Laser treatment for face care is growing in popularity in South Africa due to its unique and sustainable benefits. The rapid growth of these treatments is being spread by word of mouth as friends and family can quickly see the effectiveness of these treatments. There were many misconceptions regarding laser treatments in the past, but as consumers educate themselves and the technology for laser care improves, these incorrect notions are being put to rest.


At NuSkinnovation, we constantly strive to provide our clientele with country-wide access to some of the most state-of-the-art laser treatments for face and skin care. We are continually implementing the newest and best technology into our services and are excited to help people reach their skincare goals.


In this article, our goal is to help educate an even wider audience by answering some of today’s most frequently asked questions. We hope by looking at the eight questions below, we can encourage you, the reader, to visit us for a consultation and a laser treatment soon.




Which Laser Treatment Is Best For Face?


If you are committing to multiple laser treatment sessions, figuring out which will give you the best results is crucial. At NuSkinnovation, we understand that this is an important question to address early on. Although there is no single, simple answer, due to everyone’s skin profile being unique (a critical aspect we discuss with all our clients during their free consultation sessions), certain laser technologies have provided excellent results in recent times.


Is Laser Painful To The Face?


For many, one of the biggest obstacles to taking on laser treatment for face care is the misconception that laser treatment is a painful experience – an issue compounded by the fact that, for an effective treatment, you would need to have several treatments. But this is indeed only a misconception, as many of our previous NuSkinnovation clients would attest to.


In fact, you will probably find that the sensation from your laser treatment is a lot less painful than you first thought. When asking clients to describe the feeling, many reported that it is similar to having a rubber band snapping on your skin, which is a dull sensation that may leave your skin a little numb for a few seconds.




What Are The Disadvantages Of Laser Treatment?


The advantages of laser treatment for face care have been well-documented in many articles and sources. From its ability to firm and smooth skin to the fact that it is a more permanent hair removal solution, it can help remove tattoos and benefit those with skin irregularities like acne or melasma. However, some cases of adverse effects occur during or after a laser treatment session. In the spirit of full transparency with our clientele, we find it essential to discuss some common skin reactions that may occur due to the treatments.


Again, it is important to emphasise that these adverse effects are uncommon. But if they do occur, they are within expected ranges and should not be a cause for concern. Some of the most well-documented disadvantages include the following:


  • Blistering or scabbing: In some rare cases, with people who have extremely sensitive skin, the skin may blister and then form scabs.
  • Erythema: This is the medical term for redness of skin and is a form of an allergic reaction. Although the treatment may leave the skin with minor irritation, this will usually settle after two to three days.


How Many Laser Treatments Are Needed For Face?


Again, there is no simple answer, as a combination of factors must be considered. These elements include the type of treatment you are seeking, which lasers you are comfortable using, your skin pigmentation, and the severity of the issue you are having treated, to name a few.


However, these factors should not concern you as our helpful, friendly and professional skin consultants at NuSkinnovation will evaluate all of these before recommending treatments. Although there is no straightforward answer to the exact number of sessions needed to complete your treatment, we generally provide those asking with a time frame of two to six treatments. Typically, this is the average length of our treatment sessions.


What Are The Side Effects Of Laser Treatment On Face?


Skin or laser resurfacing is a process by which we look to remove the damaged outer layer of skin well, promoting growth in the deeper layers of skin through the stimulation of collagen fibres. We at NuSkinnovation use the state-of-the-art Fotona 4D TimeWalker machine to complete this treatment. Using this technology, we can generally minimise side effects, especially when we provide information on what should be avoided for a couple of days after our treatment.


Even so, you may still experience some side effects. This may include erythema, which is the redness and itchiness of the skin. You may also experience a slight darkening or lightening of pigmentation in the treated area. However, many of these side effects should clear up in a couple of days (two to three), especially if you follow our guidance on what to avoid after your treatment.




What Laser Makes You Look Younger?


Although the goal of many of our laser treatments for face care at NuSkinnovation focuses on helping you look younger by taking better care of your skin, one of the most effective is getting a Fraxel treatment. Fraxel treatments are a great route as they involve little downtime after the treatment, no invasive surgery is needed, and clients recover quickly.


Fraxel treatment, in essence, is also a skin resurfacing treatment but differs in the way the laser is used. Fraxel lasers are non-invasive microscopic lasers that penetrate the skin to promote growth in the dermis layer. However, Fraxel lasers only target small fractions of the skin at a time, which minimises damage to the skin surrounding the target area.


Like most skin resurfacing treatments, Fraxel treatments are an excellent way to reduce wrinkles, help heal scars and slowly fade out brown spots, leaving skin looking younger and healthier. But some Fraxel lasers can even be used to help treat acne scarring.


What Is The Best Laser Treatment For Dark Spots On Face?


Dark spots are one of the most widely spread skin blemishes that NuSkinnovation deals with daily. Brown spots and melasma are similar and are caused by either extended UV light exposure (often caused by the sun) or pregnancy hormones, respectively. One of the best ways we believe to combat these blemishes is through the use of our Fotona StarWalker laser. At NuSkinnovation, we are always looking to use the best technology to give our clients the best service and experience, and when it comes to dealing with brown spots, these lasers work best.


What Is the Most Expensive Laser For Face?


Regarding the multiple skin care services we offer, our most expensive treatment is also our most effective skin laser treatment – our 4D Non-Surgical Facelift laser treatment.


The Fotona 4D Timewalker is a non-invasive laser treatment that can achieve a lunchtime facelift in four steps. Each step targets a different layer of the skin and has a specific purpose. The smooth lifting step involves applying a gentle laser pulse inside the oral cavity to tighten the nasolabial folds and the cheeks. The fractional rejuvenation step uses a fractional laser to create micro-injuries on the skin surface, which trigger the healing process and improve the texture and appearance of the skin. The piano skin tightening step uses a high-intensity laser to heat up the deeper layers of the skin and stimulate collagen synthesis, resulting in firmer and smoother skin. The super facial peeling step uses a light laser peel to remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells and reveal a brighter and more even complexion.




Laser Treatment For Face Near Me


We at NuSkinnovation are proud to be leaders in the South African market with regard to beauty and dermatology care. Our branches around the country all offer great quality service and friendly advice to those looking for skin care help. We offer the broadest range of skin care solutions in the country. So, if you want to learn more about laser care or are ready to get your treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us at NuSkinnovation by phone or on our website and let us book your session today.


In this article, we answered some of the most pressing questions new clients ask when visiting any of our several branches around South Africa. We believe transparency and education will help people make better choices regarding laser treatment for face and skin care.


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