Our team at NuSkinnovation is spread all across South Africa, which includes our flagship laser clinic Pretoria branch. We are proud to be industry leaders in South Africa in the field of health and beauty laser treatments, as we constantly strive to update and add to our repertoire of treatments. This includes the latest methods used and designed by laser care professionals from around the world.


With laser care improving dramatically over recent years, laser treatments like those performed at our laser clinic in Pretoria hosts safer and more pain tolerable treatments than ever before. Even so, there is still a lot of misinformation about the field and the benefits it offers to our clients. From more effective hair removal systems to anti-ageing techniques, our treatments at our NuSkinnovation laser clinics are designed to help make our clients feel more beautiful in their own skin.




In this article, to address the issue of misinformation, while also seeking to educate our readers on what laser treatments entail, we will provide you with a brief overview of the industry. Beginning with a brief history of laser treatments, this article will show you how far the industry has come. After which we will look at some of the major myths that still surround our industry, providing you instead with the facts in each scenario.


We will also look at our business at NuSkinnovation, how we started and where we are today, providing a great case study of exactly what a laser clinic Pretoria can do for you.


A History Of Laser Clinic Treatments


It is difficult to imagine what the earliest laser clinics looked like as many of them probably only offered one or two services, like laser hair removal. Today, our NuSkinnovation clients are used to having a varied list of treatments to choose from, like anyone who has visited our flagship laser clinic Pretoria houses can attest to.


But as our understanding of lasers and their benefits have been studied, new health and beauty care systems that utilise lasers have developed and been adapted to work within laser clinics. This, over time, has allowed clinics to expand the repertoire of services they can offer, resulting in a modern laser clinic Pretoria is so popular for.


But understanding the history behind different laser treatments can be complex as each treatment has undergone its own unique history. Unfortunately, in this article, we do not have the time to fully explore these different histories in full detail, but we want to educate you just a little on a brief history of the most popular treatment today. So let us review how laser hair removal developed historically:


History Of Laser Hair Removal


As you can imagine, the laser was not originally invented for laser hair removal. In fact lasers in their early stages of development had been around for approximately fifteen years before its application for laser hair removal was discovered. A simple timeline of the laser hair removal technique looks something like this:


  • The concept of lasers is originally a research topic of Albert Einstein’s, which saw the birth of a device known as the Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (or maser for short) in 1953.
  • In 1960 a man by the name of Theodore Maiman invented the laser (which used shorter light wavelengths), based on the technology of the maser.
  • His first laser utilised a ruby basis, and unknown researchers were able to note that this laser invented by Maiman actually caused hair to stop growing, although it left nasty burns on the treated area.
  • However, this technology was further developed and the ruby was later placed with a new crystal basis, leading to what is known as a YAG laser, which saw FDA approval in 1964.
  • By the 1970s, research showed that using an alexandrite crystal was safer and caused less burns. However, the crystal was not strong enough to permanently end hair growth.
  • It was not till the work of Dr Richard Rox Anderson (who had sixty laser based patents) and Dr Melanie Grossman working at Harvard Medical School, that the basis of the modern laser hair removal technique was developed.
  • Their research was published in 1994 and by 1997 the FDA approved the commercial use of their laser hair removal technique which saw intense light focused on the root of the hair, damaging the follicles.


It is important to note here that, even after the success Dr Richard Anderson experienced with his laser hair removal techniques, he continued to develop other laser treatment systems. Many of the modern laser removal treatments utilised by the NuSkinnovation laser clinic Pretoria, can be traced back to Dr Anderson’s inventions. He is credited today with developing laser treatments for tattoo removal, pigmented lesions, and removing birthmarks, to name a few.




Myths And Facts About Laser Treatments


As we can see from the brief history of laser hair removal treatments above, these procedures are built up to their modern standards through rigorous scientific testing and development. Like all our branches, our flagship laser clinic in Pretoria only takes on new laser treatments once we as a team can be certain of its safety towards customers. All our laser treatments are industry leaders and with our use of laser systems like Fotona and Nordlys Candela, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible laser treatments out there, that have undergone the most demanding safety testing.


However, even though we at NuSkinnovation, like so many of our competitors, strive for the best possible safety for our clients there is still, even today, a lot of misinformation regarding laser treatments and the lasers we use. Many people are concerned about the risk of being exposed to lasers for extended periods of time and some may even believe that there is a great deal of pain that comes with laser treatments at our laser clinics Pretoria is so popular for.


In this section we are going to address some of the most common misconceptions and myths with regards to laser treatments used by our NuSkinnovation technicians.


