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(Refer to Attached Image)
Fotona Face to Chest Rejuve R 2500.00, Hands Free (Save R 700.00)
IPL Face to Chest Rejuve R 1700.00, Hands Free (Save R 500.00)
Leg Vessels Removal R 700.00 per 20-30minute Session (Save R 200.00)

Proud to have Dr Dylan on board. He has years of experience, have done many patients.
Medical aesthetic treatments include:
-Anti wrinkle injections
-Dermal fillers
-Chemical peels
-PDO thread lifting
-PRP injections (vampire facial)

Next available dates to book
1 October 15:00 – 18:00
12 October 8:00-14:00

Dr Jenkins also practices oral surgery on a part-time basis.
He holds additional degrees in economics and econometrics and a Mba from the Gordon institute of business science.

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