What Is Laser Hair Removal?


Before we tell you about all the benefits of laser hair removal Cape Town branches have to offer, we wanted to start with the basics.


Laser hair removal is a procedure that uses a laser that emits a focused beam of light into hair, which is absorbed by the hair follicles. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, known as melanin, and is converted into heat, which destroys the hair follicle.


Laser hair removal is not a miracle cure for removing unwanted hair, but it is the closest thing you can get to a painless, hassle-free long-term solution to removing unwanted hair.


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Where On Your Body Can You Have Laser Hair Removal?


At our laser hair removal Cape Town branches, we use laser treatments that are sophisticated and gentle, which is why the majority of areas on the body, even the more sensitive ones, can be treated for hair removal.


Many people choose to have laser hair removal done on their entire leg, and men often opt for the back or chest, but here is a list of the other options for laser hair removal:


Face And Neck


Women often opt for the face and neck as they are tired of constantly plucking and waxing their faces to look clean and well-maintained. Laser removal can easily target and lessen unwanted facial hair.


Bikini Line


Brazilian Wax Area


Women commonly wax or shave the bikini line and other areas, especially in the summer when they want to spend time in bathing suits or bottoms.


Chest And Back




Stomach and Abdomen


These are more extensive areas of the body, and many choose not to have hair in these areas for aesthetic reasons. Women can grow hair on the breast area due to imbalanced hormones or genetics and will often opt for permanent removal of any hair in this area, as it is not considered standard.




Underarms are a common area that women specifically like to shave or wax, and lasers offer a long-term solution to removing hair from this delicate area.




Hands and Feet


Even the arms, hands, and feet can be treated with laser hair removal for unwanted hair.


The laser can easily be used on even the most sensitive parts with no risk of injury, side effects or damage to the skin of any kind.


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Reasons You Should Get Laser Hair Removal: Cape Town


No maintenance


Maintenance is one of the most annoying things about body hair for men and women. In summer, body hair absorbs and holds sweats, worsening our body odour. Shaving, waxing and other hair removal methods effectively maintain hair but only last for a while, having to be repeated.


Waxing is painful and often expensive, but the hair removed takes 3-4 weeks to grow back and often grows back softer and lighter in treated areas. This sounds great, but it still costs money and time, is painful and has to be repeated constantly.


Shaving is time-consuming, hairs always get missed, and it lasts 24 hours before the hair starts growing back prickly.


Long-term solution


While receiving laser hair removal, Cape Town branches are so good at, you are sure to leave with smooth, hair-free skin no matter what the season. Shaving, waxing and other methods only last for a while. They don’t last long at all. Laser hair removal allows you to have clear skin permanently and not worry about maintenance again.


Save time and money


In most cases, the average person takes 20 minutes to shave. Multiply this by the number of times you shave in your lifetimes, and the number of minutes will be over 100,000. Shaving, waxing, and other methods are time-consuming and must be repeated. The amount of time and money you would save by investing in laser hair removal treatments is invaluable.


Laser hair removal offers the most permanent, long-term solution possible so that you can spend your time and money on things that matter most to you.


Don’t waste your money on thousands of razors that can cut you, that miss hairs and that are quickly thrown away.


Smooth and clear skin


With a laser, you can say goodbye to razor bumps and cuts, ingrown hairs, and wholly missed hairs. Laser hair removal is an excellent way to ensure clear, hassle-free skin that is entirely hairless, soft, and smooth.


Nobody wants to deal with ingrown hairs or treating scars caused by accidental knicks to the skin caused by the razor. Laser hair removal ensures not only hair-free skin but also allows hair-free skin without complications and imperfections caused by other hair removal methods.


Laser hair removal is the answer for anyone seeking silky smooth, clear skin without spending unnecessary time and maintenance on other hair removal and maintenance methods that don’t last. You can have hair-free skin on all areas of your body, from summer to spring, and the months in between simply by investing in yourself and your comfort.


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Myths About Laser Hair Removal (Cape Town)


Before we clear up unwanted hair, let’s clear up some of the most common misconceptions about laser hair removal.


It only works on certain skin types


This myth comes from the first laser hair removal devices, which relied heavily on a heavy and definitive colour contrast between the skin and the hair being targeted. Initially, only particular skin types that were sure to show a stark contrast were indeed candidates for laser hair removal. This is because these stark contrasts would be better in showing the effects of laser treatment.


