If you’re on the hunt for the best laser hair removal Pretoria has to offer, then you’ve come to the right place. Laser hair removal is a procedure in which unwanted hair is targeted through specialised lasers and destroyed over time, resulting in lessened hair growth, and eventually smooth, hairless skin.


There are many reasons why people choose to get laser hair removal. Some are over the chore of constantly shaving, only for the hair to grow back quickly after, or the pain of going for waxes that leave the skin inflamed and sensitive. For others, their hair growth is out of control, and they are in need of a permanent solution to maintain it. Some people choose to have a laser to remove abnormal hair growth caused by medical issues and certain medications.


No matter what the reason, if you’re looking to have silky smooth skin all year round, then laser hair removal is the treatment for you. There are many myths and misconceptions about the treatment, and we are here to clear up the most common ones, explaining the reason behind them as well as the truth about various concerns around laser hair removal.


So keep reading, and get ready to uncover all the truths, and everything else you may not already know about laser hair removal.




Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?


When many of us think of getting laser treatment, we imagine the bright light and sharp, zapping sound of the laser, which we associate with pain. Treatments like laser tattoo removal can be exceptionally painful, and many people see this laser treatment and are led to believe that all kinds of laser treatments are painful.


However, the laser hair removal treatment is described by most people as relatively painless, comparing the feeling of laser to that of a mild snapping feeling as the laser penetrates their skin. Think of it as a generally mild sensation rather than a painful one.


Laser technology has come a long way, and continues to with innovations and technology updates. Laser hair removal may have been an uncomfortable experience once upon a time, but today, it is nothing like that. Many laser emitting devices also come fitted with cooling mechanisms that give the skin a cooling sensation to further reduce the feeling of the laser.


Laser hair removal is completely painless for many patients, and one of the biggest factors to remember is that the laser is not targeting the skin, but rather the body hair and inner follicles. When you come to NuSkinnovation Laser Clinic for laser hair removal (Pretoria), you won’t be wincing in pain, you will be sitting back and relaxing whilst one of our professionals administers your hair removal treatment.


Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?


Nothing is forever, and as much as many of us would like to hope, laser hair removal and other hair removal methods are not fully permanent.


Laser hair removal is an excellent, and probably the most effective way to rid areas of your body of unwanted or excessive hair for prolonged periods, but this does not mean that the hair will be gone forever, and certainly not after one treatment. Depending on the area where the hair is being removed, and the amount of hair, among other factors, most patients require 2 to 6 sessions.


These sessions are spaced several weeks apart, to ensure that the skin is not damaged or made to be sensitive, and more importantly to target the hair in various cycles, as the hair does not all grow in one uniform cycle.


Many people believe that laser hair removal is a permanent and forever solution, and this can be due to false or exaggerated marketing and advertising efforts by other clinics, promising permanent removal.


Is Laser Not Effective On All Hair And Skin Types?


This myth does come from a place of truth, as previously, laser hair removal was limited to individuals with lighter skin and darker hair, as this is the ideal patient for laser hair removal. Darker hair is more easily attracted and destroyed by the laser, and lighter skin allows dark hair to be effectively targeted as it stands out.


With this being said, it is more difficult for patients with darker skin tones, as well as patients with light skin tones and light hair to be treated with lasers. However, this does not mean that it is impossible. Lasers today are very advanced and very customisable. Before having laser hair removal in Pretoria, you will need to visit a professional for a consultation where they can assess the area you wish to have hair removal and determine the best way forward for your skin type and tone as well as hair colour and texture.


For example, laser hair removal is least effective on people who have red hair. This is because their hair texture is so fine, and the colour is so light, as is their skin tone. This makes it difficult for the laser to effectively target the hair. Darker skin types are difficult because the darker colour of the skin attracts the laser more than light skin, so the laser needs to be adjusted accordingly to ensure that the energy is effectively absorbed by the hair and hair follicles, instead of being drawn to the skin.


At NuSkinnovation’s laser hair removal Pretoria clinic, we utilise advanced technology in our lasers, allowing us to treat a broad range of hair types and customise our treatment for each individual that comes in.


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Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Cancer?


