The health and beauty market has transformed drastically over the past few years, and with laser treatment for face care, this is clear. In the past, face care meant one of two things. Either it related to your daily skin care routine with the use of products like toner and face wash, or it meant plastic surgery to make long lasting alterations. However, neither of these was the happy middle ground, as a skincare routine may not be able to address more serious skin issues and plastic surgery was sometimes too expensive and drastic a measure.


Luckily in more recent times, beauty businesses, like ours at NuSkinnovation have been helping clients find that happy middle ground through our revolutionary laser treatment for face care technique. Unlike a basic skincare routine our laser treatments offer a wider range of remedies, while at the same time being less committal and less invasive than plastic surgery.


At NuSkinnovation we understand that our clients do not want to change who they are but rather are looking to improve themselves, and with our wide variety of industry leading treatments we can help them accomplish that goal. In this article we will review some of the most popular treatments. By looking at this laser treatment for face care through the lens of the blemishes they are targeted towards, we hope to provide you with a better understanding of what we can help you improve upon.




Skin Consultation


We are sure you are excited to learn all about our different laser treatment for face care and can’t wait to learn about the industry leading techniques and treatments we house at all our NuSkinnovation franchises around the country. But before we delve deeper into the packages we offer, we need to begin with our most important service for newcomers, namely: a skin consultation.


The skin consultation is an essential first step for any of our new clients beginning their laser care treatment. Our skin consultations are a private one on one session where our professionally trained skin specialist can evaluate the state that your skin is in. It is in this informative session, that not only will our specialists be able to make initial assessments and recommendations, but is also helpful to you as the client, as it is here that you can ask any questions you are nervous about.


All the information regarding our consultation sessions can be found on our website, where you can find a fully downloadable information brochure. But allow us to provide you with some of the most critical information here:


  • Firstly, your consultation session will last for about thirty to sixty minutes depending on the severity of the issues you need treated.
  • You will be asked during the session to help fill out a medical history. This is important, as it allows our specialist to have a better picture of your health and wellbeing. This is essential for your safety, when making laser treatment recommendations.
  • From there your specialist will develop a personalised treatment plan that considers the treatments needed, your medical history, your skin type and your budget.
  • It is also important to note here that all our skin consultations are free, as we at NuSkinnovation believe that education and proper precautions are essential steps in laser treatment for face care.
  • After your skin consultation you are now ready to take on your treatments for your beauty concerns. So let us look at a few of them in the sections below and the treatments we offer to help combat the blemishes you want removed.


Fine Lines And Wrinkles


Although we at NuSkinnovation handle many different cases all around the country on a daily basis, one of the most prominent beauty concerns from our clientele are wrinkles and fine lines. This is especially true when the affected area is the face. For many of our patients, wrinkles are a stark reminder of ageing, and many times leave them feeling negatively about how they look. Luckily, we have a wide assortment of laser treatments for face care that are specifically designed to help with wrinkles, that provide some truly wonderful results.


Although we are sure all our readers know what wrinkles are and what they look like, it is important to first understand how they are caused before examining how we can treat them. Wrinkles are generally caused by your skin losing elasticity as it ages over time. This loss in elasticity is caused by a decrease in two natural factors that diminish as you age, these include:


Collagen Production: As you age your body produces less of the fibrous protein known as collagen. Collagen plays an essential role in supporting our skin and provides much of the elasticity. So as collagen production decreases so does our skin begin to lose its elasticity resulting in fine lines and wrinkles.


Natural Oils: Along with a decrease in collagen our skin also overtime can lose the ability to efficiently produce natural oils, which is essential to regulating our skin’s hydration and moisture levels. The decrease in natural oils is not only associated with age, but also other genetic factors, as there are many young people with dry skin as well. However, the lack of natural oils also contributes heavily towards your skin becoming more wrinkled.


Now that we better understand how wrinkles are formed, let us look at some of our laser treatment for face care that can help you combat wrinkles and fine lines, and help provide you with a more youthful appearance.




Laser Treatments For Wrinkles


As mentioned above we have a wide variety of treatments that are designed specifically to deal with wrinkling. Here are only a few of our most popular laser treatment for face care:


Fotona Starwalker And TimeWalker 4D


Both these scientifically advanced machines were designed by Fotona and work similarly, although our technicians would be happy to provide you with more information about any significant differences between the two. These machines work by utilising lasers to heat up the deep layers of your skin below. This heat helps stimulate the production of collagen once again.


