjoying across the world. We, at NuSkinnovation, are happy to cover a wide array of laser treatments that can help you feel more beautiful in your own body. With our lasers you can begin removing hair on a more permanent basis, reducing scarring, getting rid of dead blood cells, and unwanted fine lines, to name but a few. Laser treatments have quickly become the go-to treatment of the twenty-first century.


Laser Treatment For Face: Reasons For Laser Treatment Popularity


Laser beauty treatments, including our laser treatment for face care is a recent technological advancement that has become a very popular procedure amongst our NuSkinnovation clientele. This is primarily due to its effectiveness in improving the appearance and health of the skin. Furthermore, it has become easier than ever to book a laser treatment procedure, as we at NuSkinnovation do not only offer bookings online and over the telephone, but also have branches all across South Africa, meaning you can find a branch near you.


Amongst the most important features of laser treatment for face care is its versatility as they can treat everything from cosmetic treatments to dermatological concerns. Some of our most popular treatments include skin resurfacing, hair removal, and scar reduction. A part of what makes laser treatment for face care so appealing is that it is a non-surgical option which is an alternative to traditional cosmetic surgical treatment. People prefer these laser treatments due to its less invasive nature usually associated with surgical procedures.


After participating in one of our laser treatments you will quickly note there is minimal downtime, and you can return to your daily activities almost immediately after the procedure is completed. However, the type of laser treatment you have on your face will influence the amount of downtime you need, for example, some laser treatments require you to not wear makeup or use facial scrubs for up to two weeks after the treatment.


A unique trait of laser treatment is that it can be customisable by your practitioner to suit an individual’s specific needs or other individualistic characteristic, that include genetic concerns, specific skin blemishes and even skin tone and moisture levels. This allows an individual undergoing laser to experience results that are both personalised, which in turn leads to them being more effective overall.


This unique customisation of our laser treatment for face care can be attributed to the technological advancements that have occurred in cosmetic laser technology. At NuSkinnovation we are proud to house some of the most technologically advanced cosmetic laser systems on the market today, including systems like the Fotona and Nordly Candela systems. These advancements help create the most precise and efficient results in a safe manner where you will not have to worry about damaging the surrounding facial tissue, as modern laser systems have been altered to target specific issues on the skin.


Laser treatment for face care is considered to be a medical procedure as it uses highly concentrated beams of light to target a number of given issues on the face. The treatment should be performed by a dermatologist, qualified laser specialist, or a trained medical professional to ensure the best quality experience and to minimise any potential damage to the skin.


There are specific types of lasers used for treatment, depending on the purpose and desired outcome of the client. Therefore, it is of great importance that your medical professional is aware and knowledgeable about the different types of lasers that should be used on your skin. At NuSkinnovation, we have both international and nationally trained specialists who are able to help you through your laser journey.




Laser Treatment For Face: The Different Types Of Laser Treatments


Typically, laser is considered a cosmetic procedure however, it can also treat skin conditions, like pigmentation. Laser treatment is used to help patients with rosacea, broken blood vessels, and port-wine stains (which are birthmarks that appear in the form of a wine stain). Today people are able to undergo procedures to help with their insecurities, allowing them to feel confident in their skin. Two of our most popular treatments include:


  • Laser hair removal is a type of laser treatment that people request on their face as it removes unwanted hair permanently. This is a very popular form of laser and is enjoyed by all genders. Laser hair removal works by targeting melanin in the hair follicles, essentially damaging the follicles and inhibiting future hair growth and leaving the client hair-free and smooth-skinned.
  • Skin resurfacing is another form of laser that is highly sought after due to the procedure improving the texture and appearance of the skin by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and acne scarring. This form of laser is also referred to as skin rejuvenation. There are specific laser treatments that primarily deal with getting rid of acne scarring or any other types of scarring that have occurred on the face. The laser treatment does this by promoting collagen production in the skin which promotes the regrowth of the skin as well as remodelling of the scar tissue.


You may be itching to book yourself a laser treatment today, but before you do it is important for you to note a number of important factors before participating. These include:


  • First, because of the versatility of what our lasers can treat, you first book a consultation session with one of our friendly consultants to help provide you with a clear outline of the treatments offered and what would work best for your specific situation.
  • While laser treatment for face is minimally invasive, there are certain risks, as with any face treatment. Some of these risks involve temporary redness, swelling, or changes in pigmentation of the skin on the face. However, don’t let the risks deter you as they are minimal in comparison to surgical treatments of the skin, such as Botox.


In saying this, every person is different and will have a different experience with lasers, and side effects experienced are very much based on the individual’s skin, the type of laser treatment being performed, and the intensity of the treatment. The skin on your face is delicate so time and care should be taken into consideration when choosing your specialist.




Laser Treatment For Face: Reviews About Facial Laser Treatment


When researching reviews for laser treatment of the face, the majority of clients would recommend the procedure and have been content with their results. According to a review site, 86% of customers believe that laser resurfacing is totally worth it. The few outlying reviews state that they were unhappy simply because they had spent a generous amount of money on the procedure and saw very few results, which could be attributed to not undergoing enough treatments, or going to a clinic that used a laser device that was not suited to the client’s hair type and colour.


Specifically, a case on a review website stated that a lady was unhappy with how the laser was progressing because she felt as though after many appointments of laser sessions, she could not see a visible difference in her skin. She had approached a nearby laser lab about her “orange peel chin and lips” and had requested a skin resurfacing laser to help reduce the lines on her chin which give her the orange peel effect.


She was told that it was not the laser treatments that were making her dissatisfied with her results, but rather that she should purchase a specific skin product to pair with the laser treatments, allowing her concern to be treated. Overall, she was displeased with the experience as the laser specialists did not listen to her concerns or validate how she was feeling about the treatments.


This is an example of why it is so important to find a trustworthy specialist, such as our expert NuSkinnovation technicians, who always have your best interests at heart and whose aim is to help you feel better about your self-confidence and give you the results you want.




Laser Treatment For Face: Reasons Why Some People Experience Poor Results


Poor results proceeding laser treatment can be attributed to a number of different factors, but generally the outcome of the laser procedure is unique to the individual and varies from person to person. The trends that have been identified with patients who are unhappy with their results include inexperienced or untrained practitioners, incorrect laser treatment selection, poor selection of laser device in accordance to skin type and colour, medical conditions, and inadequate amount of sessions or the wrong settings on the laser machine.


This is why it is suggested that you research the laser institution and specialists who conduct the sessions so that you can choose a reputable beauty centre, such as NuSkinnovation, to give you the results that you are anticipating. After all, the face is a very sensitive and visible part of the body, and the utmost care and effort should be put into securing a laser treatment for your face.


Check out our website for more information regarding laser treatments for the face, and do not hesitate to contact us with queries.


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