Laser hair removal in Pretoria is completely safe, and laser hair removal does not put patients at risk of developing skin cancer or any other form of cancer.


The laser’s used by NuSkinnovation for our laser hair removal Pretoria clinic are fully approved by medical and professional standards, and the procedure is administered by trained professionals. You are not, and will never be at risk of developing cancer from this treatment.


This is a relatively common concern that patients have which stems from a fear of the unknown, as well as what they see and hear. The laser light administered to the skin during laser hair removal (Pretoria) can look harmful to some, but it is completely safe. The only thing the laser targets are the hair follicles, and even in cases where it is absorbed by the skin, there is no risk of cancer.


Patients can rest assured that there is no risk of developing cancer from this treatment.


Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Infertility?


Laser hair removal can be administered in more sensitive areas like the upper thighs, stomach and bikini area, which are near the women’s reproductive organs. From this, many women have expressed concern about the laser hair removal treatment affecting their reproductive organs. Research has proven that this is not possible, and there have never been any instances where laser hair removal affects parts of the body that it should not.


This myth is completely untrue, there is no way that laser hair removal can affect the reproductive organs, as the laser is not powerful enough to reach any organs or tissues within the body. The lasers used for laser hair removal are designed specifically to target hair follicles, without damaging the uppermost layers of skin.


Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Ingrown Hairs?


There is some truth to this, however, compared to other hair management methods like shaving and waxing, the ingrown hairs that appear are nothing compared to these. It is rare to experience ingrown hairs after laser hair removal in Pretoria, but it is not impossible.


It can happen post-treatment in areas that are prone to ingrowns, or that have been unevenly shaved. The laser can reduce the occurrence of existing ingrown hairs as it targets and destroys the hair within the follicles. Proper pre and post-care can greatly minimise the risk of ingrown hairs reappearing or occurring, but sometimes they do.


Is Laser Hair Removal Only For Women?


The truth is, whilst most marketing for laser treatments targets women, laser hair removal is for everyone. It has always been for everyone, and it is becoming increasingly normal for men to visit laser clinics for hair removal, as well as skin rejuvenation and other treatments.


It is easy to target women with adverts for hair removal, as for the most part women wish to have smooth, hair-free underarms, legs and other areas that they maintain regularly to feel feminine. More and more men have grown tired of shaving, trimming and waxing and opted for a permanent solution. Men predominantly choose to have laser hair removal (Pretoria) treatment on their chests, legs, backs, abdomen and more.


Is Laser Hair Removal (Pretoria) Expensive?


The cost of laser hair removal varies based on the area being treated and the number of treatment sessions required, but it is certainly not as out of reach as many believe. Because it is considered an aesthetic treatment, many assume it will have the same cost as other aesthetic treatments, or that it is reserved for the more wealthy.


We’re certainly not saying that laser treatment is cheap, but it is and continues to become far more affordable. This is thanks to increased demand and various advancements in technology that allow more clinics to train their staff to perform the treatment and invest in the equipment. (Ensure that any aesthetic clinic you choose to visit is qualified to perform the treatment).


Laser is far more affordable than you think, and your budget can be discussed with your treatment professional during your consultation to ensure there are no hidden costs and that it is within your budget. Compared to a lifetime of buying overpriced razors, and booking painful waxing appointments, laser hair removal in Pretoria is the most affordable, and effective, option.


To conclude, laser hair removal is a safe, stress-free and affordable path to take if you are tired of waxing, shaving and maintenance. The journey to hair-free skin is a smooth and painless process, and the results truly do speak for themselves.


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NuSkinnovation Laser Hair Removal Pretoria


Now that you have learned everything that is true and untrue about laser hair removal, it is time to decide if laser hair removal is the best option for you.


If you are tired of constantly shaving and waxing your hair and are ready for smooth, soft skin that lasts for months, then laser hair removal is the treatment for you.


NuSkinnovation has years of experience in the beauty and aesthetics space, and our team of qualified professionals are ready to help you on your journey to silky smooth skin. If you are looking for laser hair removal in Pretoria, or any other kind of skin treatment, then visit our website to find out more!


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