Myths And Facts About Laser Treatments:


Myth: One of the most popular myths with regards to the use of lasers in skin and hair treatments, is that the use of lasers actually exposes the skin to harmful radiation.


Fact: Did you know that the lasers used in these treatments only emit ionising radiation. In fact it is the same type of radiation that the sun emits, but the sun actually contains more of this sort of radiation than the lasers used at the NuSkinnovation laser clinic Pretoria houses.


Myth: Another harmful myth surrounding our laser treatment industry is that continual laser treatment can actually penetrate through the body and begin damaging your vital organs, and thus laser treatments is dangerous for your health.


Fact: This myth is harmful to the image of the industry and is simply untrue. When our technicians perform their laser treatments the lasers only penetrate between one and four millimetres. These lasers don’t even reach the deeper hair roots and generally only are focused on the top layers of skin (the epidermis) and the superficial hair roots. These lasers can not penetrate far enough to reach your vital organs, and are designed to leave your body with no damage.


Myth: Many people are tentative about trying laser hair removal and other similar laser treatments as they believe the treatment will be painful and cause burns around the treated areas.


Fact: As you saw above the work of Dr Anderson and the theory of selective photo-hemolysis he and Dr Grossman developed, this technique allows for the lasers to select only the intended target, which means it will not leave burns in the area being treated. Furthermore, most customers when asked would report that the sensation is akin to a tingling sensation and sometimes a small pinprick sensation. Therefore our laser treatments at NuSkinnovation will not burn or hurt you.


Myth: Many believe that laser treatments like those performed at NuSkinnovation laser clinic Pretoria branch are expensive and it is cheaper to wax or shave.


Fact: In truth, if you are comparing the cost of our laser treatments for hair removal to the cost of a razor or waxing gel, the laser treatment will at first seem to be more expensive. But this is only short term, if you consider that shaving or waxing is a continual process, for which you will have to continually replace your razors or waxing products, then in the long run laser treatments, which is a more permanent solution, will be cheaper.




The NuSkinnovation Package: What We Offer


So far this article has sought to provide you with a clearer understanding of where our healthy and beauty laser care industry began, while also addressing some of the most common concerns and myths that surround the industry as a whole. We hope that this helped improve your perspective on what we do at our laser clinics, like the NuSkinnovation laser clinic Pretoria houses.


In this final section we want to present an image of a modern laser clinic like the one at NuSkinnovation laser clinic Pretoria. We have mentioned several times in our article that we, at NuSkinnovation, are proud of our large selection of laser treatments we have available to our clients. So below let us review some of our most popular treatments you may not have expected.


Laser Clinic Pretoria: Potential Treatments Available


At NuSkinnovation, we do a wide array of treatments targeting several parts of the body, from hair, to face and skin, we treat all these areas. Some of our treatments include:


Acne Scarring: Acne can leave the skin in a damaged state, with scarring on the face and other body parts a common side effect. We at NuSkinnovation use an ablative laser to destroy or vaporise the affected areas. This controlled damage kickstarts the skin’s naturally healing process. With a combination of laser and natural healing we can help you to slowly reduce scarring.


Cherry Angioma: Currently, science does not fully understand the cause of these skin growths, which show themselves as red blotches. We do know they are generally harmless, although in rare situations they may become irritated and begin to bleed. In these situations they should be removed. At NuSkinnovation, we use a laser to target the specific blood vessels causing the growth and with a concentrated beam of light we destroy the specific blood vessel causing the growth to disappear.


Hand Rejuvenation: Because our hands are used for so many things they are exposed to our environments continuously. Over time this can leave our hands withered and wrinkled. At our NuSkinnovation laser clinic, we can use either our Fotona or Nordlys laser systems to heat up the dermis layer of skin which in turn promotes the production of collagen, which helps the skin retain its elasticity and youthful appearance. Thus, helping give your hands their youthful glow again.


NuSkinnovation: The Right Laser Clinic For You


In this article we have sought to provide you with a better understanding of the space we, at NuSkinnovation work in. We believe that there are so many people who can benefit from laser treatments, and as you have seen above in both the historical overview and myths and facts section, we work hard to make sure our customers safety is well preserved at all our clinics including the laser clinic Pretoria branch which was mentioned throughout this article.


The treatments listed in the section above are not only found at our laser clinic Pretoria branch, but all around the country at our different branches. So if you want to look better than ever, don’t be shy. Visit our website, and find one of our several branches situated all around the country, and book your own laser treatment sessions today.


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