For some of the best laser hair removal Cape Town has to offer, NuSkinnovation is the way to go. For many of us, body hair is a pain and a nuisance, and maintenance doesn’t come easy. Shaving gives you silky smooth legs for anywhere from a few hours to a day or so, before they become prickly and prone to in-growns. Not to mention we always somehow manage to miss a spot or two.


Waxing allows the skin to be soft and hair-free for a longer period, but it is exceptionally painful and waxing appointments don’t come cheap, which becomes a problem when you have to regularly maintain your relatively hair-free areas, but also have to deal with hair growing back unevenly and in random patches.


For finer areas like eyebrows and the upper lip, threading offers a precise shape and gets most of the hair, but is considered even more painful than waxing, and requires upkeep too. Hair removal cream is painless, but usually not odourless, and leaves quite a smell on the skin, plus it is not precise and does not always remove all the hair. Users are often left with small, broken hairs still visible.


So, is there any way to painlessly and precisely achieve silky smooth skin that lasts? For those searching for answers in the Mother City, NuSkinnovation has the perfect solution:




Laser Hair Removal: Cape Town


NuSkinnovation is a well-respected and established aesthetics and skin clinic offering a variety of health and beauty treatments using the latest and safest technology. Besides offering laser hair removal in Cape Town, NuSkinnovation also offers laser skin resurfacing, facial peels, weight loss treatments, tattoo removal, beauty treatments and more, with branches all over South Africa.


If you’re looking for a permanent hair removal solution that delivers results, then continue reading, because we have put together everything you need to know about our Laser Hair Removal Cape Town services.


The Science Behind Laser Hair Removal: Cape Town


It is important to note that laser hair removal should only be performed by trained and qualified professionals with the appropriate equipment. A consultation with one of our trained skin specialists before your treatment will ensure that the correct route is taken for your customised treatment for laser hair removal in Cape Town


Laser treatment serves to destroy hair follicles by emitting a focused wavelength of light that is absorbed by the hair follicles. Laser works most effectively on darker hair, because of the melanin that allows for more light to penetrate. Melanin is what gives the hair colour, and allows the laser to target it. As we know, darker colours absorb more light, but this does not mean that lasers do not work on lighter hair too. The laser targets and is absorbed by the hair whilst sparing the skin around it. The laser generates heat in the hair and follicle which damages it to prevent it from further producing and growing hair.




What Areas Can Be Treated With Laser Hair Removal Cape Town?


Face: Laser is safe to use on even the most sensitive areas, this includes the face. Unwanted hair can be removed from the chin, jawline, upper lip, temples and around the eyebrows.


Underarms: The underarm area is a popular treatment area for laser hair removal as it eliminates the need for frequent shaving and waxing, as most patients prefer to keep the area smooth and hair free.


Arms: Laser hair removal can be used to target hair on the upper arms, lower arms, or both to achieve smooth, hair-free skin.


Legs: The legs are another popularly requested area for laser hair removal. Laser can target the upper leg, shins and calves or full leg to remove all hair and save patients the hassle of constantly shaving or the pain of waxing.


Bikini area: Shaving in the bikini area often leads to painful ingrown, and waxing can be especially unpleasant. Laser hair removal can target the same areas that waxing or shaving does, with minimal discomfort and no damage to the sensitive skin. Patients can opt for hair reduction or full removal in the bikini line, or a full Brazilian.


Back: Laser hair removal can effectively target unwanted hair on the back, including the upper back, lower back, and full back.




Chest: Men are candidates for laser treatment too, with men often choosing to undergo laser hair removal for the chest area to achieve a smooth and hair-free look.


Abdomen: Laser hair removal can be used on the abdominal area to eliminate or reduce unwanted hair.


Neck: Unwanted hair on the neck, such as the nape or the back of the neck, can be effectively treated with laser hair removal Cape Town.


Shoulders: Laser hair removal can help reduce or eliminate hair on the shoulders, providing a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing appearance


There are few limits to what areas lasers can be used to treat and can be customised for the most sensitive, delicate skins to target thick, stubborn hair. A personalised consultation with your chosen laser treatment professional will determine the course of treatment needed for your desired results, as well as decide on what areas you would like to treat.


How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal: Cape Town


As with any aesthetic treatment, there are steps that you will need to take to prepare for the treatment to obtain effective and optimum results.


