Are you looking into having a skin laser treatment? Are you unsure if this is a treatment that will work for you? Skin treatments with laser are one way to improve your skin’s overall appearance and texture. NuSkinnovation is a laser clinic, we specialise in enhancing natural beauty and healing skin. If you are interested in having any of our treatments done, please contact us for more information or continue reading to learn more about this treatment.


What Is Skin Laser Treatment?


Laser treatment is something that many people have done to minimise the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and pigmentation, remove lesions and tighten the skin. This is done by precisely removing the skin, one layer at a time. The lasers that are used for these treatments remove the outer layer of skin known as the epidermis and heat the underlying layer known as the dermis. The laser directs concentrated pulsating beams of light at any irregular skin and stimulates the growth of new collagen fibres. This allows for new skin to grow firmer and smoother.




Is Skin Laser Treatment Good For The Skin?


This type of treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines that eventually appear on the skin. Skin laser treatments can also treat any loss of skin tone as well as improve the overall complexion of your skin. However, laser treatments cannot get rid of sagging skin but can help reduce its appearance. Skin laser treatments can be used to treat age spots, sun-damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture or tone, and mild to moderate acne scars. These treatments are non-invasive procedures that show exceptional results for various skin and hair problems. These treatments are extremely safe and effective, they rejuvenate the skin, help improve and minimise the appearance of certain skin conditions.


Is Skin Laser Treatments Harmful To The Skin?


After having a laser treatment done your skin will be more sensitive to the sun while healing. This treatment can lead to discolouration or a serious burn. After any laser treatment, it is vital that you use sunscreen every time you may be exposed to the sun. If you are exposed to the sun while unprotected, you may develop a scar on the spot you received treatment. During the healing process, it is important to take every precaution while exposed to the sun.


When Can Clients See Results From Skin Laser Treatments?


Most clients begin to see results after their skin has healed from one session. Treatments should be spaced out and be at least one month apart. Clients should also only receive between six to eight sessions at most to see long-lasting results.


How Long Does Skin Laser Last On The Face?


Most of our clients that have had laser treatments done can enjoy the exceptional benefits of beautiful skin for 3 to 5 years after their treatments. For specific conditions, laser treatments are not a permanent fix. These conditions include scarring but unfortunately no ageing. Ageing cannot be removed permanently. Touch-up treatments are recommended for clients who would like to see long-lasting results.




How Much Do Skin Laser Treatments Cost?


The amount that will be charged for a laser treatment will depend on the skin condition and the treatment needed to treat this condition. Skin laser treatments can be anywhere between R800 to R2950 per treatment. The price will also depend on how long the treatment needs to be, the type of laser that will be used and the overall quality of the treatment. These treatments are normally more than a few hundred rands and can increase to more than a few thousand depending on the treatment. Contact us to book your consultation and you will receive an exact quote for the treatment you would like.


What Different Skin Laser Treatments Are Available?


At NuSkinnovation we recommend two different laser treatments for skin. These treatments are the Fotona lasers and the IPL. Fotona lasers are used to achieve glowing skin, reduce the appearance of scars, it can provide a non-invasive facelift, minimises the size of pores, removes tattoos, and more. These lasers are used to remove benign pigmented lesions. These lasers can produce short intense pulses of light. There are two different Fotona lasers. There is the Fotona TimeWalker 4D System and the Fotona TimeWalker System.


Then we have the Nordlys Candela IPL System. This IPL system is used for sun damage, reduces the appearance of visible blood vessels, and more. This is a safe and effective way to reduce the appearance of freckles, remove thread veins, and reduce redness and uneven pigmentation.


This IPL system is effective due to directing controlled light pulses into the upper skin layer. This light is then absorbed by melanin and haemoglobin. Melanin produces the pigment in the skin and haemoglobin is found in the red blood cells.


Both of these convert the light energy absorbed into heat. The heat is then used to break down the areas of the cells where melanin is stored and is used to damage vessel walls that supply blood to the areas where there is vascular damage.


How Can You Prepare For Skin Laser Treatment?