Nordlys Candela IPL


IPL stands for intense pulsing light, and our state-of-the-art Nordlys Candela system delivers this IPL in the safest, most effective way possible. This treatment is also known as light therapy, the IPL light is emitted at various wavelengths and destroys surface level skin cells and hair follicles. These destroyed cells are absorbed and removed naturally by the body. What is left behind is smoother, more even skin.


Medical Products


Although we have multiple laser treatments for face rejuvenation available, we support those laser treatments with a range of medical products and other skin care products that help keep the treatments results for longer. These include products that can help stimulate the production of proteins like collagen and elastin, but we also supply face care products that can help those with dry skin and need more natural oils.




We at NuSkinnovation understand that for many freckles are not a blemish but rather a unique characteristic that they are proud of. However, there are still others for which freckles can have a negative impact on their self-confidence. For those people they may want their freckles removed, we at NuSkinnovation want to be able to help, and we can with some of our laser treatment for face care.


Freckles are generally found on people with fairer skin and hair; however, it is important to remember that anyone can have them. Freckles show up as small brown spots on the skin, and are usually formed in groups, as people with multiple freckles in the affected area. Although freckles can show up all over the body, most people will have freckles on their face.


Freckles are also not dangerous in general; they are simply formed by the body overproducing melanin (a skin pigment responsible for skin colouration) which results in the brown spots. However, many specialists will advise that those with freckles protect themselves from the UV light of the sun, and also pay close attention to any change to the shape of your freckles as this could be a tell-tale sign of something more dangerous.


Freckle Laser Treatment:


Interestingly we actually use the same range of machines, namely the Fotona and Candela systems to help treat and remove freckles that were used to help combat wrinkles. However, as you will see in this section these machines are extremely versatile and by changing a few settings, they can be used to remove freckles as well, here’s how:


The Fotona Laser System:


In order to remove freckles utilising the Fotona laser system, we target the freckles with a high-powered laser using short pulses. This high-powered laser actually breaks down the melanin, this in return will cause the freckles to first discolour and then fade away. The body will naturally absorb the broken-down melanin, meaning that this laser treatment is completely safe.


The Nordlys Candela System:


This system works similarly to the Fotona system in that it breaks down melanin. But it is gentler to the skin than the Fotona system, as the technique by which the melanin is broken down differs. With the Candela system, broad spectrum wavelengths are used which can be absorbed by the melanin pigment, as the pigment absorbs these laser wavelengths they heat up, which causes them to be destroyed.


skin-laser-treatment-price (2)-min


Hair Loss


Did you know that at NuSkinnovation with laser treatment for face care treatments we can help you with more than just skin issues like wrinkles or freckles. In fact, we can even use lasers to help with hair loss.


For many, hair loss is a serious problem, as balding can have a major impact on how people perceive their own beauty. Hair loss can be caused by several factors which can include but is not limited to stress, age and hormonal fluctuations. It can also be the result of specific medical conditions like alopecia.


But luckily with our NuSkinnovation laser treatment for face care systems we can help you in this area as well. This treatment is a NuSkinnovation exclusive and is referred to as the HAIRestart treatment. Here is how it works:


  • We utilise low level laser energy on the scalp. This laser energy has been shown to help trigger the body into producing fuller and thicker hair.
  • The scalp during the process is exposed to a red laser for a period of time, which is dependent on several factors your beauty specialist will have already taken into account.
  • As your scalp is exposed to the red light you may feel some warmth and tingling as the laser energy is transferred to the scalp. However, most customers describe this sensation as relaxing.


NuSkinnovation: Your Laser Treatment Specialists


Our primary concern at NuSkinnovation is to help our clientele feel comfortable and proud in their own bodies. We do this by helping them improve problem areas whether it is their face or other parts of their bodies.


In this article we showed a few of the laser treatment for face care techniques we utilise to help people with common issues like wrinkles, freckles and even hair loss. For many these issues can really impact their self-confidence, but luckily that is where we can help them improve and reduce these issues.


We are proud to be the industry leader in South Africa when it comes to health and beauty laser treatments. As we have already brought some of the most modern laser techniques to South African shores. So if any of the information provided above has piqued your curiosity or if you simply want to see what NuSkinnovation can do for you, don’t hesitate to visit our website or contact us today to see how you can use lasers to help you.


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