Technology has come a long way through advancements and trial and error. NuSkinnovation laser hair removal Cape Town branches utilise only the best state-of-the-art technology to target and remove unwanted hair on all skin types and tones.


Light, pale skin with dark hair is undoubtedly the most manageable skin to work with as the darker hair stands out against the skin and absorbs the laser light. However, treatments are customisable for all skin types. Your laser treatment specialist will analyse your skin and hair in the area you wish to be treated and adjust the laser accordingly.


Laser hair removal is painful


Compared to other methods like waxing, plucking and threading, laser hair removal is a breeze in pain, but many people do not realise this. The idea of having a laser ‘zapping’ your skin and destroying hair follicles can be rather daunting, and many assume that the treatment is painful, but this is not the case.


People commonly liken the feeling of laser to that of a rubber band snapping against the skin. This may be true in more extreme cases, but again, thanks to advancements in laser technology, most patients don’t feel this. You can usually expect a completely painless experience, with some patients experiencing a little bit of discomfort, which they described as able.


Alternatively, patients with a truly low pain tolerance may opt for a topical numbing cream to be applied sparingly to the treated area. Allowing them to have a completely painless and enjoyable experience.


Laser damages your skin


A common question about the techniques and laser hair removal Cape Town branches use relates to customers fearing that laser treatment will damage or weaken their skin. How does a laser target and subsequently destroy hair without hurting the skin?


With the laser hair removal, Cape Town branches are so famous for, we are proud to be FDA approved and, in some cases, are entirely non-invasive and can leave the skin in better condition.


If a laser is misused or administered by an untrained or unlicensed party, then burns, discolouration and blistering may potentially occur.


There are harmful side effects


Laser hair removal is gentle but powerful, using light to destroy hair follicles. If preparation instructions are followed correctly, and post-procedure protocols are followed, then there are little to no side effects to worry about.


The most common side effects of laser treatment are mild irritation and redness in the area that has been treated, and this varies by the patient’s skin sensitivity, and side effects do not last long.


Numerous academic and medical articles have been shared online that have determined that laser treatment has no effect or link to a patient’s long-term health.


Your hair will grow back over time


Our laser hair removal Cape Town branches promise to be the closest thing to a permanent solution to smooth, hair-free skin, but is it a permanent solution? Many patients question the effectiveness of laser hair removal and fear that their hair will return over time.


Laser hair removal is not a miracle treatment; it does not offer a one-time solution that removes hair forever. Realistically, patients need multiple laser sessions to achieve the desired results, as the hair grows in different cycles and needs to be targeted at other times.


When laser hair removal is done correctly over multiple sessions, patients can go anywhere from 6 months to a year without needing to use a razor or any other hair shaving/maintenance tools before booking another appointment to touch up.


Why Do People Get Laser Hair Removal Cape Town?


Some people get laser hair removal for themselves or their partners. Some people do it to save their precious time and money, not wanting to go through the hassle of shaving or booking waxing appointments and having to fork out money every month for new razors or new appointments.


For others, laser hair removal can be a massive confidence booster. People who struggle with unwanted hair due to genetics or medical conditions now have the option to permanently remove this hair, not having to worry about judgement or forgetting to keep to a shaving or waxing routine to avoid extensive hair growth.


More and more people are embracing their natural body hair, and we support this! However, the majority of people are uncomfortable with body hair and want it removed for hygiene or aesthetic reasons. NuSkinnovation is here to offer them an affordable, long-term solution.


NuSkinnovation Laser Hair Removal Cape Town


You’ve found it if you’re looking for the answer to clear, silky smooth skin all year round.


NuSkinnovation Cape Town has been in the beauty and aesthetics industry for long enough to build a solid and respected reputation as one of the leaders in the business. Our technicians and specialists are friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, and ready to be part of your hair removal experience.


We are well known for offering laser hair removal. Still, we also have various other excellent treatments, including laser skin resurfacing, which treats and removes infections, improves tone and texture and reduces scars, wrinkles, pores and more. We also offer a variety of beauty treatments, including facials.


Whether you’re looking for a light pamper, or a long-term solution, NuSkinnovation has the treatment for you.


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