Before the treatments can start there are a few things that will need to be done first. This will likely include:


  • Being asked about your medical history. With most types of treatments, you will be asked to discuss your medical history. You will need to be open about your past and present medical conditions and if you are currently taking any medications. [Text Wrapping Break]
  • A physical exam may be required by your doctor. Sometimes with treatments, you will be asked to have a physical exam done on the area you would like to have treatment. This will help determine how your skin will affect the outcome of the treatment. [Text Wrapping Break]
  • Discuss your expectations for the treatment. Talk to the somatologist performing your treatment about what outcome you are hoping for. Also, discuss any risks you may be concerned about. Together, you can decide if the treatment being done is right for you.[Text Wrapping Break]
  • Avoid unprotected sun exposure. Up to two months before your treatment it is important to avoid unprotected sun exposure. This can lead to permanent irregular pigmentation, even in areas that have been treated. Speak to your somatologist about sun protection.[Text Wrapping Break]
  • Take medication to avoid complications. If you are having ablative or nonablative skin laser resurfacing done but you have a history of cold sores around your mouth, you will need to take antiviral medication before as well as after your treatment to avoid infections.[Text Wrapping Break]
  • Avoid smoking. Try to avoid smoking for at least two weeks before and after the treatment. This helps decrease the likelihood of any complications and will help your body heal.




What Can You Expect When Receiving Skin Laser Treatment For A Scar?


The idea of laser treatments may seem like a miracle that can make any imperfection disappear, however, to get excellent results the before and after of the treatment should be taken seriously. There are a few things that you should know about laser treatments for scars.


  • The scar will not completely disappear. Lasers can reduce the appearance of raised scars, reduce pain and itching caused by scars, and increase the range of movement if a scar limits a person’s movement. Laser treatments also make scars less visible but not disappear.
  • Medical consultations are important before any treatment. The person performing your laser treatment needs to know the specific medical history of the individual to ensure an effective treatment can happen.[
  • Sun protection is a must before and after treatments. As mentioned before, sun protection after any laser treatment is crucial to the healing process. If you do not protect your skin from the sun, your skin may become more damaged.
  • Make a few lifestyle changes before treatment. These changes include no smoking for two weeks before and after, stopping taking vitamin E, any medications that contain aspirin, and any supplements and medications that may delay the healing process.
  • You may need more than laser treatment. To receive the best results, you may need to receive other treatments along with laser treatments. An example of a case like this would be if an individual has deep acne scars.
  • You may need more than a single laser skin treatment. To get the best long-lasting results, you may need to have multiple laser treatments. This is sometimes the case if the laser being used is a nonablative one.
  • You will need to look after the treated area. Follow all the care instructions given to you. Following every instruction step by step will also play a significant role in getting the best possible outcome after treatment.[
  • Results take time. It may take months to see the results you would like. It will also take time for your skin to completely heal after each treatment.


Why Do People Consider Getting Skin Laser Treatments?


If your goal is to have beautiful and glowing skin, laser treatment is the way to go. There are only so many products you can use to try to achieve this, and it is very seldom that a skin product alone is going to deliver this.


Over time our skin begins to show our age, we also start getting wrinkles and age spots, and our skin will begin to sag. These are common reasons why people have laser skin treatments done. Many people also go for these treatments to reduce the appearance of acne scars.


The amazing overall benefits of having these treatments done are also a plus. The benefits of these treatments include:


  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Laser treatments are one of the best wrinkle and fine-line treatments. You will no longer have to worry about these unwanted changes as you age. All you need to do is make a booking at NuSkinnovation.[Text Wrapping Break]
  • Promotes collagen production. An increase in the production of collagen will increase the elasticity of your skin. This will help your skin become firmer and smoother.[Text Wrapping Break]
  • Minimises the appearance of spots and discolouration. This is usually caused by time in the sun. If you regret spending time in the sun unprotected, luckily there is a solution. Try NuSkinnovation’s skin treatments.[Text Wrapping Break]
  • Minimises the appearance of blood vessels. Visible blood vessels are normally caused by excessive unprotected exposure to the sun, hormonal imbalances, or consuming large amounts of alcohol. Luckily with laser treatments, you will not have to worry about this.[Text Wrapping Break]
  • Reduces the size of pores. Having large pores can be frustrating for many reasons. At NuSkinnovation we can help reduce the appearance of pores, you will look like you permanently have a pour blurring filter on your face.


If you are looking to improve the appearance of your skin, book your skin laser treatment with NuSkinnovation.

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