Consultation: Before anything can happen, you will need to schedule a consultation for your laser hair Removal in Cape Town. The consultation allows us to discuss your wants and needs from the treatment and advise on the possible results. Your skin type, the colour and density of your hair and your medical history will be assessed to determine if you are a suitable candidate for treatment.


Avoid sun exposure: Limit sun exposure, including tanning beds and sunbathing, for at least four to six weeks before your laser hair removal session. Sun exposure can make your skin more sensitive and increase the risk of complications, such as burns or pigmentation issues. Your skin needs to be strong, calm and in good health before undergoing your treatment.


Avoid certain hair removal methods: Refrain from plucking, waxing, or electrolysis in the treatment area for four to six weeks before your laser hair removal session. These methods remove the hair follicle, which is necessary for laser hair removal to be effective. It may be uncomfortable to let the hair grow by refraining from your usual maintenance routines, but it is necessary and will be worth it in the long run.


Shave the treatment area: it may sound strange that you will need to shave the area being treated, but this is for good reason. Shaving the area you are having treatment removes any excess hair, allowing the laser beams to target only the hair just below or on the surface to destroy the hair follicle. If your hair is not shaven, the laser will be absorbed by the whole hair, and be less effective.


You cannot remove the hair in the area with waxing, as this pulls the hair follicle out, which would leave nothing for the laser to target.


Avoid skincare products and cosmetics: Creams, lotions and antiperspirants need to be avoided on the day of treatment as they can interfere with the effectiveness of the laser treatment. You are welcome to use them in the weeks leading up to but need to arrive for your appointment with nothing on your skin, and this includes makeup, self-tan and toners/moisturiser.


Let us know if you take any medication: Some medications can weaken or sensitise the skin areas being treated, which is why you will need to inform your treatment specialist if you are currently taking any medications. In some cases, your treatment specialist will advise that you stop taking specific medications in the time leading up to your treatment. Antibiotics and photosensitizing drugs can increase the risk of irritation or other reactions to the laser treatment.


What To Do After Laser Hair Removal: Cape Town


Post-care is just as important as the steps you took to prepare for your laser hair removal. Not following these steps could lead to skin irritation and discomfort, and hinder the final results.


Avoid sun exposure: it is as essential to avoid the sun after treatment as it is before treatment. UV rays are harmful to the skin and can cause complications and harm the healing process. If you plan to go outside, it’s a good idea to wear highly protective sunscreen and preferably long clothes that cover and protect the area.


Cool compress or soothing gels: If you experience any discomfort, redness, or swelling in the treated area, you can use an approved soothing gel or cool compress to offer relief.




Avoid hot showers: For the first 24 to 48 hours after the treatment, it’s best to avoid hot showers, baths, saunas, steam rooms, and activities that cause excessive sweating. Heat can further irritate the treated area and potentially increase the risk of complications.


Gentle cleansing: Avoid using harsh soaps, exfoliants, or scrubs for a few days following the treatment. Stick to fragrance-free products.


Avoid picking or scratching: It’s essential to resist the temptation to pick or scratch at the treated area, even if there is mild flaking or crusting. Let the skin heal naturally to minimise the risk of scarring or infections.


Follow post-care instructions: Your NuSkinnovation laser practitioner will provide you with specific post-care instructions based on your individual needs. Make sure to follow these instructions diligently to ensure the best possible outcome.


It is important to remember that everyone’s skin is different, which means the healing process will be slightly different for each patient. Your skin specialist will provide you with a set of post-care instructions specific to you, and it is important to follow them.


Laser Hair Removal Cape Town: Follow-Up Sessions


Achieving permanent hair removal requires multiple sessions, and the number of sessions depends on your skin and hair type as well as the area being treated. In most cases, patients require 6 to 8 laser hair removal treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart, which is to let the skin heal between treatments.


Your hair grows in cycles, and the most effective time to target the hair is when it is in the active growth cycle, and because not all hair enters the growth cycle at the same time, multiple treatments allow all the hair to be targeted at different times, over some time.


Laser Hair Removal Cape Town: Trust NuSkinnovation


If you’re looking for a long-term solution that offers precise and effective results for silky smooth, hair-free skin, then NuSkinnovations has the solution for you: Laser Hair Removal in Cape Town.


Book your session with us, and get ready to experience hassle-free, hair-free skin with a healthier texture, no more in-grows and little-to-no maintenance. It’s time to prepare for a silky-smooth Summer with NuSkinnovation!


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